Thief steals iphone and starts taking pictures — owner gets a little payback (21 Photos)


  • ChiveyChive

    I've only been on one cruise, so I am not an expert, but my cruise ship had a lost -and-found department. It was a VERY busy place because people were leaving crap all over the place. You'd look around, realize you'd left your camera/shirt/flip-flops/whatever someplace (this cruise was before everyone had cell phones; I'm not a spring chicken) so you'd head over to the lost-and-found and there would be your lost thing. If Nelson had just taken the phone there, he would have been absolved of any wrongdoing. No sir, he is a thief no matter HOW the phone ended up in his hands. He knew the proper thing to do, and he chose not to do it. I'm sure he is already fired, even if Disney hasn't made it "official".

  • Skeptic

    This whole story sounds like BS to me.

  • bobaso

    is it possible that katy lost her phone (you know, whooooo im on the disney wonder cruiseline) and nelson just found it?

  • Harry Longbahls, JR


  • UrFrOnTlAwN

    love how all the comments that make since are thumbs down negative and all the retarded comments are like +80 or something goes to show how some people can overact and how did she get him back the only embarresing thing in these pictures is that she figured out who he was

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