Finally a solution for the sticky ketchup bottle (Video)

Welcome to the future…

The MIT university team came up with LiquiGlide, a ‘super-slippery’ coating which makes the insides of the bottle so frictionless that the sludgy goo inside just slides out like water. The secret ingredient to the liquid coating is a heavily-guarded secret, but the team promise it is non-toxic and will be FDA approved.

  • Paula_

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    • Paula_

      Yeah, right. Go fuck yourself with a spiked bat for being too slow.

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      • 'Merica

        Have you not met Paula? KCCO! Thumbs down rest of the day!

      • Relaxx

        So angry…relax guy

    • Fappy McFapperson

      I bet that second bottle is what it looks like when Paula takes a crap

    • Dr_StrangePants

      that takes me back….

    • windowlicker

      Fucking Brilliant!!!

    • Underbaker

  • babyfartmagizax


    • jroc

      so you're the new worst, huh?

  • jroc

    oh man i sucked my first dick

  • AtlChiver

    No thanks. I'll let others be the guinea pigs for this one.

    • Underbaker

      I'm thinking about it coating my insides and then everything slipping out the back. (Pleasant imagery brought to you by the Underbaker).

      • qwerty

        Aperture Science Propulsion gel. So much for secrecy.

    • Chorel

      "We swear it's not toxic!"

      "We are SOOO sorry that it turned out to be toxic."

  • Dman

    Would've been better with an explanation. I can water down my ketchup too.

    • Dman

      Annnd I can't read….. ugh =/

    • DoomsDayDub

      I seen this a while ago from a different company. Though it was probably not non-toxic. It was basically a coating they sprayed on things that made microscopic ridges at all different angles on any item, making everything that touched it immediately repel. Probably same concept but using a non-toxic substance. The main use of the other was to apply to metal, which would allow them to never rust because water never actually "attaches" to it. They even had something under water for a long period of time and it was unaffected.

      • iheartboobs

        Thats fucking geneeus! I love engineering shit like that!

        Wait did i miss spell genius?
        Fuck im high as shit right now!

  • marryme

    So uhhhhhh, whats the solution?!?!

    • Boozer

      Read the frigging description you nit-wit.

  • babyfart's sandy vag

    Mom, can we get that?!

  • celticsquid

    I can see another certain industry using this too.

    • r@f

      Would probably help Colgate. Hate those tubes.

      • Yoga Pants 2012

        I think he meant something else 😉

  • fart

    the whole bottle will come out with one shake
    We will never win

    • vvv

      Except that can be easily solved by adding a squeeze component through a hole to the bottle.

    • Brian P.

      First world problem right there XD

    • ThatGuy

      The point is you don't HAVE to shake it now. You can get it out as easily as A1 sauce.

  • justin

    whatever chemical used to do that will probably make you grow an arm out of your neck after 6 months of use. I'll stick with the butter knife method, thank you.

    • nerfherder

      ….or give you Kancer…..unless its Catsup, then you get Cancer.

  • Sad Lawyer


  • 1/2FunAndDontCry

    That has got to be incredibly good for. Anything that coats a bottle like that, post meal, will have you shitting all over the place. o.0

  • Ramon Marquez

    Mexican solution+orange soda…

  • Johnathan Augustine

    Just stop being so fat and wait for it to come out.

    • iheartboobs


  • Johnny Fresh

    They made the inside of the bottle hydrophobic. This technology has been around for a while but it's just now hitting the public sector.

    • Flyzeyez

      they gave the bottle rabies?

  • Yesh

    That chemical causes cancer

  • Hunter X

    Forget ketchup. Can it get 100% of Peanut Butter out of the jar?

    • Boozer

      Possibly only Chuck Norris could do that.

  • Peter Griffin

    Oh my God. Who the hell cares?

  • Yo Yo Ma

    Remember, you can't spell ketchupy without "KY"!

    • this guy says

      im pretty sure liquiglide is a sex lube

      • DubStu

        That'll be "Astroglide"… 😉

  • Jonny V

    I dont need an MIT degree to figure this one out. Squeeze bottle…..

    • Lev

      Exactly, and with the cap on the bottom so there's literally no wait for the product to drip down. We already have this. I don't see those primitive ketchup bottles around anymore at all.
      And I'm not even from space.

    • meow

      read folks. the lids are huge on those bottles. they calculated that they could save 25k tonnes of petroleum based plastics…sooooo i think you better go back to school

  • Jezdezpez

    here you have it, the "future" of our America in the hands of these types…

  • mongoose@main beach

    Let me know when when I can coat a Chivettte with it…that would be interesting

  • Brian

    Just what we need, the brilliant minds of the world working on this. This shaking the bottle thing has got to stop.

  • Kevin

    There will be fuggin ketchup everywhere

  • Kyle


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