• randeh

    Uhh…. Weird

    • quick finish

      1 minute and 46 seconds, well he lasted longer than i would have.

    • Aoi

      I used to do the same shit.but for some reason the girls never answer my calls anymore… i get it now.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    was that whistle while you work?

    • Twerk king

      Also remixed by young yang twings. Whistle while you twerk (aka sexy time)

      • Twerper


    • thedude325

      Kind of sounds like the song they whistle in kill bill.

      • Dotson

        Maybe if you are retarded and have no musical-sense it sounds the same…

        • thedude325

          you mad bro?

  • Swizz Mac

    I also like to sing a song after I get some ass.

    • Art

      Yup. Same here.

  • Matt

    Lmao, wtf?

  • drew

    What a coincidence. I always sing that tune after sex.

  • Mother lover

    One day…I'm going to fuck that bird

    • shamshe

      if you try to fuck that bird im calling animal services. you are way out of line mister.

    • thrannix

      Seems some people don't get the reference. Well played and +1 for you!

      • Underbaker

        I have a vague recollection of an Adam Sandler movie, but can't quite bring it into focus.

      • dre

        Someone is bughurt

  • phil wilson

    with a few billion videos out there this is what you pick for the chive???? Brutal

  • Nick

    That's what I do when I'm done.

  • Eastwood

    you can tune a fish but you can't tuna piano

  • f0urd3gr33s

    1.) It's a cockatiel
    2.) Why am I watching two birds get it on?
    3.) Why am I laughing so much at it?

    • albert

      I'm asking myself the same questions

    • david

      a cockatiel is a parrot, but all other points are valid

      • Hammer

        I thought they were cockatoos, which are different from parrots?

      • f0urd3gr33s

        *checks Wikipedia*

        Well, hot damn. How about that?

    • http://twitter.com/ror @ror

      I was watching thinking "Is this stupid or…" and then I was laughing, and then I was trying to see through tears to stop the damn video so I could control myself.

  • guthrie

    Whistle while you work

    • ColaChiver

      twurk … not work

  • Chris

    Don't you always have Snow White on while getting it on?

  • gromtown

    wait why was this guy recording this

  • Andy

    that was not whistle while you work, it was whistle while you twerk.

  • ColaChiver

    …I felt really weird watching that….

  • jimstarswagg

    Doesn't matter…. Had sex.

    • Tomx569

      She put a bag on my head… Still counts!

  • Turbo Ramen

    That was his version of "I Just Had Sex"

  • CharlottesDada

    "ohhh yes I just got some,
    Ohhh yes I just got some,
    I put it in and I pulled it out,
    And now I sing my song"

  • Pablo

    Those aren't parrots you doorstop.

    • Vorrey

      Yes they are. Cockatiels ARE parrots.

  • ColaChiver

    I also like how he stepped over her to get to the other side of the cage …what a bauwse haha

  • tayler


  • Indiana Chive Fan

    Q: If the dove is the bird of peace, what is the bird of true love?
    A: The swallow.

  • ColaChiver

    If you don't like the video, just move on and quit bitching.

  • boots013

    At first I felt a little creepy watching that… then I couldn't stop laughing.

    I have no choice now but to whistle that next time.

  • Travis

    I'm a licensed ornithologist, and that is NOT a parrot.

    • ColaChiver

      I'm a potato and I knew that…but thanks Steve Irwin.

      • Travis

        You are not a potato. You are a yam.

        • Idius

          Nope, Chuck Testa!

    • Pornithologist

      How the fuck did you decide to become an ornithologist??

      • Travis

        Bitches love birds

    • Craigery

      They're cockatiels, but aren't cockatiels technically part of the parrot family?

      • Frank

        Travis never really paid attention at school.

        They'll give anyone a ornithologist license these days….

    • Frank

      Wow. You either fail at your job, or are lying about being someone that studies them.

      Both are pretty much equally sad, but which is it?

    • Travisisatool

      Hahahahaha, well I'm glad you're doing something so useful with your "license" – it doesn't exactly take a genius to identify what isn't a parrot…

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