I hate my job (24 Photos)

Do you hate your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Dan

    #11 I've never been attacked by a shark at work before

  • bri47

    #24. Rock on babe. Show em how its done at work. You made my day. Thanks! !

  • Shirley

    #8 sucks that you have to do that just because you're the only one who's not a fat ass

  • Richard Cranium

    #14 #7 Cornhole, either way

  • TheSimonizer

    Dear Chivers,

    I know Chive color is green, but when your writing text on a light colored image… DON'T USE NEON GREEN!

    Also, please use a bigger font size than 10…

    The Chivers.

  • DJay

    #18 this Chive offering if full of some awesome WTF, but this one is disturbing on a few different levels.

  • Rememo

    #7 It has been said before, but as a connoisseur of amazing female posteriors I just have to say… MOAR!!! MORE!!!!

  • snooki

    #7 thursday the skirt comes up. friday the panties come off. what's the entrance fee for happy hour?

  • A.E.

    #7 amazing

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  • bobonuts

    # 8 more like a 20" pipe. u would have to b a little person to fit in a 14"

  • Tigers

    #7. That's all! No words needed

  • big D

    #8 # 15
    get rid of the gay ass lime green font

  • wayne

    #7 kik me @ nothingforless :]]

  • jofassa

    #24 You might hate your job, but I love your job..

  • mkevin88

    i want to go to there 0_0

  • PChem

    Hey #9…..I used to work for the same company (despite your attempt to hide the logo). Is that Noya'brsk? I spent 3 weeks there and it was -52C. Crazy cold mate, crazy cold………..

  • Tim

    Why do people write in that almost unreadable green font on their pictures?

  • SchwartzElena

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  • Sundevil8181

    #7 Outstanding!!!

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