Youtube comments make the video 10x more hilarious (23 Photos)


    #17 Awesome song form an awesome band.

    • Disturbed 1

      Your opinion is your own, but I do disagree. What pains me is that they're all I hear on the radio, and they're not too original… Many many other better bands in their genre.

      • Bill Murray

        THANK YOU! they just sound like generic, top 40 pop-rock……

    • chiver

      I think the band makes the song

  • Smelly

    Why does my cat fart on me then walk away like I did? What an asshole

    • Casino

      Thank you for making my day! That's pretty funny, right there!

    • naa

      that is a cat for ya!

  • whyme1973

    #23 No shit…how the hell did he notice that?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      What's crazier, is that it's fucking true!

    • B Dub

      You're right, how would anyone pick up on that! Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. Wait a minute…..I've been on theChive like 6 times today. Never mind.

      • whyme1973

        Wait…you log off theChive? What's that like? 🙂

        • WelfareDept

          Just lol … That is all.

    • gbody

      The only video on here I was familiar with, a British comedy panel show called Would I Lie to You?

      • shitfaced

        Cool story bro.

  • KO617

    #18 killed me

    • mondays rite?

      Are you aquaman?

      • Bruce Wayne

        Ahh, a message from the other side… and to think I was about to return that Ouija board back to Toy's R Us.

  • Steve

    Wonder how many of thoes comments are Chivers

    • Chim Richels


      Because if it was Chivers, there would be some bullshit about Bill Murray.

      • Jawbone

        Chivers can only type "MOAR" and "Find her!", or "DAR me?!?"

        • mickey

          …or "gimme a t-shirt cause I exposed my tush"…

      • 4980

        i think you mean "none. because if it were chivers, they wouldn't be funny".

    • thedude325

      If none of them were, they are now.

  • winfields

    #2 hilarious!

    • 4980

      the answer, since they're wearing ugg boots, is "all of them".

  • @jrkuy

    #5 Find Her.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      uhhhh, Jackie Guerrido maybe?

      • @jrkuy

        Yea, I should have put the winky face on there or something to better convey the sarcasm…

        • Whoopi_G

          Sarcasm huh? Whatever you say champ.

          • @jrkuy

            Is this the part where I get in an internet fight over whether or not I'm an idiot? 😉

            (Please make note of the above winky face)

            • Unfkngblvbl

              nope, you saved it with the winky face

      • st33

        lmao. one can hope he was using sarcasm.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #13 LOL

  • dickywicked


  • bill

    funny comments …unlike the repetative comments on the chive.

    • Chim Richels

      Cmon, there are no repetitive comments on The Chive.

      Now, please, keep calm and chive on. Just a bit moar. And do so while mentioning BIll Murray.

      • ...

        Repetitive comments are repetitive

    • BTI


      • Tim Stmartin

        See… Not repetitive at all. This was the only time "first!" was even slightly funny.

    • @feelingsofwhite

      funny comments …unlike the repetative comments on the chive

    • Aussie aussie aussie

      true story!

  • D-Worth

    Everybody went to Youtube to checkout #16

    • st33

      And now to find out what smosh is all about…

      • st33

        That didn't take long. Goodbye smosh.

    • Liam Neeson


    • Karl

      Truth. Now I want that shirt.

    • Caleb

      And is now riddled with KCCO comments, lol.

      • Chiver

        i, know right? they're like herpes sores……

    • Master_Rahl

      Totally did, and am listening to the 3rd different version of the blasted song. Lost in youtube hell.

  • Kodos

    Generic, reflexive Palin jokes are boring…

    • Chim Richels

      Agreed. Especially when she's a MENSA member when compared to the ACTUAL sitting Vice President.

      • Travis

        Go watch the debate they had on foreign affairs and you'll rethink your statement and the significance of being a member of MENSA.

        • lols

          just watch the debate. joe crushed her. it was such a horrible defeat, alaska (the state not the people) asked her not to come back.

      • jbb

        Palin is a twat.

        But hat slinky video is epic!!

    • P90

      Dosen't make them any less true.

  • Aaron

    #15 had me dying. I had never seen this….now my life has meaning!

    • Platypay

      This video found me on the weekend, I was watching a tenacious d concert……

    • Dr_Batman

      It's like the video from the Ring. You can't not watch it. But instead of killing you, it just makes you watch it over and over again.

  • Mo'Phat

    #1 is Flock – A manager at the Carvin Guitars store in San Diego. Great guy, great guitar player. Poor shirt choice.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      and poor haircut

      • Mo'Phat

        It suits him and his side job as frontman of Jason Lee and the RIP Tides.

      • Jenny

        What d'you expect from a guy named Flock?

    • Jesse

      I knew I recognized him from somewhere! Shoot, I haven't been down to the Carvin factory in years!

    • 769MPH

      Agreed. He used to go by the name Flock. I definitely laughed out loud when I saw this. Good guy, poor shirt choice.

    • lols

      cascade of poor choices

  • PhotoPhreak

    #6 Glad I'm not on the receiving end of that beej…

    • Guse

      You realize that the "blow" part is figurative, right?

      • PhotoPhreak

        I do; but have you heard of the term "equal and opposite reaction?" Now think of that while looking at photo. 'Nuff said, amirite?

    • Kodos

      doesn't matter…

  • Dbswv

    #23 there are people who do nothing with thier lives……

  • SadeShadz

    #10 Hahaha xD

  • Definitely

    #19 is brilliant.

    • d1sturbed91

      *Looks at my name, then back at this post*
      Yup, Rock on!

  • jonny chimpo

    #12 I thought I was the only one that hated that cunt

    • Daniel Tosh

      singers are getting famous because the way they act not because of their music.

      • lols

        you mad, bros?

  • iXOredheds

    I don't get #22

    • Name

      Guessing you aren't Asian…

    • jared

      took me a little bit but kinda funny…

      1980 is not less than 3

      • iXOredheds

        ohhhhhhhhh, thanks.

  • Ron Burgundy?

    Spot on! This movie was f'ing horrendous. I will always hate you American Airlines for subjecting me to it. #21

    • Daniel Tosh

      this movie did no justice for how awesone the cartoon is.

      • ewdeziel

        So true. The show was amazing, but I've shit better movies than that abomination

        • ATouchofInsanity

          I guess only M. Night Shamalyan could screw up a movie that was practically written FOR him…That's time I'll never get back and I am most certainly not going to buy it or see the second movie they're making from the Chapter 2: Earth season. I do not wanna see how he screws up Toph…

          • Heh

            Don't worry, I'm sure there are already plenty of sites on the internets where you can see Toph getting screwed…

  • Sillybasturd

    Or ever made it beyond the third grade

  • Pissed

    I had to reload this post several times, using up data, because of the damn mobile ads hijacking the page! Chive you lost a mobile Chiver today.

    • antoine

      Get an android device ; )

    • thedude325

      Or a computer.

  • CentralFloriDuh

    The Slinky Video Is Worth Viewing… That Slinky Has Better Recovery Skills Then I Do When I'm 12 Beers In

    • Heh


      • Chiver


  • Jon

    #5 immediately went on youtube to see for myself lol

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