Badass movie/television art by “Maestro” Massimo Carnevale (30 Photos)

This artwork and more at Massimo Carnevale’s site HERE

  • bkfrijoles

    #2 I love that movie!!

  • Anon

    #2 #4 #13 #15 #22

    DO WANT!

  • Adrian

    Where can I get a print of 5, favorite movie of all time

  • Noegod

    These are so Fucking Awesome!!! I was able to name all of them, cause I'm a big movie buff! Except #3 please guys, a little help! I recognize it but it escapes me! HELP! Or it's gonna drive me crazy! Thanks.

    • jojo

      True Romance

  • irate43

    #18 was my favorite, all were great as well

  • Alex

    What's #22 from?

  • rob

    what movie is #9?

    • pudge

      american beauty

  • jon

    Posters now!

  • fred

    #14 rutger haure most underrated badass

  • SmittyRN

    How could you not include the one of BFM in "Lost In Translation"?

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