Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • jaynecobb2

    first and I Love Diora Baird

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

    #3! Late DAR!! But that's ok, I love DAR more than the hour of life spent refreshing..

    • babyfartmagizax

      #49 #21 #25 #44 and last but not least #12…NICE HUMPS!!!! โค em all!

    • HaHa


      • alpha86

        #26 is the best one though. Chive on!

  • Phil Thomas

    #41, I don't know if this will help or not but… I think you have amazing tits.


    • Adam

      Pretty wonderful smile to boot….

      • alpha86

        Yeah, it's her smile that gets me… Such a cutie.

        • Bubba

          Girls want to be prettier? Smile! (smile=pretty*2)

          • Chris

            your math is wrong smile = pretty ^ 2

    • http://www.projectmason.com sowasred2012

      Body image issues? Please, that is a rockin' rack.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Learn to read women! "Body image issues" = "In desperate need of attention".
        Shees, when will guys ever learn….

        – Fan testimonial: "well it is ONLY the best site in the whole world. It has all you need and Paula too ๐Ÿ˜‰ – insanely great"

        • https://www.facebook.com/Kimberleena Kim Dawn Il

          Jesus, if I could like this a million times I would!

        • jjj

          wow you actually said something not retarded

          • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

            Sorry 'bout that.

            – Fan testimonial: "You are incredibly weird. I don't understand you. I assume you don't understand you. – LoyalLAChiver"

            • Paul

              You would be the first person to spot someone with attention issues..

            • Michael

              every time is see that you sign your comments with


              a little voice tells me to find out who you are and punch you in the face

        • Sean

          We'll learn when you stop speaking in riddles and code.

        • JPL

          OMG i just thumbed up Paula….but what the heck, give credit where credit is due. Dont let it get to your head paula.

    • Case

      And abs like magic

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Yes, your body looks great, you know it looks great or you wouldn't have posted a pic on the internet…move along now.

      • ChiveChoveChuve

        Hear hear!

        as bad as "Chivers – my BF dumped me today…..need a 'lil' cheering up"

        And you "Chivers" who complimented this girl – shame on you.

      • JohnnyAppleSeed

        HAHAHA, couldn't have said it better. It's called "her father didn't give her the attention she needed growing up."

    • https://www.facebook.com/arden.ballard Arden Ballard

      couldn't agree more… don't ever have a body image issue again!

    • wow

      Your body problems better not be "image" issues. If so you're fking insane.

    • STS

      You're wonderfully thin and you have a beautiful smile. Keep your head up and have a great day.

      • EBenj

        Haha I was a little hesitant to post this, and after reading some of the comments I kind of wish I hadn't. But then I read this and it reminded me of what theChive is all about. Thank you

        • Mikey

          Hopefully you've sucked up enough attention to tie you over for the night. If not, show us MOAR and we can try this all again!

    • whyme1973

      Amazing body! Please send pics of the hump next, I'll bet it's spectacular.

      • Gmoney

        I second that request.

    • Daniel Tosh

      you're a little fat, go to the bathroom and puke some more.

    • Matt C

      Beautiful Smile too! Wish my girl looked as good as you. id be a very happy man

      • Dave

        If your boyfriend's name is Matt C you'd better take a good hard look at yourself.

      • Ken

        You're fucking pathetic Matt C.

      • Matt W

        Your girlfriend is such a lucky girl.

    • Kristi

      Im pretty sure you are just begging for compliments when you already know you look good. Men don't find this attractive.

      • Daniel Tosh

        Kristi I love you for saying this this bitches are just attention whores

        • DubU2Death

          Sometimes I wonder if the chive employees add captions to stir us up!

          • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

            No shit Sherlock!

            – the one you love to hate

            • https://www.facebook.com/masternatron Nathan Bowen

              NOW that cracked me up. suspicion confirmed.

              • savagecabbage

                she's probably a big bag o crazy as well, you know like the kind of person you don't wanna be stuck talking to at a party….. love me… don't i look so fat in this dress. anyway i'd still do her but i wouldn't have any respect for her after i spooged in her face

                • chivechovechuve


      • Karl

        I find this attractive.

    • DrGarnicus

      How could you possibly have body issues?

    • 1/2FunAndDontCry

      What's the issue again? As long as your not hiding a cock, you'll do just fine.

    • EatsRainbows

      "I've been having some body issues lately"

      and I'm a flying unicorn with glitter issues

      • Chris

        OMG!!! Spot on!

    • Cube

      I'd say someone is sexy and she knows it.

    • jer

      the lack of confidence makes her ugly

      • AmBush_Steve

        Truer words were never spoken. Not just in her case but the entire sex. I understand that unfortunately, sometimes self confidence is something that can be taken from a woman for certain reasons. This may or may not be the case of this lady but if we do what we can to help her self-image, as we've done above. She'll be all the more beautiful.

        • sum1

          Or we could just enjoy her tits.

    • sean

      And a nice smile!

    • jeff

      I have no idea what body issues you could have, but I would love to see MOAR

    • Kyle

      41 is beautiful! Don't be self conscious!

    • Vander

      #22 saves a life by donating bone marrow and some hot chick with "body issues" gets all the love.

      Something is wrong here.

      • Vander

        Sorry…I meant #26

        • VaderWRX

          I stand and applaud you for this selfless act. Chive on

      • DrGarnicus


    • Chris

      Takes the focus off her face…

    • Cavok

      Sexy as fuck!

    • Andy

      Agreed. Rockin' body!

    • Wash

      You have amazing everything I can see! Most!

    • http://twitter.com/Thedude_1620 @Thedude_1620

      And your abs oh my god

    • slut

      you are a fucking attention seekin gwhore

      lose weight now

      • JohnnyAppleSeed

        I would love for her to take her fat ass and jump off the nearest bridge, society would benefit from this.

    • gaspasser


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=744845703 David Allen

      Don't think you have anything to worry about.

    • Jamie

      U have a phenominal body any man would be proud to have u on their arm. Damn sexy!!!!

      • Latley

        Body = fantastic. Spelling = not so much.

    • xxwhodatxx

      I call bullshit you don't have body image issues. I can't stand when a chick you know knows she's hot pulls shit like that to get attention.

  • BSmike

    #49 Wowzers.. who is this?

    • Dyon

      Looks like a pro…………..in the mens bathroom looking for work.

      • Habsy

        Where? Its pay day.

      • socal dude

        I wouldn't touch that thing with a stick. Let alone a body part, just nasty

    • maj2002

      Kayden kross I think….

    • therealguy

      someone with A LOT of makeup

    • DubU2Death


    • Gmoney

      Crazy Paula sez its a dude. Damn the seed of doubt….

    • f1junkie

      Nice figure, not sure about the face, too made up and fake looking.

    • Normal Guy.

      You naysayers are just plain nuts and hiding behind the Internet. If this chick hit on you at a bar, store, wherever, you'd be lust struck in a heart beat. smdh.

    • dirtysteve99

      Is this another one of those doll posts? The face looks fairly vacant.

      • JMick

        I no look @ face

    • Needlegun13

      She looks kind of like a healthy (albeit still slutty) Lindsay Lohan… Obviously not her, but just sayin… Again, not mad at her AT ALL.

  • Dibdy

    #3 #14 #41 Please, and Thank You!!!

    • 650

      Is #14 a brothel? Because someone made that sumbitch easy to clean…

      • Ubdilly

        No.14 Epic, MOAR Pls Chive

      • Shannon

        Laura Michelle Prestin

  • percy


    possibly a dumb question but Is that a real chive shirt?? And does she come with the purchase?

    • mark

      it's the KCCO BLACK, and you have a better chance of catching a unicorn than getting one sadly

      • mikey

        My girlfriend got one at the last second, the guys were long sold out. It's caused a small rift in our relationship

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

        challenge accepted

      • bob_the_cook

        I caught a unicorn? I got a KCCO black- in my size even! My wife says " Another shirt? she just doesn't understand.

        • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

          The Black KCCO. I wish I could find this. the hunt continues for me you lucky sonofabitch

          • Trav1121

            They sat for a looong time when they were secretly released. I actually contemplated getting a second one. Just gotta know where and when to look.

        • http://www.facebook.com/rBrice3 Ryan Brice

          I got myself a KCCO black too! I go through the same thing – my wife says "why would anybody wear a shirt with Bill Murray on it?" Then I get a "chive on" from a dude in San Fran last weekend. Worth it.

      • obi-too

        e b a y

    • DSC

      Yes it's real. It's a chive "black" kcco.

    • Ricky Ross

      You didn't read the Cats and the Cradle…did you? Shame shame shame. Scored one for me and my bro. Happy belated bday my brother.

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      i wish i could score what that… that…

    • therealguy

      i have the green and black kcco… i am a unicorn wrangler

      • lostagain

        Green, black, BFM, BFM 3D, DAR… i think Irish is the only main one I don't have, and it pisses me right the fuck off

        • Jeremy

          If you're a large I'll send you mine no cost. I've never worn it.

          • gedda_g

            I'll take it!

          • kacey

            I'll take it!! And I'll send you underboss pics in it once I get it. I win.

            • kacey


    • justsaying

      Me too but it looks better on you. P.S. Love the bag they came in!

    • Reid Z

      You and me both, sweetheart. But I agree. It looks much better on you.

    • alexis renee

      I have the men's small… Every time I hit women's small it went to the men's. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Bzzliteyr

        Does it fit you? If not, that's my size. Wanna send it to Canada?

        • alexis renee

          If my fiancé doesn't want it, I may do that…

    • That Dude

      I got my KCCO black by reading the comments on a comment…it was in a secret place.

      • Scott

        I got mine and it was pretty sneaky to find.

        • Simon

          Same here. Although mine hasn't turned up yet, what with me being in the UK and all. I was hoping to wear it this weekend.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=655386798 Andrew John

      I got one too and it was my first shirt i tried to get and i got it. what does that make me? I love the chive though and the second shirt i tried to get failed:( but i KCCO!!! FYI she's gorgeous

    • Chiver J

      I will be the only true Chiver that tells you WHERE exactly to get one when they release. You go the the Chivery site at the bottom of the page is a couch and books and all that other shit. Move your mouse over the book "Cats Craddle" click and its the secret Black KCCO page……Youre Welcome….the other so called Chivers that wouldnt tell you, suck

      • Cowboy Debop

        annnnd it crashed lol

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    #41 You are stunning. Keep 'em coming!

    • Barry McKokkinner

      agreed! I hope this is the encouragement you were looking for. Thanks for sharing your beautiful body and smile with us.

    • Brian

      No. #26….you are beautiful.

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      I find her lack of confidence disturbing.
      She's beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TimTam

      Don't give this girl a single fucking moments notice. If she was truly having body image issues SHE WOULDN'T SEND A FUCKING PICTURE INTO A WEBSITE THAT ENCOURAGES PERVS LIKE ME TO SAY MOAR AT ANYONE WITH A NICE BODY.

    • whore

      you are a fat fucking whore

      go o na diet slut attention seeking whore

    • negative nancy

      if you're anorexic, why are you fishing?

      • davo

        you have to remember that thechive is an attention whore's dream ie #41

        • EJB

          "I.e" is Latin for "id est" meaning "that is", so your use of it of it is incorrect. "E.g" meaning "for example" is what I'm assuming you meant, asshole.
          With love, #41

  • DrMa7moud

    #17. Wohooooooooo

    • High five lady


      • 650

        just for shear novelty, the second half of that pic was like unwrapping a christmas gift

    • Franklin1138

      Lawdy, lawdy…

    • jjj

      loved you in weeds

      • NcouthYouth

        Glad I'm not the only one who saw some similarities there.

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      The second pic is a little scary and kinda gross, with the way the light makes her boobs look disconnected from her body, and hanging very long. Beautiful face, but not a flattering pic.

      • http://www.countingposts.com dutch

        looks like she's cranked out a kid or two the way they're flapping and 'pointing' down. sorry, if i want to look at this, i'll just stare at my wife, i come to the chive for perky maiden bewbs

        • Mikey

          The fucks wrong with you two???

    • sdago25


    • Tecumseh

      You are freaking smoking, Alicia!

    • Trav1121

      Oh, Alicia…. What can be said that hasn't been said already? Just a phenominally gorgeous woman. All-Caps WOW!¡!

    • thatguy

      Quick, somebody ask for just a bit more again!

      • rodolfo

        #17 I love livin' Insane Diego!

  • Whoopi_G

    #21 I love you too.

    • DrGarnicus


    • Schubasteve

      Best hump ever.

    • Ned Ryerson

      boyshorts blow thongs and any other style out of the frickin water! holy shit that's perfect!

    • fritodog

      She has crazy muff!!! Wouldn't say I wouldn't do some diving.

    • Matt

      I can't believe our fellow Chivers didnt mention this picture first! Perfect. #49 is pretty immense also!

    • Chris

      This girls ass is top 5 I've ever seen. We need more of this asap!

  • Slick_Nick

    #25 Flawless! we need moar…many many moar

    • http://www.facebook.com/aj.kulish A.j. Kulish

      more like bon appetit!

    • Chuck

      Ballerina ass is the best ass!

    • Derby

      Jes sayin'……
      All my lovers have been dancers.
      OK…so that's my weakness.
      I know what I like.

    • RGH

      "Chivette-Ballerina from France"

      Sexiest thing I read all day.

    • kang

      Oh Yeah !!

      Finally some french chivette !

      Please Moar !

    • funckad

      I'm very happy to be french … need moar queekly … find her please

    • Maynard B.

      Bonjour Nadia, I've always heard there was great sightseeing in France. I guess you're living proof.

    • Tim

      I see London, You're from France, So just surrender already…rifle droppers

    • djp

      Hold me closer, tiny dancer.

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Before you get too exited: #49 used to be a guy…

    – Fan testimonial: "well it is ONLY the best site in the whole world. It has all you need and Paula too ๐Ÿ˜‰ – insanely great"

    • Verbal_Kint

      Probably still would. I mean.. you know. Because used to be…

    • http://thechive.com ontherun1989
    • socalmarti

      I actually beleive you this time.

    • Come@meBro

      Doesn't matter… Had sex!

    • Jimmy

      * excited.


      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        I'm typing in the dark here so cut me some slap.

        – fan testimonial: "You'll have to talk to your friends at the site. They have pictures of the other cakes… – MarthaJeane"

        • https://www.facebook.com/harry.d.sinner Harry H-d Sinner

          I'll just pretend I never read this

    • 1/2FunAndDontCry


    • OnOneWheel24

      The only reason I believe you is because I don't find "her" to be attractive at all

      • Chad

        Sick name Brody brodelham O'tool

        • OnOneWheel24

          Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. Good day sir

          • Real genius

            Enjoy your bud lights bro

    • kal50

      I wish all my guy friends looked this!

    • 3sixtyprod

      I think I love you paula

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Yeah, but so did you and that never stopped me from…..<shiver>

    • Trav1121

      I believe you, Paula! And thanks for submitting, despite your he/she weirdness. Be who you are, you crazy shim!

    • Wogsamatta

      dont care, i'd still fuck her, ive paid for worse.

    • Bubba


    • carguy008


      • davo

        i like how this paula person thinks they're some sort of internet celebrity.

  • ChiveWYO

    #49 Spectacular behind… Thank You!

    • Xjollys

      this bitch is fucking awesome….PERFECT! It's the kind of pic that requires immediate masturbation after viewing..

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Yeah it looks so much better meow that the former he shaved it.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Puala

        Name or it didn't happen.

    • kevguy

      looks like a real doll

  • Chunk Pants

    Someone's house is about to get fucked up when that buffalo realizes that grandpa is on the wall #35

    • Ned Ryerson

      yeah, that pic is kinda messed up

    • Frank M

      Carl, is that you?

  • Whoopi_G

    #14 Gross.

    • Sean

      DO NOT WANT!!!!

      • Dr. Acula

        you know how i know you're gay?

    • Dyon


    • Poke4Life

      I'll take that (reaches for Man Card)

      • That guy

        And I'll take that.(reaches for chick, then gets slapped

    • raffy

      we don't want plastic!

    • Stev

      Strip much?

    • ElChippy

      Couldn't agree more. Waaaaaay to much going on there.

    • gedda_g

      While her skin color is not natural – along with several other parts of her – I'd do everything to her. I'd wreck that chick.

    • vandal

      It's a fuckin' mess. We do have standards y'know. They're low but not his low.

    • That Dude

      She's not that bad….

    • http://twitter.com/J_M_J @J_M_J

      I have poop that's more attractive than she is

      • God

        Let us see

    • CallingYouOut

      Please, I'd take that all day! Put her in a KCCO shirt with a different pose and you fags would be all about her.

    • DrFunkenstein

      Wholeheartedly agree. nasty.

  • wyfair

    what ever happened to lauren gentile?

    • KCFO

      Same thing that happens to all chivettes when their 45 seconds of internet fame is up.. Nobody cares because there is hundreds more.

      • wyfair

        she was around for a while (slightly longer than the normal 45 seconds) then all of a sudden disappeared.

        • DrGarnicus

          Ain't she on the duckface shirt promo shot?

          • DrGarnicus

            I miss her hump!

      • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

        she was actually the first popular "chivette" , her and erin willet, i think

        • BloodScrubber

          I would differ by saying that little Resig sister, Megan and Emily of theBerry would probably be the first popular Chivettes. For sure Miss Gentile is missed though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Chim Richels

      She realized that putting pics of her half covered tittays out there for comic book nerds to spank to is probably not the best long term career move.

    • jjj

      Who gives a fuck. She was way overrated.

      • Matt

        Bullshit. LG is awesome.

        • Truthserum

          Matt, LG was a fucking slut who wanted loser fanboys like you to worship her toucan-nose but sweet body. She claimed she had been molested growing up – yet gladly posted pics of herself online for losers like you to fap over and compliment. She stopped being a fanboy slut because she claimed to get a "government" job.

          I can only pray her supervisor is a confident woman who will somehow see her sleazy past and fire her ass, so I can watch her in her 2nd career. PORN actress.

          • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

            tell us how you really feel

            • facepalm

              And the no.1 LG fanboy is here to protect her whoreness. Good job bud.

    • anywho

      One day, somebody posts a link to a bottomless picture, and then suddenly she's gone.

      • nastyshit

        I have that pic and trust me you dont wanna see it.

        • truth

          may I see anyhow?

    • yup

      she is working the corner now ,for 10$ you can violate her slutty ass.

      • yuppers

        bitch charged me $12!

  • Gmoney

    #17 Thank you Alicia, you are beautiful.

    • Mikey

      I really didn't want to drive down to San Diego this weekend, but this beauty may just make the trip worth it!

    • Trav1121

      Understatememt of the day!

  • kbeeks

    #11, #21, and #49 are amazing! Gettting me through my 14 hour shift today!

    • alajandro

      Your job must not be that hard if you can get on the chive.

      • somedude

        Maybe he did it on a break alajandro…

    • Marco

      Just Epic! You have good taste.

  • Taco_Depot

    I support #3 #7 #11 . if you know what i mean.

    • Imzkid

      I'd like to work them out, if you know what I mean.

  • KayMan

    #49 Dat ass!! all the reasons why I love Wednesdays #11 #25

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #21 made my day better. Late Hump DAR worth it again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dangatlin Daniel Gatlin

      That ass made it way worth the wait for the DAR. That ass is perfect just wanna grab hold of it.

  • hark1985

    #14 and #28 Yes yes and yes

    • alpha86

      #28 That smile. Those glasses. That BFM. We all need MOAR of her!!

    • Trav1121

      #28 has an absolutely amazing smile. Makes me happy, just looking at her!

  • BaseballRube

    Very well done, #21 & #41. You too, #14.

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #30 zombie apocalypse must have

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Isn't it easier to just…. not have a zombie apocalypse?

      – the one you love to hate

      • Derby

        …or grow up.

    • goaheadandhate

      rush hour must have

    • Shitter of Dreams

      Unfortunately this is fake and a huge letdown.

      1. It's art from Just Cause 2.
      2. This gun in Just Cause 2 doesn't even shoot the grenade!

      • Jack_LeMac

        Fake? Yes, but the important question here is: Is it possible?

        • stonewall_79

          Of course it is possible.

          • thedude325

            but it would probably break your wrist.

            • nom

              mehh i doubt it. surprisingly, the grenades dont have a whole lot of kick. the bullet would probably hurt more to shoot

        • someone

          Well there is the Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum that fires the same rifle round that was fired from many of the classic elephant guns…And this revolver only costs ~$40 per shot.

          So I imagine it should be possible…practical, probably not.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        glad to see a fellow gamer set things straight

      • jason in pc

        ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i nearly split my "merican" pants when i seen that pic….. now i am sad.
        gonna go cook something with fire now and drink some beer to ease the pain.

        • butterface


        • Wesley


    • stonewall_79

      Definetely a need.

    • Derby

      Would wipe yer nose when firing.

      • https://www.facebook.com/missgamer84 Jessica Condrey

        real or not, #30 is the sexiest pic on here to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • MR.BLACK

      I don't care! I just want one or three!

    • Anomanom

      Sweet Jesus! I must have it!

  • http://thechive.com/ PagingDrDickey

    #21 I like that

    • pap

      well played #21 well played sir

    • Dyon

      More please!!

      • that guy

        I love it when my post make the DAR!

  • BabyFart Magizax

    NOT cool holding out on the DAR so you guys can make more $$$. You know you get $ per hit.

    • derk


    • Liam GTFOMW

      Only on the Adds Man ,the Adds

      • Ricky


        • http://www.facebook.com/Christian.paul.estabrook Christian Estabrook


        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1013846437 Tyler Burkholder

          do u know Julian and bubbles, Ricky?

      • DrGarnicus

        All's well that ad's well

      • Liam GTFOMW

        Yes that including the Ad's, and the clickety click clicks.
        But Ya got the point either way right.

    • babyfartmagizax

      still keeping up with my name eh?? Well, you my friend are a true douche! At least my name made it on the first page without me posting, while I was working… Thanks!! Lame post by the way dude

      • BabyFart Magizax

        cool story, bro.

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