• LIJay

    She looks like she might be a candidate for the cute redhead threads. A POS, trashy redhead, but a redhead nonetheless.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      We should rape these girls. I mean, like, who doesn't like sex? I mean, I dunno. It was easy. They were just standing there and I wanted sex so I raped them. I dunno, sex is sex it doesn't really matter to me. I don't feel sadness for raping these girls. I mean look, they are standing over there not getting raped by people who feel bad for them so whatever.

      • bma

        Well done Ned, well done. *golf clap*

        • Ned_Plimpton

          Interviewer: So you don't feel any remorse for raping these girls?

          "I mean like, no… The police didn't even let me finish & like, now I'm getting all these charges."

          • John Daniel

            at least they could have let me finish… now I'm standing over here with all these charges and I have blue balls. I'm pissed!

      • Matty

        The one comment to rule them all

      • Abigail

        I read your first sentence and was all WHOA not necessary. Then I read the rest of your comment…. pure brilliance. * Cheers *

      • Chorel

        Awesome. You deserve a cookie.

    • Lowrent75

      Went to jail for three years Whoop Whoop! !

      • Fuang

        The article is 4 years old. Where's VH1 when we need em?

    • Update

    • da kid

      video is ancient. chive step up your game shitty week.

      • Salmon Fever

        agreed. these posts have been pretty miss so far *and cue the thumbs down and smarmy comments from the chive cock-suckers*

        • Really?

          I've never seen it so it's new to me. Not all of us sit on the web all day long going through every video on youtube. Chive should really work harder to bring you free entertainment that is new and mind-blowing every time, we'd hate for Salmon Fever to bored.

          • julio

            i don't sit on the web all day and go through every youtube video and i saw it years ago. your point?

            • NJF

              That you are just one person and that your sample size of one isn't a fit rebuttal.

              • julio

                i'm not the only one. there's a comment above mine, and some more further down.

      • Poncho

        Everything on Chive is old or from reddit, c'mon people!

    • Jumperforever1

      They didnt blur her face out because they wanted to protect her privacy….

      They just wanted to protect our eyes

    • LIJay

      -126 LOLOLOLOL god I suck. Sorry, Chivers. I need to get laid, so right now I'd fuck a snake if someone held it straight for me. Maybe she's not as cute as I initially though.

      • Jawbone

        It doesn't help that you crave dick.

    • Heisanidiot

      I tried to post an update earlier today…not sure what happened to it. In any case, it is hard to believe the recent developments with what appears to be the same girl. I found 3 more arrest records since this incident, 2 of which are listed in the last 2 months!! Not sure why Chive won't post the address.

  • HOOK


    • thzchic

      What is WT?

      • Hmm

        White Trash?

        • HOOK

          You bet.

    • guesty

      hmmmm, me thinks these girls will be very familiar with the pole, to pay for "college"

      • SirBoobsalot

        I seriously can't get past how these girls can't comprehend what they did was wrong! It's not just that they are stupid, it's how fucked up thier moral compass is.

        "sorry if we offended the gir scouts but we needed the money" – leave, just leave.

        • To the parents.

          Everyone talks about leaving a better world for our children. What about leaving better children for our world?

    • Frédéric Purenne


  • echogeo

    Suck dick for drug money if you need it so bad, skanks.

    • Dick Salad


      • press

        Oh, yes. Somewhere out there, a porn company will see this, and they'll be on their way.

        • NYChive

          UPDATE (for real):

          This happened in 2008. In 2009, 19-year-old Stephanie Woods (the redhead) was arrested and charged with robbery and kidnapping (but not a Girl Scout).


          • Montana

            Small correction: Spelled "Stefanie Woods." She's the blond in the video. The redhead eventually testified against her in one of her cases.

            Also got in trouble for stabbing her boyfriend.

            Life is not working out for this girl.


            • zipline

              "Life is not working out for this girl."


              • HonoluluChiver

                Poster child of the occupy movement. Dumb and think that they can take whatever they want.

                • HydrogenBond

                  For the occupy movement? Some skinny fake trashy materiallistic sociopathic bitch who only cares about herself? Sounds more like Ann Coulter to me.

                  • J in GJ

                    Ann Coulter works for a living. The occutards want someone else to pay for their undesirable lifestyle. Grow up, get a life or cash out loser!

                • items unrelated

                  Yes. Also, bacon is the poster child for sofa.

                • Yewar Dooshey

                  Bullshit, those bitches be heading for Wall Street or Charleston, homes. Only reason they went for time is they be triflin.
                  Steal a couple billion by selling fraudulent mortgages rated by people you give a cut to call them AAA rated then sell em to suckers down the way, bang, you're in Cabo when the sucker finds out.
                  You still mad about that birth certificate, bro?

                • Indeed

                  At least they aren't bringing politics on the Chive.

                  There's more appropriate sites for that banter.

        • Zombie

          Will someone please remove their reproductive organs!!!

        • waltgator

          haha exactly!

    • Shant1k

      I'd pay her in girl scout cookies

    • Charles

      These are just bad people, in every sense of the word. Hopefully they get run over by a steam roller.

    • herp

      what does she look like? a chivette?

      • Moose

        No fucks were given

    • Peter Venkman

      Why can't a Florida Zombie eat their faces off?

    • waltgator

      we agree, we know lotsa porn companies that can help her with better hair & her money issues…holla!

    • John

      At least they would be EARNING IT!!!!

  • @BuckeyeEmpire

    Hopefully the second was was stealing the money to get rid of that skunk hair… people are idiots

    • Lowrent75

      What in the fuck is wrong with these people? They should be sodomized to death in front of their parents with a 5 grit sandpaper condom.

  • Bitslaw

    This should be Starbucks next commercial!

    • THEClesusChrist

      "We needed the money" – as she drinks a $5 coffee

      • Dave Braunstein

        white people problems.

        • genki desu yo

          1st world problems.

    • Andy

      I thought it was.

    • Boxer

      Yeah, seems pretty fake and like it's been rehearsed. They had almost the same answers

      • tyanger

        The answers are the same b/c they are sharing the same defective brain.

    • Cube

      Yea, I'll bet those aren't cheap sunglasses she is wearing either. Someone needs to smack these two. Completely disgusting.

  • Cpt Obvious

    The weird thing is is that she doesn't even seem to understand how (morally) wrong this is

    • Greg Jencks

      That's because they are sociopaths

      • S.Freud

        People keep saying that and I have to wonder if they even know what they're talking about. While these two 'people' may indeed display some of the common traits of the sociopath, it's not that easy to make a determination without a much longer and far more in depth examination and observation than this video allows.

        I wouldn't put their being sociopaths completely out of the question. I'm just saying that there is not enough here to make that determination–and definitely not by anyone who has not studied and practiced psychology.

    • ttyl hef

      these girls = everything wrong with America

      compared to… = everything right with America

    • Epitomizer

      Pray for their souls.

      • Grant

        Not even god would wanna touch that….

    • Guest

      2012…. It's here. Zombipocolypse and these skanks

      • Underbaker

        They are already soulless, not much of a leap to get to animated and lifeless.

    • virtuoso09

      The first one does, as she admitted it in her comment on how she felt bad. She just doesn't care enough to listen to her conscious. Sin is knowing right and not doing it.

      • Underbaker

        I don't think it counts if the only reason you feel bad is that you have to give the money back.

      • Stray

        they only felt bad because they got caught

    • Levian

      The scary thing is if they don't understand how what they did is wrong, what's to stop them from killing someone? Certainly not their conscience. They should be put in a mental institution

      • S.Freud

        I think they know what they did is wrong. They're more than likely acting the way they are because of the camera in their faces.

    • Patches

      They seem like Occupy Wall Street protesters, except cleaner.

      • Mike

        u have no idea what an OWS activist protest for ? you have no clueless than those girls.

    • longshot421

      Yeah, that's where I struggle with this. They seem to have absolutely NO understanding that this is wrong. Like….none. I don't get it. What kind of upbringing do you have where you think the only bad thing was getting caught? I'm just stunned. How do you rehabilitate someone who has no concept of right or wrong? Brutal.

      • what

        You have lazy, or just absent, parents who don't give a fuck that's how. I would say jail time would help, but we all know the prison system doesn't rehabilitate people for the most part.

      • Timothy Vaughn Kemp

        You start with love. These girls already are telling the truth. Give them credit for confession of what they did and for being honest about how they feel. Would you prefer fakes, like Jimmy Swaggart.
        I would trust those girls to tell truth far more than most people here, who are just fakes hoping to look a hero or some shit.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      Am I the only one that thinks the parents should take the blame here? Obviously some good quality parenting going on there.

      • Mike

        the worst part is that they aren't even poor, the go to starbucks and have a ride and all. WTF is wrong with this people?

      • sadman

        The Dad of one of them paid the spent money to make amends. This is the result of drug use, which has no demography.

        • Charlie_Cheen

          I would still say that is the responsibility of the parents. If you really "parent" your kids you will know if they are getting high or hanging with the wrong people, if you don't then you aren't doing it right.

          And if my kid did this and then went even further and made an ass of herself on the news you can be sure she would feel the wrath. If that wouldn't make an impression, then God help her.

    • Timothy Vaughn Kemp

      I haven't seen one reply willing to teach them. They are being honest. Their honesty is being over looked and returned with old testament hatred. How can anyone learn in this society with the influences speaking about the mistakes they made. burn them? Kill Them? Violate the constitution?
      People's reply's here of what they wanna do are a show that are all worse than those girls, but too fucking dumb to even know it. Anger and self righteousness does that.

      • Desi

        Are you serious? These little monsters are old enough to know what they did was wrong and to understand the consequences of their actions. You can not, seriously, sit there on your high horse and tell me that they weren't exposed to the morals and ethics of our society before now. That blonde bitch was a few days from being 18 when that video was shot, for the love of God! Don't act like she's some innocent child because she's not.

        What about the little girl they stole from? You know, the NINE year old? What about her rights? What about the damage done to her psyche? Fuck these two twats.

    • Anon

      Facebook generation for sure.

  • BigPup

    Kill them with fire!

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      You really want to poison the air with the bile filth that they would create? How bout send them to the sun

    • upy3rz

      Add their parents to the pile….

  • bisketz

    These idiots got busted for dinning and dashing a few days later at a Denny's. The future is fucked.

    • haeddre


      • MattKL

        I'd like to think it is, that satisfies my sense of justice. A little, at least.

    • jared

      I don't considerthem the future.

      • Fxdxr02

        Future prostitutes and meth heads maybe

        • Vent187


    • herpdaderp

      Source or i don't believe you– nobody could be that stupid…and at DENNYS of all places!

      • zoom

        Hey, those Grand Slam breakfasts are almost $4.

        • Underbaker

          Well hey, they had to give that money back to the girl scouts, so like, you know.

      • bisketz
        • iambigd42

          This is our future

          so sad

          • HydrogenBond

            That was a pair of dumb girls. If you judge any generation by a few of the idiots that lived at that time then you would have a seriously distorted view of the world.

      • cookie monster

        here is the article. The Bill for $25.84 at the Denny's

        • Ned_Plimpton

          Says the older one has a 3.54 GPA in college…. She's obviously blowing her professors.

    • Spyder14

      The blonde was also arrested for robbing and kidnapping a guy too.

    • Captain Marvel

      I couldn't watch the whole video, these girls are just horrible human beings.

      • Prick

        exactly. once i heard 2 minutes of it I refused to give any more of my life on this earth to listening to their bullshit…and yet… I am commenting on it……i taste bitter irony……

    • SROTU
    • Drummered

      She's in jail now for VOP

    • Det John McClane

      The word is "dining". Oh, the irony……..

  • Hooka

    There has to someplace we can put these vapid little bitches that will save the rest of us from there vile taint.

    • RW Griswold

      Yes, it's called the morgue.

    • morebeer

      Nobody likes a vile taint….wash that shit

    • DrEvil

      There is … it's called my basement where they'll be putting the lotion on their skin 😉

    • passwordistaco

      It's called Florida and they're already there.

    • Guest


  • HOOK

    WOW,completely numb to it all.What a shame.

  • Screwdriver

    These girls are assholes…..and so I am sure, are their parents.

    • B-ry

      While I don't disagree with you completely, because obviously some lessons of morality and social decency have clearly missed the mark here, the article referenced above in the comments ( did say that "Because the money was not recovered the father of one of the teens paid the money back to the girl's mother."

      • Chicago Sean

        Daddy shouldn't have to come to the rescue.

        • Mike

          I'm glad he repaid the money, let's hope he disowned his skank-bitch-druggie of a daughter after that.

    • mike

      and their inevitable children will be assholes as well

  • Hooka

    Oops. *Their. It is their not there

    • Kontext

      You had it right. Put down the hooka.

    • Kontext

      Oh that "there" ha! Sorry.

    • DSavvy

      "It is their not there" is incorrect.

      It is "their," not there.

      Just since we're fixing posts.

  • Matt

    Sad that that is the mentality of at least some of our youth today!!!

    • Adam

      Yea, there has been a rash of theft from girl scout and boy scouts by 17 and 18 year olds lately. Don't lump a generation of kids in with these fucktards.

    • andrew

      And more than some of our politicians!

  • anguish

    Wow.. They are fucking clueless.. Lock 'em up and throw away the key.

    • Steven B

      lil overkill, but i like you're enthusiasm. lol

    • yeah

      I agree… only one word comes to mind… CUNTS!

    • Anthony

      Fuck that I dont want my hard earned money to give them 3 hots and a cot

    • Scumraft

      Why even waste tax payer money…I'll donate the ammot…Hey Girls do the math on this money Bitches…….45cal round-38 cents/ shot x 2= Two Dead Dumb Bitches!

  • echogeo

    I think these two just volunteered to dig the foundation out by hand, for Taylor's cabin.

    • haeddre

      With their mouths… no shovels…

    • Reeba Francis

      although they'd probably just steal the tools…..

      • Aha

        I think he said, 'by hand'. Brilliant idea.

        • NJF

          God damnit, the tools are already attached to their wrists. SEIZE THEM!

    • MmmmK

      Or maybe we just add them to the foundation. Despicable.

    • BgHaas

      By hand? NO….with their mouths

  • Daniel

    God help us, pray these girls do not reproduce.

    • negative nancy

      These are the kind of girls that accidentally reproduce at-least 5 children from 5 different dads.

      • Seriously

        Kill it before it lays eggs!

      • Giants Fan

        Nah, im sure they are both pros with the coat hanger.

      • Shane

        That's five support checks! FIVE! Make money money make money money money.

    • Shane

      Have no fear, these two are CLEARLY punch card holders at Planned Parenthood. Tenth abortion is free ya know.

  • chris

    this HAS to be florida

    • SolidusSnake420

      Adam Carolla reference? Stupid cunts

    • Meh

      The "Winn Dixie" comment gave it away.

      Oh Florida, you so crazy!

    • Random

      All the "What the fuck" crime stories come from FL.

    • Steven B

      my first guess was cali, but florida makes sense to 🙂

    • passwordistaco

      If you ever watch "World's Dumbest!" there is a disproportionate number of Florida entries no matter if it's criminals, drivers, landscapers

    • BobJob

      Truth!! I knew it was Florida too and the Winn Dixie comment sealed the it. I think the FL heat bakes the people's brains down there and makes them fucking retarded.

      • cannonball967

        Actually, it's a combination of the heat and low quality drinking water (we're like 3 feet above sea level down here!). I've been living in this circus for 15 years now. Two favorite Florida bumper stickers: "If you think we can't drive, you should see us vote!" (seen after 2000 Presidential election), and "Come back to Miami. We weren't shooting at you!"

    • Bryce

      Hopefully somebody eats their faces

    • Senvicious

      I was thinking the exact same thing, hahaha, I'm from FL and this sounds like fl

    • Don Terry

      You are correct sir! This was in Boynton Beach and it happened in 2008. Good job Chive for posting something recent. The blonde girl has been arrested multiple times since this for robbery and drug charges. These girls must make Charlie Sheen proud. Winning!

    • Lisa

      Not Florida……More like Ohio!!

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Has to steal from girl scouts to get money…

    Buys a $5 coffee from Starbucks…. Seems legit.

    And why would they even want to interview about this? Seriously?

    • haeddre

      They probably went there to interview Girl Scout & heard the ignorance… I mean wouldn't you want proof you found something so outrageous. no one would believe they were that way without proof…

    • flatlander

      I thought the same about the $5 starbucks. I hope this is their 15 minutes. Don't need to see them again. Probably happen across them in porn soon tho

    • Nik

      At the very least the trial they do get will be very short when this video is entered as evidence, more than the video of them doing it. The longest part will be them telling the judge the interview was a joke.

  • Common Sense

    They should have to wear a sandwich board that says "I stole from a 9yr girl" every day at their school, church, side of the road, or until they are 30yrs old.

    The girl should be allowed to pick her captial punishment of choice. We we should get to watch on TV instead of american idol

    • I'mjustaying

      I'm pretty sure these girls have never set foot in a church.

      • Guest

        You don't need to step foot into a church to be a good person. We can keep religion out of this one guy

  • Yessirr

    Mind blown. I believe this is a study of opposites. Yesterday's story about Taylor Morris. Today's story about these worthless FUCKS. It seems not all people were created equal.

    • Frédéric Purenne

      Are you kidding me, you really thought everyone was created equal? HAHAHAHAHA!

    • FoolOfATook

      Ted Nugent also proclaimed that we are not all created equally. Obviously there are too few people like Taylor Morris, and too many people like these dumb bitches.

    • JarikCBol

      Is there a signup sheet to kick the shit out of this chick?

  • Enough Said
  • MOAR

    Rot in hell, whores.

    • Samhedi

      C'mon now, whores do honest work.

  • Vytenis Kybartas

    America!!!!!!!! F* YEAAAH

    • @LuNcH_bOx13

      Those plagues on society are not America, so fuck off!

      • Usa retard nation

        Haha, yes it is. This is the result of your completely egocentric and superficial American society. It is the evolution of those who remain sane. Soon all America will be that way from watching American Idol, Bounty Hunter and all those tv programs you Americans love to watch and the rest of the world laugh at.

        • jdie

          well said.

        • Yeah

          You fucking idiot. American Idol was an import from Britain. Fucking numbnuts.

        • j22

          a very hateful way of speaking some truth.

        • @LuNcH_bOx13

          "It is the evolution of those who remain sane" So your saying Americans are the only sane ones. Agreed!

          • Usa retard nation

            I used sarcasm and you didn't get it @Lunchbox.

            I never said American Idol was created in America @Yeah, I said you guys loved that show, you just can't read your own language and desperately try to defend your selfish uneducated country as they all do.

            • @LuNcH_bOx13

              Uh, what I said was also sarcasm, which you obviously didn't get. I also find American Idol ridiculous, I do not watch it. Not only can I read my own language, I can spell it "my own language" and I can type it as you should be able to plainly see since you are reading what I am typing, douchebag. By the way, what selfish uneducated country are you from to be talking so much shit.

              • HOOK

                Don't sweat this shit LB13.On thing is certain though, this Mother Fucker sure digs our culture and what it has to offer.Chive on world!

                • @LuNcH_bOx13


                  • Derp

                    Yeah, he's obviously not a true chiver. A true chiver wouldn't spin this video around and bash an entire country because of what two fucked up girls did. If we all acted like that, everyone would hate everyone.

                    • Usa retard nation

                      That is a typical United Statian *(sarcasm) reaction to comfort yourselves by thinking other countries have less than the United States.

                      The thruth though is that other countries has free healthcare, are more equal between rich and poor, has free or almost free education up to college or university, has a working justice system thus less criminality and cities where you can walk at night without being shot and many more features that only mexicans fail at understanding and still trying to immigrate the United States.

                      There is many countries as example: Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, France, Norway, Netherlands and many more that I forget right now. All those countries offer a better quality of life.

                      Keep comforting each others, you guys are cute

                    • yeah

                      I'm guessing you're just some 16 yr old troll but what the hell….I'll throw you a bite.

                      Since you seem to hate the US so much, stop visiting American websites. Don't send or receive data over American servers and satellites. Stop using American made processors, programs, and operating systems. Stop enjoying American video games, movies, and music. Write your nation's leaders and demand that they give more foreign aid than the US does (good luck). When a natural disaster happens like the earthquake in Japan, or Haiti, or the tsunami several years ago…demand that America stop sending money since your country sends so much more. When a world war breaks out, deal with it yourselves next time. Plant your county's flag on the moon.

                      Lets hear all the wonderful accomplishments from YOUR country… (I'm betting you won't tell us where your from since that will just make it an easy target).

                    • patov40

                      "yeah" for the win. *tosses him the game ball* B)

                    • Anonymous

                      The US actually lags behind many other nations in the amount of foreign aid given, as a percent of the GNI… A whopping 0.2%.

                    • Lunchbox

                      Guess what, you lose, nuff said! KCCO!!

        • mick0311

          Yep, but you'll still call us first when your little shit-hole country needs to be bailed out.

        • Desi

          Right right. 'Cause stuff like this never happens anywhere else. Oh, wait, there's this:

    • Steven B

      Im taking this light heatedly, lol 'Merica! Where chicks rob girl scouts for gas and cigarettes.. some how we can blame Obama for this right? lol

      • Desi

        It's all Bush's fault, right?

  • scottyboy16

    Stealing from a Girl Scout no matter what is a crime. The fact they say it didnt matter to them and they didnt care is just plain stupidity. I hope they get the maximum sentance and the Girl Scout comes and kicks their a$$e$.

    • Brenda

      do you think we should imprison our government for doing the same thing for many many years now ?
      and hasn't the American People kicked the Governments Ass yet ???

  • jomama

    I refuse to believe this is real. In spite of how easily I could verify this story, I'd rather think that this is some kind of youtube hoax rather than admit that I live on the same planet as these people.

    • Alan

      I had the same reaction — could this be an act? I doubt the police and courts would go along.

    • Josh Blevins

      Completely agreed.

    • Static

      its real. but this happened in 2008!! (maybe earlier)

      • Twice

        2008? So these girls should have their porn videos available by now.


        • AFCAJAX

          I wish, they probably only made it to level "street walker" and "crack-head extraordinaire.

        • Rye

          That sir was fucking hilarious!

        • whodatz

          send them to me I'll fix them good

    • NA3
    • elizabert49
      She's from Palm Beach and this is the website that talks about her most recent conviction… I didn't think it was real either, but the video is actually 4 years old.

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