Awesome reclaimed wood art by Parvez Taj (70 photos)

Parvez Taj is an LA based artist and a friend of theCHIVE who has made a name for himself with his funky mixed media art. He uses photographs, water-based paints, and ultraviolet inks to create a cool mix of traditional landscapes with a pop-twist - on reclaimed wood from abandoned barns. He's having a sale on Gilt right now where everything is available for purchase at really good prices. Click HERE to check out his sale that ends Monday, June 11th at noon ET!
Editor's note: this is not a paid advertisement, this is just cool art that's actually affordable.

Visit Parvez Taj’s sale on Gilt HERE

  • Dabbadabba

    Effin first?

    • Blake

      First to dislike your comment

      • Dabbadabba

        How about this, then… those are lovely works of art and they would look good hanging over your face.

        • Yoga Pants 2012

          Your first comment was less retarded….

          • Jeff

            I didnt know many fuckin' 4 year olds got on theChive… KCCO little babies!

  • Hibb83

    those paintings wont look as good in my one bedroom flat

  • weewok


  • Stephen Gondek

    Some of it's really nice and I'd love to buy some, but I'm broke : (

    • jordan

      Might be a good time to learn about extra income

  • pieter

    Non off it is real?

    • kryvian

      finally someone in here is sane.

      • ART

        And you're an idiot

    • assie

      You're an idiot

      • kryvian

        I agreed with his opinion, not with his grammatical talents.


      • truth

        Just because you may not have thought about it; English may not be his primary language. TheChive doesn't have borders nor limited to only English-speaking viewers.

  • Ramon Marquez

    Wow !!! this are awesome and easy art for my house…

  • Sam Maline

    I put my phone on LeBron mode….no ring

  • Botaer

    Trees are awesome

  • NDChiver

    One day I hope to replace the movie posters with art like this. While Blow and Dazed and Confused are great movies, posters on the wall don't scream out class.

    • Class is Overrated

      Frame them, you get an extension

      • I don't know

        Especially if they are high quality images printed on thick stock with out all the promotional lettering on them. There is a lot of movie art used in promo posters that is actually very cool, it's all the actors names and studio bs that make it not look "classy".

        For example

        • Eternal Ruler

          With the exception of Pulp Fiction of course 😉

  • SC chiver

    #5 #11 #13 I like

  • kelpjuice


    • LucieMac89


  • LongIsland

    I bought the aluminum manhattan subway on Gilt yesterday. Great Chivers think alike…

    • Guest

      What did they run you? I don't want to set up an account just to see that they're more then I want to pay.

  • *dash*

    some of these are actually pretty cool, I like #5 and #27 the best

  • kryvian

    1st off, the "room show" is digital 3D model put in a real room. 2nd, all of it is weak and/or low quality hipster crap. Behold as I am for the first time bragging about it, but I'm in fucking art college, this is all crap. Feel free to downvote, but you all know it's fucking true.

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Yeah, fucking fuck.

    • J.P.

      "I'm in art college. . ."

      Yeah. Right.

      • kryvian

        National university of art in Bucharest, Graphic section, year 3.
        derp derp derp


      When you brag about going to "art school" what more can be said?

      • kryvian

        I guarantee not a single thing I said is false. I am in fact in art college, but of course you don't need to believe any of that, so don't take that into account. look at he stuff, it's mostly cheap PS.

        • Andyrew711

          how about you just appreciate that a guy is trying to make other people happy with his art, the field you claim to study, and love, instead of acting like an ass.

          • kryvian

            >post on thechive of mediocre art. "AWESOME ART".
            I do not consider my art golden, or close to.
            chive has posted good art many many times in the past.
            then this gets posted. I'm sorry. I cannot stand by this. it is shit.
            The link to auction makes it look more like an ad than anything else.

            • Bill

              im glad youre learning to finger paint, but the appreciation of a work of art is subjective. no form of art is right or wrong. you dont need to bash someone else's work just because you dont like it.

              • jerseyguy

                and this is what happens when schools cut art education to fund the football team.

                or were you also going to say that all football teams are equal and we should not compare them by keeping score?

                • I don't know

                  Wtf are you talking about? I wasn't aware that there are wins and losses in art.

                  While I don't think any of this art is ground breaking or all that amazing (I do like the reclaimed wood aspect I guess) it still has value as long as there are some who appreciate it. art is like music it's completely subjective. just because I hate country doesn't some how invalidate it's existence to all those who love it.

                  While there are very defined tangeble parameters of what makes a football team good (ie its record, it's stats, how they perform against other high ranked teams etc.) there are no parameters of what makes good art.

                  And no, popularity/price at this moment mean very little since Van Gogh could barely give away his art during his life and now many of his pieces are considered iconic and priceless.

                  TL:DR version, get a better analogy genious.

                  • justcallmepep

                    Sorry but you are speaking nonsense. Basically you're saying "art cant be measured and football teams can." Speaking in extremes if some people like shitty art it doesn't make it good art. Just like when people are fans of shitty football teams. The fact that they think their favorite team is the best doesn't fix there record to the people that are better versed in the sport.

                    Art is wonderful because everyone can enjoy it. but there are parameters in which great art is held. things like composition, contract, mood, technique, perspective (which many of the renderings above are out of) and so on.

                    not everyone is an artist but is you educate yourself on these terms it might help you achieve an even higher appreciation for art.

                    That being said Kryvian is an art student and he'll learn like many art students before him, that mentioning that in an argument just makes you sound like an asshole. But he has a point.

                    plus this reply was typed on salvaged wood so your argument is invalid. 🙂

              • kryvian

                I'm glad we're throwing insults already (basically as soon as I individualized a little from the mass of anonymous, great troll skills right there mate), and tbh I'm not bashing him as much as this "buy this dude's stuff" post on the chive.

                did I also mention his previews are 3D models slapped over stock pictures?
                his "wood art" is digital (cheap mainstream soulless) art slapped on 3D boxes, rendered over pre-existing images.

                if you're gonna reply, at least come with counter arguments.

                • Logan

                  I would have appreciated your opinion if you had simply said you didn't like it and given an actual critique. Calling something crap and saying that you know because you are in college makes you sound like a douche.

                • Jeff

                  You're stupid and nobody cares about what you're saying.

                  • kryvian

                    I'm so hurt! I'ma go cry in my emo corner now because your reply was that good.


                    • adam

                      You are still in college…so anything you say about someone else's art is invalid. Until you graduate from pastel art and finger painting, you have no say so. Art is art, but I don't see you putting up anything that you have done.

                    • kryvian

                      maybe if I was in 1st year. but I'm last year. I know my shit. crap insults yet again and no counter arguments. wannabe trolls.

                    • Nunya

                      You got exactly what you wanted. Don't try to tell us we are trolling you now. To bad your art will never get you as much attention as being an internet troll.

                    • kryvian

                      Not seeing any counter arguments

                    • Nunya

                      You had an opinion. Other people had a different opinion. there's no argument.

                    • kryvian

                      when you have ppl with different opinions, all you have is arguments that support one or the other opinion.

                      My opinion is that it is cheap photo manipulation slapped on a 3D box, and that put over a pre-existing image.

                      tho it's not that I actually have a problem with that, we all are nubs at something once.

                      this, be it paid or unpaid ad on theChive, and calling it "awesome reclaimed wood art", when there's so many more good shit out there is what got me to make a post.

                      And here we are, arguing with one another because I think it's crap and have arguments to prove it.

                    • Nunya

                      Actually, here's my counter argument. People hate hipsters because they are pretentious. They think their tastes are far mor refined than the masses and they believe they are the perfect people to determine what is worthy and what is not. When you're an established artist, not some kid in school, people will respect your opinion, even if you are inflammatory in it's delivery. But until then, you're a hipster d-bag in art school.

                    • kryvian

                      trust me when I say I am anything but a hipster. your argument is about me, not about this post on theChive or the artwork.

                    • Nunya

                      Um, exactly. Not sure why you would think I'm getting at anything else. You've presented your opinion, then tried to convince anyone who's opinion is to the contrary that they are wrong. And you think that you can do that because you have 3 years experience in an art school. Do you know the meaning of pretentious and how it makes you look like the hipsters you condemned? You asked for it because half of your argument was anyone who disagrees is a lier. Maybe if you want to have a discussion about what is art and what is not you should work on presenting your argument.

                    • adam

                      3 years of art school he is a professional…yet he is in school…i have had over 15 years of photoshop experience with no college, does it give me a right to talk down on someone else's art…no but gives me more of a right to talk shit about this kryvian guy

  • guthrie

    Love #15 and #67… Such talent

  • rst

    awesome…you keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    • You_have_downs

      You like to suck the fun out of things, don't you?

  • B. Lightyear

    Pretty cool stuff. An interesting late Sunday post, Chive. Cheers.

  • Dan Good


  • esteban

    maybe if they made the effort to actually showcase real art instead of digital copies of what could he made in a real room instead of a model of a room you could put it in then i would be impressed. ps, not a paid advertisement? longest post on the chive in a very long while… juat sayin….

    • LOL

      Yeah, It seems it's good to be friends with the people at The Chive, MASSIVE publicity.

  • MattyDeuce

    I'm sure this is totally unsolicited as well…

  • Eric

    #48 I want that bed… screw the artwork

    • I don't know

      Apparently that bed doesn't exist, it's a digital model. Good luck sleeping on 1s and 0s my friend.

  • Amina

    none of that is very interesting or anything special… it all looks like homesense prints on wood….

  • meeee


    • Jeff

      Not even a little bit…

  • Simon

    Andy Warhol called, he wants his ideas back. Nice try though…… "A" for effort

    • Boner

      Warhol is overrated

  • John

    I didn't like any of them, but I could see how some people would. Just not my style, but I wouldn't say they are bad.

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