A DIY levitating bed via magnets — we have the technology (11 Photos)

Via Reddit user mememetatata

  • Doc

    With the added bonus of having your memory wiped clean every night by exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

    • Roman

      "With the added bonus of having your memory wiped clean every night by exposure to a strong magnetic field."

      Fixed! 🙂

      • Doc

        "Electromagnetic radiation is a particular form of the more general electromagnetic field (EM field) that is defined as the field produced by moving charges."

        Double complete fixationated

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          "I want to bone a hot chick on this bed."

          Triple fixonification completionated

        • thatguy

          I was going to point out your obvious flaw in logic (MOVING charges..) but I think brutal said it best

    • MacNCheesePro

      Electromagnetic radiation? I don't see anywhere in the post where they DIY person used electricity to strengthen the magnets. I assumed he used neodymium magnets, which are pretty damn strong. Actually, it's good for your joints.

      • Not Really

        They're really not good for your joints…they're too hard to light.

      • aaa

        you wanna know what else is good for your joints. sleeping on floating wood

      • irish

        thank you for correcting this moron. people should really stop basing their scientific knowledge on comic books and cartoons! this idiot docs post actually made my head hurt!

        • ImSuperman

          Hahaha! Seriously! Turns out, comic books are not always a good source of real knowledge…

      • Smitty

        Just posting that tells me that there are vast holes in your science education.

        I do not have the desire, nor the time to waste correcting you.

    • S.Freud

      Wow. No, seriously. . .wow. As in "wow, you're a complete idiot"

      Human memory is not. . .You know what? I'm not even going to bother. You're so phenomenally stupid that you wouldn't understand even half of what I would say.

  • etcrr

    No thaanks, I could see myself waking up and tripping over the tether wires

    • torc

      if you use a superconducting floor you dont need the wires

      • Underbaker

        I was thinking the same thing, make the floor of the whole room the base and put bumpers along the walls and bed rails, this could get real fun if you take a flying leap at the bed.

    • isawoj

      Yep, that is a nasty cut waiting to happen.

  • susan

    Sex would be quite the adventure. And making sure you dont die from tripping when you come home drunk. All in all i want one.

    • blu

      The kid who made it says it only holds 250lbs, and its a single. I'm sure sex was the last thing on this kids mind.

  • Bill

    i got a prince albert so nothing for me.

    • The Devil


    • Dirk Diggler

      Ouch…can you imagine trying to explain that one to the paramedics?

    • jjj

      surgical stainless isn't magnetic

      • sean

        whole lot of stupid in the comments on this, eh? lol

  • maboze1x

    You sir are a genius!

  • fubar

    want one!!

  • palejoe

    it'll still feel like you're sleeping on wood though?

    • Alpha0010

      You could probably put a mattress or something on it though.

    • B11

      So put a mattress on it…..

    • kidn

      that happens to me every morning.

      • zepolcire


  • givethedjabj

    Wait til some supersize yank lays on the thing

    • Lugh

      Yes, because the British/Australians/Irish are so fucking thin compared to Americans. I've seen plenty of heifers in all three countries, and especially in Mullingar, where they are indeed "all beef to the heel."

      • Woop

        You're right Lugh – us Aussies are getting big. I'm pretty sure the other countries are getting big too but damn, i just been to the mid west. They aren't just heifers, they're walking heart attacks that defers the laws of physics. When you can't walk because of your weight, you know there's something fundamentally wrong with that.

      • redzer

        Lugh speaks the truth, its hard to decipher whether you're in the mart or The Final Fence after you have had a few.

    • Smitty

      Yank huh? Your choice of slang tells me that you must be from England, the fattest nation in Europe. Google it.

  • http://www.fr12.nl Willem

    the Dutch are always first!

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Even when everybody's lining up to eat diarrhea?

    • the dutch suck

      except in the world cup. *plays vuvuzala indiscriminately*

    • Da Dutch

      It's pretty funny that "Dutch" has become synonymous with "I beat it to people eating shit".

  • shogoki

    Well done sir !

    but the video… "7 years of elaborate research and development", "never weakening permanent magnetism": is it a joke or do you like big words ? they are called magnets, and they have been around for a while you know.

    • Elbie

      It takes an 8 year old 15-60 minutes to realize that magnets can attract and repulse each other. It takes a Dutch Archtitect + 'science team' 6-7 years to build a dang magnetic repulsion based bed which is hold in place by fucking steel wires. What did they do? Smoke weed all day long in Dutch coffee shops (look it up)?

    • Livin' Legend

      Pff. The Dutch.

  • Charles12

    here you go:
    NEODYM MAGNET QUADER – N45 – 120x120x20mm – ca. 750KG magnetic force around 190 euros (multiply by 5) http://www.magnetportal.de/quader/neodym-magnet-q
    band saw for wood : 679.99 (free shipping!) http://www.woodworkerssource.com/708113A-p-bandsa
    lumber to your taste : 200 (picked up) http://www.homedepot.com/Lumber-Composites-Boards
    Cables and nails and stuff: 100 http://www.steelwirerope.com/

    effort: there is no price for a Han Solo carbonite type bed…

  • b3nje

    and the point of all this is???????????????

    looks good??

  • Eric_Le_Awesome

    Now to just make some magnetic pajamas and finally be able to sleep on nothing.

    • PrimerGray

      Better not roll over in the middle of the night though…

  • torc

    if you use superconducting floor you dont need the wires

  • bertar

    should use bungie cords instead of steal cables for more comfort during sexy time.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Or just buy the cables. No need to resort to shoplifting.

  • Meh

    Hipster bed

  • Yazman

    The effects of strong magnetism on humnas will show up after time, but I was thinking of all the people that like to compute (non SSD laptop) in bed. What other devices could be affected? Too bad tube type TVs are not around. The picture would look great around all these magnets.
    Any neighbors? Wonder how they might be affected? "Hon, where's my cast iron skillet?" "I'll have my eggs easy over and remember to look up. Remember about the idiot upstairs, who built a bed using a log of magnet and posted it on the Net?"

    • Smitty

      You too need to check your science education.

  • Elmer

    You'd have to be careful with your electronics. The magnets would wipe your memory cards clean.

    • http://twitter.com/Exile714 @Exile714

      You do know that most memory cards are not affected by magnetism, right? Only traditional spinning hard drives are affected by magnets. So and iPad would work fine, as would a laptop with and SSD.

      • http://www.facebook.com/stoutat Andy Stout

        Beat me to it. Most spinning hard drives are made of ceramic plates or even glass…

  • Xyloglue

    He never touched it once. Pretty disappointing video. What happens to all the other magnetic shit in your room? Ever dropped a magnet and it collects all random bits on the floor.

  • 25 cent

    I'd SLAM ANY of you CHIVETTES (fat & ugly need no apply) on one of these magnet beds.

    You gals are HOTTER than a ticket to a JA RULE concert!!!!!!!

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      How many have taken you up on this? When calculating your answer, please remember that your own hands do not count.

    • WTFruit

      You chose Ja Rule as a barometer?

  • imbizzle

    comfort level zero. just dont see the point.

    • Livin' Legend

      The first computer mouse was a big uncomfortable wood block. This looks like a "can I make this work?" project. Use nicer wood, finish it, and put a nicer spread on it and it wouldn't look all that bad. As for comfort, many prefer that kind of surface to sleep on.

  • Trailer Ray

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?

    • Alpha0010

      Well, when a boy magnet and a girl magnet love each other very much…

    • Livin' Legend

      Oh Christ, I knew right away that was an ICP lyric. I have identified the least valuable brain cell in my head.

  • Pokepoke

    Yes let me just grab my lifetimesupply of fridgemagnets and fill that baby up …

  • curt

    worst sex ever…..

    • Reverend E

      I for one have never had "worst sex ever". It's all good if my little buddy is having a good time, hovering, rug burns, pain, scratches, doesn't matter. I am here to serve my little friend.

  • Do What?

    I may be missing something, but couldn't you have just made the lower platform the same size as the top and secured vertically instead of taking up 3/4 of your bedroom with a wooden box?

    • Mike

      No. If the tethering cables were vertical, it would be possible for the bed to slide side to side (or front to back of course) above it. Think about trying to push two small magnets together with your fingers. They have a tendency to simply slip around the repelling force.

      By tethering the top half diagonally, the bed is unable to shift in any direction.

      • Billiam

        If you have a floating bed, don't you want it to move around a little?

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          If I have a floating bed, I want to be able to ride the motherfucking thing all the way to work.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722809282 Oliver Vorian Wang

        Why not tether the top half diagonally, but instead of outward, the corners are tethered inward?

        • Jon Tighe

          If you did that, i.e. have a smaller footprint represented by the area inside the tether points on the lower platform, than between the tether points on the upper platform – and that the cables can bend – you would have the risk of the bed attempting to "rotate" with the cables on the side it is moving away from moving upwards, while the other moves downwards – the reason for the larger lower than upper is it allows for the cables to "pull" back against the upward motion – active vice passive centering of the bed.

    • Matt

      The best way to accomplish what you are thinking of would require more than 4 cables. They would be placed diagonally under the bed, but from the top of one corner to the bottom of the adjacent corner. This would repeat in both directions at every corner creating an "X" under each side. These 8 cables would prevent rise, shift, and rotation as long as the bed was not pushed down.

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