Anybody for hamburger cupcakes? (12 Photos)

Found via Imgur

  • COCHESE kramer

    #12 WOW

    • SC Chiver

      Where's the bacon?

  • Curtis Vineyard

    Looks delicious..could have fooled me for a bit.

  • Token Black Chiver

    They are missing BACON!

  • Picard_

    Gay bacon strips would finish these nicely.

    • tapsnapornap

      I've never come across gay bacon, not that there's anything wrong with that

      • Picard_

        Candy BBQ – Epic Meal Time – Youtube

      • Jinkies

        I believe it's called Gaycon.

        • tapsnapornap

          Is that anything like comicon…but gayer…? Ps I get that gaycon was supposed to rhyme with bacon.

      • Josh

        gay bacon strips
        gay bacon strips
        gay bacon strips
        gay bacon strips

    • DeAnna Michelle Weppler

      more like candied bacon would finish these off nicely. yum.

  • whyme1973

    That is pretty damn cool.

  • BigRED

    OK, well… since I can no longer eat red meat, I CAN eat this and KKCO!

    • usmc_chiver

      good thing kalm is spelled with a K

    • Dmac

      The irony here is, big RED can no longer eat red meat. Anybody??

  • sauce boss

    Need to make 100 of em throw some bacon and some jack dangiels on it. Serve it up epic meal time style!

    • tapsnapornap

      I am now calling JD "Jack Dangiels", lmao. I know it was a typo but I found it awesome.

      • luke

        wasnt a typo its how sauce boss says it. its pretty funny

        • Ken

          I thought he said Dack Jagniels.

  • thatguy

    Or I could eat a burger right!

  • COCHESE kramer

    And first!

    • Coob19

      Not even close

      • COCHESE kramer

        Haha, you silly boys are so easy.

  • Shant1k

    looks like something our MarthaJeane would make

    • MarthaJeane

      They're cool and all, but I go for the better tasting stuff than anything from a jar.

      • Paula_

        Did you make me that special order for Mac yet?
        You know, with tons of industrial strength powdered laxative?

        – Fan testimonial: "As much as I have tried to dislike you, you are really starting to grow on me. Almost a sic addiction."

    • LucretiusCarus

      Gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you on that one. Martha wouldn't use boxed cupcake batter or frosting from a can or tube. These sort of look cute but probably taste mediocre, at best. Having actually had Martha's cupcakes I'm pretty confident they'd taste far superior.

      • Paula_

        Awwwww. I too want to taste Martha

        's cupcakes ❤

        – Fan testimonial: "You are incredibly weird. I don't understand you. I assume you don't understand you. – LoyalLAChiver"

    • insanely great

      it's a cute idea but they look like they would be tasteless and very bad for you -doubt there are any natural ingredients in them. I have checked out Martha's website and hers look top class, unfortunately I'd have to far to travel to go try one.

      • MarthaJeane

        Aw! Thanks! One of these days I'm going to figure out how to ship them without it costing twice as much as the cupcakes themselves.

        • Paula_

          Easy! Ship the ingredients as a 'compile and bake it your damned self' kit! Water not included.
          Oh Paula is so helpful, yet so unappreciated…

          – if you ship them to me, are they still good enough to eat when they arrive after a few days? 🙂

  • Jezdezpez



      Don't talk about yourself like that.

  • Dazed

    Must be in Mercia

    • Doug B.

      Oh because you are perfect?… please go on

      • Dazed

        Nope. Still must be in Merica.

    • F.Off

      Mercia? Sounds interesting. Where can we find this 'Mercia'?

      • Hucks

        I live in Mercia. It's the midlands of England. I don't eat those though. Care for a spot of tea, my dear fellow?

  • twd22285

    these are cool…when your 6 years old

    • FatAlbert

      or 16, 26, 36, 46, ect.

  • Sara Jean Underwood

    Mother of God

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Exactly what I say when I see a pic of SJU

  • Anon

    Pinterest is leaking again

    • Dick Salad

      Riveting story bro, do tell again…

      • Anon

        Enjoy your "salad", Dick.

  • Bryan

    to much icing..just eat a burger. probably better for you.

  • Brian

    I am sorry, I thought this was the Chive. Did not know I was browsing the Berry.

    • tapsnapornap

      I think they're going to amalgamate Throttle and Berry over here, not enough hits on the separate sites.

      • tv_paul

        You've never played that game "7 degrees of gay bacon" before?

  • SadeShadz

    #12 Nom!!

  • Doug B.

    You must be one of those meat heads that think the Chive is for boobs only..

    There are people here with more interest than beating their meat sir.

    • astro turf

      like eating hamburger shaped cupcakes while beating their meat


    Tasty fakes are the best!

  • PubicJones

    Another worthless post by the Chive. Who wants hamburger cupcakes? Nobody. That's who. Is this the Berry now?

    • Baldie

      Another idiot comment by the Pubic Hair. What's the problem? Couldn't find a dog to fuck so you dropped by to grace us all with your moronic presence? Here's an idea, you inbred ass: go fuck yourself.

      • PubicJones

        Pubic Hair. That's clever. I'm glad you're thinking about me. I can't fuck myself. I have to save all my energy for your sister. She only lets me do anal. I told I can still get her pregnant if I get it deep enough. What a whore.

      • 94837

        baldie, you don't like his comment? follow chive logic: if you don't like what you see, shut up and move on. tool.

        • PubicJones

          I agree.

  • Birdman

    Way to combine my two favorite fat kid foods mmmmm

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr and commented:

    • Heh

      Cool story bro

      • hallucinatingmartyr

        Thank you bro 🙂

  • COCHESE kramer

    Still first!

  • Milo Bloom

    I can already envision my "nailed it" version of these. But I'm gonna try!

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