The Military KCCO’s have returned!

 The Military KCCOs have returned!

After being Sold Out for nearly 3 months, the Military KCCO’s are back for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. There are limited supplies on theCHIVERY so you gotta’ be quick.

You don’t need to be a memeber of our Armed Forces to purchase a shirt this time around but please don’t buy them just to put the fuckers on Ebay, our service men and women don’t deserve that.

Limit 5 per order.

Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Good luck, Godspeed.


  • Anderson Duffett

    Where's Canada's? Chive you said we were next, we are anxiously awaiting!


  • marty

    got lucky and got one along with two others on accident, willing to sell for the same price I paid if anyone is interested. not looking to make any extra money off of them.

    • kyle

      please sell me one. what colors do you have. Im in the army so im trying to the army green one. what size is it?

      • marty

        I have two army sand shirts, one is large and the other is medium.

        • Kevin

          I'll take the sand if you still have it.

          • Kevin

            large that is

            • marty

              yea I still have it, they just shipped today. send me your contact info so I can keep you up to date when they arrive.

  • CJ Pte CF

    Dear Chive,
    You have many fans all over the world and your neighbours up north would like a little love, too. I can pretty much guarantee that if you put out some CF military shirts they would be sold out just as fast as the US ones.

    So, what do ya say? Make us some shirts to so we can proudly display the chive with a Canadian flag on our shoulder…

    Yours truly, a military member from a not-so-far-away land.

  • Kyle

    Hey chive, Im in the army and all I wanna do is be able to rock the kcco shirt under my combat uniform but i keep missing the window of opportunity to buy one. If anybody has any extra army ones and willing to sell to me id really appreciate that. Us military chivers need to have these shirts!

    • Chris

      I have an extra Blue Medium Military KCCO if you want to buy it from me at cost $28 + shipping (let's call it $4).

  • Chris

    Did anyone else's order come with one too few shirts? I am going to contact customer service, but even I am have a hard time buying my story that I ordered two and only received one.

  • Alex Correa

    Hey Chivers, I bought one too many military shirts. I have a white KCCO large shirt if anyone is interested. I'm not trying to make any money off of it. Just want to our service men/women a opportunity to get a shirt.

    • Meredith Parsons

      Hey Chiver, is that tshirt still available? I'd certainly love to take it off your hands. If you're wondering, I'm currently active Navy.

      • Alex Correa

        No problemo, shirt is still available shoot me an DM on facebook. Chive On!

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