The baobab tree doesn’t get quite the recognition it deserves (12 Photos)

  • Big A

    That's a huge shaft!

    • Clark


    • Anonymous

      Shut your mouth

      • Guest

        I'm only talkin about boabab trees

        • Brady

          We can dig it

          • itsMurda

            #2 Looks like a pee pee with a bad fungus

  • 2inthePink

    What a badass tree!

    • Creed Bratton

      such… bad… grammar

  • etcrr

    #3 Damn That's one huge tree

    • tralfaz

      yes, yes it is a huge tree, and there are children around it

      • _maxPain_

        ftw lol lol

    • Bill57

      i know. It's big enough to put a toilet or a bar in there.

    • Ryan

      yes, we know the tree is huge… we had to scroll past the picture before coming to your comment….

    • Mike

      Orrrrr…..really small people

  • simon

    They grow in all the southern african countries 😉 They are awesome, went to church in one in Namibia.

  • Anon

    When five thousand years old you reach, look as good, you will not #4

    • Poop

      What's crackin yOda?

  • Juggs_Gotcha

    I tried to add this to /r/trees, but everyone keeps insisting i am in the wrong place. i don't get it.

  • dashete

    And you forgot that eccentric baboon shamans like to live in them.

    • david

      only took me about 3 seconds to get it

    • Nugget

      A sant-e-sahn a squished banana

  • Johan Monnig

    Living in South Africa, I grew up with these trees. The baobab stores moisture inside its trunk during the dry winter months. In many reported cases, when the tree ages (about 150-200 years), the tree sap starts to ferment inside the tunk building up gases and finally causes the tree to explode violently. You can easily find photos of exploded baobabs on google

    • mid13

      That's awesome. We should all give our enemies the gift of this tree, so that in 200 years, their descendants get killed by it, and I'm totally not around to take them blame =]

      • SadeShadz


      • Someone

        Maaan, cant wait to hear the fucked up Shit you say when you make it to fourteen.

        • mid13

          listen punk. go bother somebody else. I'm just a little sleep deprived from finals =/

    • Tommy

      Before it explodes, you can get drunk from the sap. Real or not real.

  • Holland

    Australia has baobab trees that were used as prison.,_De

    • Ryan

      Yeah to store stinking abbos in

    • SpacemanSpiff

      yeah but i bet it was upside down… Amirite guise?

      • ry_linch

        you are exactly right!!!!! Everything down here is upside down….. Boabs grow natively all througout the Kimberleys…

  • MarthaJeane

    #9 Does this remind anyone else of the 100 acre woods (Winnie the pooh)?

    • guy

      or the berenstain bears

  • Bubba

    #3 One does not simply cut down a baobab

    • jjj

      This is from wiki under baobab
      The owners of Sunland Farm in Limpopo, South Africa have built a pub called "The Big Baobab Pub" inside the hollow trunk of the 22 metres (72 ft) high Sunland baobab. The tree is 47 m (155 ft) in circumference, and is reported to have been carbon dated at over 6,000 years old.[16][17]

  • dan

    pretty sure the 5000 year claim is bullshit

    • Imzkid

      Because everything you read on the internet is true.

      • dan

        just when the chive tries to tell us "facts"

    • sshuggi

      They could be talking about clonal propagation. It's where an older tree will sprout a new tree from its roots. The older tree can die, but it's still the same organism. (Pando is a clonal colony of trees in Utah estimated to be 80,000 years old.)

    • MattyDeuce

      Fucking Wikipedia….c'mon man, (I would like to think/hope/pray) that you're better than that.

      The only thing I am confused about is how "living to be 5000 years old" is the same as "immortal."

      • A BiPolar Guy

        Seems like everybody trusts wikipedia until someone uses it against them. Most of the key facts are cited from independent, trusted sources. There are a lot of dedicated people policing the content. There is no legitimate reason to dismiss something just because it's from wikipedia, any more than if were from the Britannica. If in doubt look up the sources.

        • MattyDeuce

          Or it is not a scholarly source. You comparing it to Britannica is laughable from the standpoint that any member of the website can create and edit a page. Every year, I create a fake page about myself to illustrate for my students that they need to be cautious about what they do internet research. Yes, they have done a decent job of policing the pages, but there is no reason to trust it if there are dead links as a support piece. How on earth has Wikipedia worked against me? I don't use it…and "independent sources" are certainly not more reliable than scholarly sources.

    • Anna

      Idiot! Right at the top of that list is the Sunland Baobab at 6000 years old.

    • mul71v3r53

      The record-holders for individual, non-clonal trees are African Boabab trees from Souther Africa. Due to the lack of rings the trees can only be dated through carbon dating, the oldest so far discovered is dated to around 6000 years old. The species is non-clonal, but due to the bulk Sunland Baobab the stem it has recently split in two.
      ….your link dude….

  • Baobabs

    You have tamed me
    Now you must take me
    How am I supposed to be
    I don't have my thorns now
    I feel them sprouting
    They'll grow right though if I don't watch it
    They'll grow right through even if I watch it
    And a sunset couldn't save me now

    These baobabs and baobabs and baobabs some more
    But you can't outwait fate

    And you have tamed me
    Now you must take me…

    And I wouldn't raise my child inside this city anyway
    They grow up too savvy and they grow up too fast
    And they know about buying shit and they know about sex
    [| From:… |]
    And they know about investment banking and also about brokerage firms
    And they know about the numbers and they know about the words
    And they know about the bottom line and also about stones
    And they know about careers and about the real deals
    And they all grow up and become people's people with people skills

    But you have tamed me
    Now you must take me
    How am I supposed to be
    I don't have my thorns now

    But you have tamed me
    Now you must take me
    How am I supposed to be
    I don't have my thorns

    • AmBush_Steve


    • BOOM!

      What the hell man!?

  • mickeyJ

    I've seen them in person and compared to the redwoods when I live they just feel "heavier"

  • SJP

    Little confused how they "live for 5000" years but are also immortal?

    • Jay


  • davey

    And I thought my morning wood was big. 😉

  • tralfaz


    5000 years old and you become someone's shitter, that's depressing.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Look at it as 'The Thinking Room'.

    • Underbaker

      Kind of a symbiotic relationship, you have a place to crap and the tree gets good fertilizer.

  • Anonymous

    Cool tree, but I don’t find any credible scientific research to support the claim that it “cures many diseases”

  • C C

    Now that is a giving tree. One of my all time favorites, but it is now your move Shel.

    • true story

      he's dead, there will be no move

  • Chupacabra

    I don't see it growing bacon!

  • Dr_StrangePants

    #13 I don't suppose any African Chivers could testify what this tastes like?

    • Lou101

      Tastes like shit !.
      Tried it once, yes ONCE !

      • DanIel

        Pretty sure bear grIlls trIed thIs fruIt on dIsc.(manvswIld) saId It taste sImIlar to drIed out cheese cake

    • *AJ*

      Tastes tart, a bit like powdered tartar sauce… Lot of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties

    • _Moose_

      It's bitter, but becomes an acquired taste. Where I was for a couple of years the kids absolutely loved it.

    • phillip

      You eat the flesh around the seeds. Tastes sweet. Even when they are dried out.

    • Anna

      It is tangy, almost sour. It is powdery, but it melts in the mouth. You suck the powdery substance off the pips.

  • Lisa

    Also, Rafiki lived in one

  • LukeTheTerrible


  • MacNCheesePro

    Could the fruit cure cancer? We need some of these trees in the US.

    • Bob

      It would become illegal Quickly. Look at cannabis

      • Ajmay

        Cannabis was made illegal for the same reason they introduced Prohibition in the US. The anti fun brigade just doesn't like people getting high on something they can grow in their own backyard and is therefore difficult to tax.

        No conspiracy, just a simple combination of economics and killjoys.

        • MacNCheesePro

          I still think the movie "Pineapple Express" has the best explanation as to why Cannabis is illegal.

  • *AJ*

    The fruit is high in vitamin C, and the pulp has been used as flavoring in icecream, makeup, it has anti-inflammatory properties. It originated from Madagascar and there are seven types of these trees from central to south Africa. It is called the tree of life and upside down tree.

    • Mitchiver

      they make flavored makeup?

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