Video game logic is hilarious when you stop and think about it (17 Photos)

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  • James

    #1 Obviously these cops are not from my town. In Buffalo if the cop has to make the effort of getting out of the car you are officially acquitted of all charges.

  • Nighteye2

    #3 should be followed directly by #6 :p

  • USlethal

    Love all the war heroes on here talking about how easy running around with the god awful amount of shit we carry is. Then, when someone point out that hey, it's not so damn easy, they are accused of being "not elite" lol. True story: the Navy SEALS,and quickly soon after everyone else, changed their entire PT program after being introduced to the mountains of Afghanistan, and how goddamn tiring it is patrolling with 80-120+ pounds of gear. There is a huge difference between running in next to nothing for 5 miles, and sprinting weighted down. Not to mention how top heavy you are, like a damn teeter totter making any friggin pebble a tripping hazard. I understand that this was meant as a Mario vs MW joke, but some of these comments are straight out of "couch commando" land. But hey, I'm just a combat vet, what the hell do I know. On with the dislikes!

  • Parkview

    #17,#12 made me lol
    It's true
    I hate video games

  • tommytwotime

    hahahaha!!!! #17 is fucking awesome!

  • @BamaDan73

    They could write a book about the Grand Theft Auto series. For one, finding a prostitute boosts your health.

  • Bevity

    On the way to the store you run across a dead body and your only thought is is to collect what he is carrying, money, weapons, useful clothing, etc. Continue on and see a group of teenage thugs up ahead and your first thought is to break out your pipe bomb and give it a toss. On the way past the carnage, pick up their belongings and continue on to the store like nothing happened. Same old, same old.

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  • Jo mama

    #5 wtf
    But woo true

  • Jo mama

    #13 and he is a sharpshooter

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