Hungry fella? (43 photos)

  • First




    • First

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are not first!

      • ^gay

        hahahahahahaha! you're gay

        • Hank

          I'm not sure about your sexual preferences but I can see that you were indeed here first and then even stuck around to insult the second person claiming that illusive title. Congratulations to you sir. I applaud your efforts.

          • Ted Bundy

            trying too hard.

          • Meriane


  • Swamp1983

    my cardiologist just texted me "NO"

    • Fry

      #19 is the only one that made my mouth water. I shouldn't be allowed to live on this planet anymore.

  • SadeShadz

    #1 #10 Mmmmmmm!

  • Jb Van Camp

    I had #11 last night with Mt. St. Helen's sauce. My butthole was not happy this morning..

    • tylrd67

      When's the last time your butthole WAS happy?

      • Not an entrance

        The last time you paid him a visit?

    • etcrr

      tell me more about your butthole

  • ThatGuy

    #5 Please and thank you.

  • Ace

    Ace Ventura 2 quote ftw

  • KPD

    #43 #24

    Well if it isn't my old friend…diarrhea

  • Bro

    #43 ZOMG.

    • JarikCBol

      Mac-N-Cheese-Burger!!! win!

    • bisonbade

      Its like heaven between 2 buns!

    • Colin

      kinda wondering if the mac and cheese will stay put when you bite into it or go everywhere but your mouth

  • Cali_Dude

    #14 In N Out!!!!!!!!

  • whyme1973

    #41 Papa John's cheese sticks? They are amazing with bacon on them…then again…what isn't?

    • KPD


  • soph


    • soph


  • WillieWill

    #24 In-N-Out 4×4 with animal style fries !!! Winner winner winner !!!!

    • @TAndrewarhol

      Or breakfast.

  • newscot

    What's the sauce on the fries in #24? It looks delicious…

    • WillieWill

      It's just 1000 Island dressing with some flare .., it's not delicious … It's amazing

      • newscot

        Thanks. We don't have In N Out here in Canada…

    • Jay

      Same spread that's on the burgers. Comes in little packets too,

    • dylan

      Dont forget the melted cheese and grilled onions….if uve never had the pleasue of stuffing your face with these "animal style fries", sucks for u.

  • sfb101

    #35 #27 WTF are these!?1

    • newscot

      35 looks like chilli, guacamole, and sour cream on top of nachos.

      • sfb101

        That's the NASTIEST guac I've ever seen. Looks more like pesto.

    • fendermallot


      Hot cheetos with nacho cheese sauce?

    • Jeff Albertson

      #27 looks like flamin' hot cheetos with melted cheese. Fucking brilliant…

      • Tatiana Campuzano

        dude its fucking good!!!

    • AndyDrew

      Yes the right side is Flamming Hot Cheetos with Nacho Sauce and yes it is the Business. Try this all faded after the bar closes and your hook always. FYI, the 7-11 workers get pissed if they see you doing this their.

    • DrumBum1010

      I believe #35 is some sort of meat with chimichurri sauce and sour cream?

    • Ben

      sour cream, salsa verde and braised pork or perhaps some sort of beef and I see spinach in the background…That seems like a lot of pesto if that is what it is.

  • jeff donuts

    so many unhealthy foods no wonder americans are such fatasses

    • Ken

      But they taste sooo good!

    • Miller Time


    • Europe swallows

      Awwww, look. Another Euro-fag trying to act tough on the Internet. Isn't there a sheep somewhere that needs fucking?

      • iskra9

        .. damn there was a salad in 31 .. take it out and shoot it ..

      • the truth hurts

        He was only pointing out the truth. I don't see what you're getting so upset about? America is the fattest nation in the world. It's an undeniable fact. Learn to accept it or improve it.

      • jeff donuts

        i'm an american. didn't know you weren't allowed to be american and point out that americans have an obesity epidemic…….

      • mom b*nger

        You would f**k sheep if you weren't so damn slow. Obesity is a sheeps best friend, fatty!
        Take off your shirt and wiggle them titties for me! I bet women find you very attractive.
        I would like to tickle you and watch the fat in your face wiggle while you laugh. I bet you'd look cute!

        Did you know the fatter you get, the smaller your weewee looks?
        Did you know Europeans realy do swallow? They don't rely on food being so fat it simply "slides" into the stomach, instead they use the muscles in their throat.
        Did you know the dutch word for "American" is "fattie"?
        Did you know your dick realy gets smaller when you get fatter? Don't be jelly little man! You do have a big penis! It's just hidden somewhere underneath that ocean of fat.

        why yes! I do have a small penis, but I can see every centimeter of it! (we don't use stupid inches)

    • Jacobsonjake

      Says Jeff DONUTS lol

      • Dog on a Computer

        it's a login-name. cuz, you know, i'm actually a dog on the internet.

  • bige

    Number 20 there's definitely not enough sauce for all them cheese sticks

  • shampoo boy


  • badmatty

    I wasn't hungry. Thanks chive, you did it again. You know my weak spots.

  • Erin Young

    these posts are jut mean

    • @LosTorre

      Right! It's like your pic

      • yup

        nice try… but that is how you chivers like em… cute .. and dumb as a rock.

      • Daniel Tosh

        really? go touch a tit.

    • tapsnapornap

      I have to be 15lbs lighter than I am today for next weekend, this post didn't help.

    • bubblerider86

      Makes me kind of glad i can't get my chive on til i get home….then i remember "fuck, i don't actually have any food here"

  • jroc


    fuck i love blue cheese

  • Chester

    #27 looks like Flaming hot Cheetos with cheese sauce on it.

    • Me

      Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

  • GapGirl

    #27 flaming hot cheetos with nacho cheese sauce….???
    mother of God!

  • @rickybello

    I'm so hungry right now

  • Jeff Albertson

    My tubs just sprung serious wood….

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