You are not a photographer (30 Photos)

Nor are you a professional Photoshopper for that matter

  • Picard_

    #22 Soooo…. you got wasted

    • Random Black Guy

      This the best one out of all of them

    • Bubba

      how mom and dad met

    • ScubaSteve

      Parents flashbacks to conception….

    • AllanA

      At this night club you get a free baby with bottle service

    • Guest

      That kid has Goose. Bitches will be all over him.

    • Picard_

      Seems they changed the number. should be showing #21

      Chive on

  • Alex Clarke

    #11 Murderers Eye view

    • Duplicate

      Lol that's the first thing I thought too

    • Brian P.

      I was thinking of Predator.

    • PRLaw

      She lives in Mordor

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        Lived in Mordor. This is the last known photo of her before her corpse turned up near Mt. Doom with teeth marks all over it.

    • sithney

      "is a wolf attacking her?"

    • Joe Mamma

      I think this one was a Minority Report

  • AssClown

    #14 At least she has nice funbags.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      It's astonishing how often that's the case with underage demons

    • NebraskaGuy

      Those eyes distract too much from her boobs!

    • wdh

      wow imagine getting a bj with those eyes staring at you.. scary.. i'd shrivel.

      • Shinystuffrocks

        Beauty is just a light switch away..

    • lolatyou

      Ur mom does too, broseph.

    • mikethemotormouth

      Is it weird that i thought the same about #2 & #7?

  • @HalesAnnaMaria

    Hahhahahaaa WOW! Every one of these pictures gets a "wtf?"
    too funny! #14 Emily Rose much?

    • Stephanie

      I totally thought the same thing.

    • PRLaw

      Such a waste.. There is raw talent there…

  • yup

    This post is not helping my lack of sleep right now

  • Attaxia

    I seriously lol'd at #12

    • Tj Huddleston

      Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty…

  • Chris

    You sir are correct

  • chloe

    #15 Seems like Anne Geddes has met her match…

  • Steven

    Moar # 14!!!!

    • Thom

      You can keep crazy eyes, I can find a hot pair of bewbs elsewhere.

  • etcrr

    #2 the premise is beautiful, the photoshop is messed up

    • CHI_Dave

      Reminds me of the movie Total Recall … I hear it saying "Quaid"

    • Bort


    • Goldfinger


  • Hodor

    Baby photoshoot in a laundry hamper? Seems legit.

    • Hodor


  • Magic Mike

    This kid has no idea he's about to be raped.

    • herro

      This is the Joker just before he gets those scars.

    • Metal_Petals


  • Nat

    The chive should do a "you are not a tattoo artist" post.

  • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

    #18 is that a foot or Sarah Jessica Parker as a baby?

    • @TAndrewarhol

      Anyone make a "Toehead" joke yet?

  • Anjin-San

    #16 fat chicks give the best blowjobs..

    • KFC

      Skin er back

    • ozioziozioioioioioi

      stop smiling at me , i said " it`s not gonna suck itself"

    • Brian P.

      Not all of them…
      *looks down in shame*
      …not all of them.

      • Urethra Franklin

        ITS FOOLS GOLD!!!!

    • Paul

      They do because they have to try harder.

    • TexasTheState

      Work it. It is full of cream.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      But I don't see a fat chick there… did I miss something?

  • G......

    #14 BOOBS

    • Steven B

      captain obvious strikes again

  • Tim

    #16 and that's when he knew he would have to make his penis look like a eclaire before she would ever put it in her mouth

  • dashete

    There's something insanely macabre about #26

    • ...

      Looks like a still from a Lynch movie

    • iChive

      +1 word point.

  • The Guy

    #16 This last one better be a good one!!!

  • Ehhhh

    #4 looks like Charlie from Lost.

    • Exellent Question

      What do you think it said on his head?

  • John Kenny

    #14…"We know all your secrets…"

  • TonyM

    #11 is about to be attacked by the Blair Witch.

    #18 Poor Toehead had horrible time at school.

  • BOoRadley

    #17 Hurry up Mcfly there all disappearing!

    • mrjimmyos

      Haha, brilliant

    • Josh

      I loved that game for NES

  • MBChiver

    #10 – Deadliest Catch: Newborn Edition

    • Matt

      Catch? Or one last bag for the trash before the truck comes?

  • stoiker

    #29 Does he suck or does he blow? I can't just decide yet…

    • Turrebo

      Blowjob: you're doing it wrong.

    • Underbaker

      I thought he had just saved his gum there and was getting it back.

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