A very Minecraft wedding (34 Photos)

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  • Robert

    Some people….

    • Mango Reinhardt

      It looks like they had a lot of fun. Who are you to rain on their parade? As you sit there alone… fapping it to chivettes.

    • Manicotti

      "…have their heads too far up their own asses to have any appreciation for others' definition of fun." That's where you were going with this, right?

    • HondoMaximus

      … are awesome. You, however, fail to meet any of the criteria for such.

    • I likes mah dranks

      All the best to the married couple good luck kcco! Marriage isn't no cobble stone house

  • voice in your head

    the 8-bit wedding

    • DeDav

      No no no, it's THE 8–bit wedding.

  • Chicago Sean

    #31 To the window!

    • nate

      To the wall!

      • Helper

        Sweat drips down my balls!

        • andfukyamoms

          Till all these bitches crawl

          • SkitSkit

            To all skit skit skit skit skit skit

            • Blake

              all Skeet skeet skeet

              • 894u


    • BOOM!

      All skeet skeet god damn!

  • guthrie

    This will be deadmau5's wedding

    • billshakes626

      I don't think they got it?

  • theRealRealist

    I've gotta admit, that is pretty cool. And really, if you're hating on this, it's because you didn't think of a cool wedding/reception like they did

    • Macro

      Or we're not married and recognize that it's really effin' lame, and will look stupid when they look back on it in a few years.

  • Jammy

    What's minecraft?

    • André Soto

      What's google?

      • Jumperforever1

        Literally choked on my coffee from laughing at this response haha

      • leah_bee

        I lol'd

    • worm.molester

      seriously, what is it?

      • chip"themeat"hayes

        Its a place to safely store your virginity.

        • st33

          obviously not for this guy

          • Kraken

            WTF is it?

            • Adam


              • Smsh


  • Dave

    I'd tubthump her

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    A hot wife AND a nerd wife. You picked a winner man. Chive on.

    • jeff donuts

      shes ugly

      • Shant1k

        your opinion is ugly

        • Led Zeppelin

          Brilliant response.

      • Mitch

        Coming from the guy who's name is Jeff Donuts. Your opinion is void.

      • Dexter


  • ruffus

    That is awesome 🙂

    • TitoRigatoni

      I agree! I actually met my current GF playing Minecraft. We built a nice house together, spent a lot of time just watching romantic 8-bit square sunsets, talking about life and everything… She's moving in with me the day after tomorrow. I hope our relationship works out as well as this one 🙂

  • Beta

    Thats pretty awesome.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    She's cute, but in 20 years will you look back & laugh, or cringe?

    • Manicotti

      Do you say this at every wedding album, or are you just pulling out the stops because you're bored and have no idea what makes a committed relationship work?

      Wait, why is that an "or"?

  • me...BN!!!

    Above this line…has no life!!!

    • line

      you are above that line

      • me...BN!!!


    • Doug B.

      And you need to open your mind that there are more things to life… go back to your insecure lifestyle

      • wiuhew

        people have likes and dislikes. get used to it, you delicate little flower, you.

  • big_james

    WOW great looking couple and awesome wedding. Congrats and KCCO.

    • HotMomma

      Yes I agree. Awesome!

  • Thomas

    #5 Ssssssssssssss

    • PoorDawg

      That'ssssss a very nice wedding ya got there…

    • https://www.facebook.com/ron.forsteriii Ron Forster III


    • leah_bee

      'cept all I see is a big green 8-bit cocknballs, but I've never played minecraft.

  • CurveLover

    With any luck, one or both of them are infertile

    • Paul

      I hope you are right.

    • I_lol_at_u

      Is that because two skinny people won't make a chubby girl later? Huh CurveLover?

      Keep Calm and Fap to Chubby Porn.

    • Manicotti

      With any luck, you'll get hit by a bus sometime this year. At least we can be sure ONE close-minded douche canoe won't infect the gene pool further.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #5 the unavoidable wedding crasher is here…

    this is all pretty sweet, but… isnt this whole minecraft thing starting to go a little overboard?

    • amrith777

      Starting to?
      That being said…"Enderman" is cool (huge Slendy fan here)
      Anyway…they seem happy,so good on 'em–CHEERS!

    • Torden

      Hipsters don't know the meaning of overboard.

      • Morgan Freeman

        how is a liking a video being hipster?

  • Whale

    I was thinking Minesweeper. The hell is Minecraft?

    • Levian

      Lol minesweeper. Never did understand it… Then again, I haven't tried it since I was 8

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      It's a block-based construction game that loses its appeal after about a week of playing, and which owes its surge in inexplicable popularity to YouTube.

    • crazydog

      Wow, you are really out of touch

  • ANerd

    Looks like I'm going to start playing Minecraft

  • moon101

    the green thing looks like a penis, just saying

    • Dick Salad

      It's a creeper and they are huge dicks…

      • I_lol_at_you

        Especially when they get really close to you and blow all over the place

    • B Dub

      If this is what you guys think looks like a penis…..I'm sorry about your luck! Not hating on you, but….ya…..sorry :-/

  • Ouboet

    Well, their guests certainly won't forget this wedding.

  • asas

    People still play that game ?

    • http://twitter.com/RemcoB1 @RemcoB1

      hell, it just reached 6 million players and 32 million registered

  • THEbusinessROX

    Anyone else seeing the giant green dick in the photos? Not hating just saying

    • moon101

      way ahead of yeah, look up 3 posts

    • Morgan Freeman

      well, you will see what you think of the most.

  • jroc

    im never going to find hapiness

  • Devin

    Bless them and their nerdy union. Chive on!

  • Swens

    Absolutely amazing! KCCO!!

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