• paulhitchcock

    Anybody else disappointed this wasn't Animal?

    • jmb

      its not?

    • tama747
    • pbernste

      He finally got his wish to be a real boy!

    • dacky2

      Without Animal, this guy wouldn't have gotten where he is today, fosho.

  • mal influencia

    What band is this?????? Amazing!

    • Eversol

      Its Dio

      • jeffeweizen

        I thought it was the band at billy maddisons 3rd grade graduation ceremony

      • Todd T

        Come'on man ……. that is some band covering that song.
        That singer is no Ronnie James Dio (RIP)

    • Pff

      Amazing, seriously? The beat is so unbelievably simple, the only reason that guy even has the chance to do as 'tricks' as he did.

      • Valdregan

        Do agree on beat simplicity.
        However he was fun to watch!

      • Mr. McGibblets

        Couldn't have said it better….

    • troy

      not sure of the band but it did sound alot like DIO

    • Greg

      Black Sabbath…post Ozzy

  • torl

    He's got passion. That's all you need to succeed.

    • Psymon Gallows

      Take Travis Barker for example, he's just an adequate drummer but people love watching him play.

      • BloodScrubber

        Spot on about Travis Psymon. Now this dude is good but…great? Not in my opinion, but hey, like said elsewhere here. He's havin fun. Thats all that matters.
        Yeah, I'm another drummer from Ohio and most likely have seen him live near Ironton. Probably Wellston to be exact. 😉

  • fuckurmom

    I'm first u rusty cunt buckets

    • Cunt Bucket

      hey, i'm not rusty! >: (

    • Brian

      Epic fail, "first" is old and lame

    • Jbro

      well done!!!….dickwad

  • Jezdezpez

    Haha, that's great, he's a madman for sure.

    • Purple Helmet

      Yeah…and he's playing the drums.

  • Question_Mark_

    That is the flattest set I have ever seen..

    • HanSolo

      Low too.

  • dwah

    cocaine's helluva drug

  • jwnc

    Dont know the band but they are playing Heaven & Hell, by Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio singing)

  • Chris

    His name is Zoltan Chaney from Ironton, Ohio. I know him. GREAT man and AMAZING drummer!

    • Bret

      Are you high?!? Actually listen to the the drums: weak ass fills punctuating a tired, unoriginal beat. I could play better using just my dick as a drumstick.

      Maybe Zoltan ("Zoltan"? are you fucking kidding me?!?) could be a better musician if he spent less effort jumping around, twirling sticks, throwing sticks, balancing sticks, hitting the hi-hat behind his head or behind his back, and basically being a downloading fucktard.

      Zoltan sucks and you suck for thinking otherwise.

      Oh, almost forgot: the entire state of Ohio completely sucks my fucking balls, you assclown!

      • BretsAnAsshole

        Wow, really???

        You've got some serious issues, man!

      • Jaba

        Broke my mouse thumbs uping this mother fucker.

      • Pff

        Best. Comment. Ever.

        Seriously weak drummer.

      • Lollerskates

        He's just trying to keep himself entertained during that shit song.

      • Samhedi

        I have to agree, he's not a very good player if this is his best. He's rushing the fills. The most important skill a drummer needs is being able to come back in accurately on the 1.

    • Brutha V

      Talented, but I prefer the smooth steady beats of Bill Ward (original drummer for Black Sabbath on the Heaven & Hell album), or even Vinny Appice (who actually played drums for Sabbath on the Heaven & Hell tour).

      • Jonathan Sears

        If you love Vinny, check out Kill Devil Hill, his new band with Rex Brown. Badass band.

    • Scott Minifie

      Ya I thought that was him. I saw him play with Vince Neil a few years ago. The guy is amazing AND nuts behind the kit

    • guest


  • John

    Looks like a great workout

  • bigdub

    not worth posting, not worth watching

    • DirtyD

      Not sure if trolling?…..or actually a douche bag??!!!

  • RealZoo

    Dude is jammin'……..
    <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5899" title="watch-out-we-got-a-badass-over-here-meme" src="; alt="watch out we got a badass over here meme" width="325" height="250" />

  • Guest

    Gotta make up for lack of talent with lots of theatrics…

    • Jack_LeMac

      Given this guy's theatrics I'd say he's actually holding down the beat pretty strong; he's on time the whole video, and really what more can you ask from a drummer?

      • hmmmm

        Word. And I'm pretty sure his tricks require some talent. It's not like that stuff's easy to do.

    • ickeymickey

      I bet u play way better don't ya. I'd imagine when u play the panties are screamin past your head at supersonic speed. Theatrics have nothin to do with music. Just ask ozzy, KISS, NIN, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, every band from the 80's, and Tool just to name a few

    • mises

      What would give the indication he has no talent? One vid of him playing crazy and you assume what you have to prove.

    • hypercussion

      Exactly, take away the acrobatics and you've got nothing but slamming out quarter notes, he should make up his mind…drumming or gymnastics.

    • guest

      NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL…"Gotta make up for lack of talent with lots of theatrics".. says it all

  • Mike D

    I raise you, Satchel from Steel Panther

    • Cunt Bucket

      he lost me at "bitchin' tan" but "free f*ckin' drinks" brought me back

    • CokeHead

      Watched all 9mins of that and not impressed

      • @plako21


    • nick


    • Jbro

      not impressed

    • Teea

      I'll admit that was a whooollllleeee lot of noise

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    He plays a lot like Steve Moore (aka "The Mad Drummer"):

    • Johnny Wingnut

      I was totally gonna post this…. Steve Moore is crazy

    • D.P

      i was just gonna post this. steve moore is better than the other guy this post is of.

      • Aaron

        Often times the comments of posts are more amusing than the posts themselves. This guy had me dying laughing……this would be a hilarious SNL skit with Farley.

        • William Richardson

          Yeah it would, that's perfect haha

        • Teea

          Awww… I miss Chris sooo much…

    • Ned Ryerson

      i love the drum battle he has in The Office

    • Anon-o-Chiver

      You sir need to get the hell out of my head.

      Additionally, Steve Moore is much better than the bloke in this video.

  • Ned Ryerson

    really?? there wasn't even a badass solo or anything. it was the same slow beat the whole time. he did stand up a couple times sooo…..kinda cool…i guess. i'll stick with Bozzio, Phil Collins, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Neil Pert (not my cup of tea but dudes got talent) and John Bonham instead.

    • Don't Forget

      Ginger Baker

    • Nikycamp

      You forgot Billy Cobham and Richard Christy

      • Imzkid

        And Jefferpa Smith

  • @McBeastie666

    he's still only going to get the sloppy seconds from the lead singer and guitarist.

  • Me.

    Matt Greiner from August Burns Red is easily 20 times better and crazier than this guy.

    • Toffog87

      Adam Gray from Texas in july is right up there as well.

  • hallsofstone

    I admire his enthusiasm. Having played drums live for many years in many styles both original and covers, I'll admit that I've had to do crazy shit like this to preoccupy myself while playing super simple parts for covers.

    • Master_Rahl

      and he's beating the shit out of those skins. Nice!

    • brain

      wow, way to stroke that ego hallsofstone. be sure to clean up after yourself.

      • hallsofstone

        This guy is good, what I said was not intended to say otherwise. It's a simple drum part on a relatively well known cover and he's making the best of it for himself and for the crowd. Most drummers do this in their own little way. This fella does it in a big big way. It's called "showmanship". No ego stroke involved unless you consider it egotistical to admit to playing drums live. Plenty of people gig every day.

  • @lackofabetter

    Pretty sure any rock band wishes they had a guy with that kinda enthusiasm.

  • PapaKT

    What's not to love about this? Jeez haters.

  • phoenixv8

    Fuck it, he's having fun and rocking out. What else matters in life?

    • Dude

      Money and chicken wings!

      • phoenixv8

        Touche, good sir… Touche

  • Master_Rahl

    Drummers are a breed apart. You need to be a little mad to do the job properly, props to this flailing madman for his passion. Puts on one helluva show.

  • Liam GTFOMW

    Weak Sauce. This band is crap. There are better drummers out there.

    • WhySoHateful

      This post wasn't about the best drummer in the world, dumbass. It was about a 'madman' drummer, and we got what we were promised! The guy is a bit theatrical, but that's what made the video entertaining.

      Why isn't that good enough for you?

      • Liam GTFOMW

        Cause He is trash, needs to find a different Job. DumbAss. And my post if you read it correctly, does not say i did not think he wasnt a "mad man" just as Weak Sauce because well this band sucks, and there are better drummers out there, that are more "madman" then him. Give it a rest 5 year old.

    • Gursch

      shout out to Devildriver ,m/

    • The Mad Zak

      Everyone needs to back off of Liam GTFOMW. He is mad cuz the drummer fucked his mom and he doesn't call her anymore. His anger is understandable.


    the showmanship and performance was great.

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