Have you ever had that impulse to tightrope walk over Niagra Falls? Yeah, me neither (23 Photos)

  • COCHESE kramer

    #16 holy shit!!!!

    • Bill Boner

      He must get so many pussies.

      • 9847

        you must get so few, with comments like that…..

  • Dave

    Oops, I crapped myself!

  • Mikeg01sf

    Ummm. Yah. I just peed a little

  • Cat Hammer

    Its too bad they made him wear that stupid ass harness! Whats wrong with the world today?!

    • Luke

      Well… Jersey Shore is certainly towards the top of the list.

    • Koont

      Where's his helmet?

      • stingray2309

        its like a sky diver wearing a helmet. does it really matter?

  • Trailer Ray

    Now do it without the harness…

    • Alex

      He wanted to do it without the harness. NBC forced him to use it. He was pissed.

      • Trailer Ray

        Thats awesome

      • http://www.facebook.com/joshuarthorne Josh Thorne

        ABC. They said they wouldn't sponsor or televise it if he didn't wear the harness. He would have lost money if ABC didn't step in. Met the guy at a bar beforehand. No, he wasn't drinking. Just playing pool.

    • Static

      i watched this – and I laughed the entire time. The announcers were just trying to find stuff to say… so bad.
      you want to hear about a badass tightrope walker… this guy is it: "Professionally known as “The Great Blondin”, Gravelet was the first of many tightrope walkers to appear at Niagara Falls. He was a professional artist and showman trained in the great tradition of the European circus. At age 31 he came to America and made the announcement that he would cross the gorge of the Niagara River on a tightrope.

      On June 30, 1859 the rope was in position and at five o’clock in the afternoon, Blondin started the trip that was to make history.

      Watchers saw him lower a rope from the tightrope to the Maid of the Mist, pull up a bottle and sit down while he refreshed himself. He began his ascent toward the Canadian shore, paused, steadied the balancing pole and suddenly executed a back somersault.

      Never content merely to repeat his last performance, Blondin crossed his rope on a bicycle, walked blindfolded, pushed a wheelbarrow, cooked an omelet in the centre and made the trip with his hands and feet manacled."


    • MikeH

      He DIDN'T have to us the harness


    I hope he had his passport.

    • Giggity

      He did! He busted it out when he got off the wire.

  • Gheene10

    The guy had a safety harness on so I definitely wouldn't call him a daredevil.
    Phil Dunphy did it better when he walked the wire on modern family and he didn't wear a harness!

    • chappy

      they forced him to wear one… he didn't want to.

      • Gheene10

        If he really wanted to go without a harness he could have…. Saying they made him is just an excuse

        • tom

          The network made him wear the harness. I would like to see u try it dumbass

        • dub

          NBC actually did make him. Either that or they would have cancelled the event and his tightrope walk would have been illegal.

          • Gheene10

            Ohhhh so sorry, I forgot that being a daredevil meant you follow the rules. Where's evel knievel when you need him!

            • dub

              A lot of idiots have done a lot of crazier things. But there were no cameras, there was no schedule, there was minimal set-up, and chances of shit going haywire were extremely high. Without publicity, a stuntman is just an idiot. I assume this guy didn't want to just be an idiot. And also wanted to get paid.

              • Whatever

                Idiots? when you do something for yourself or just to prove a point you're an idiot? and when you do it for money you're what? (no need to answer)
                Philippe Petit and Alain Robert are just idiots? Huge Brass balls come to mind…

    • Tightrope this!

      ^Says the idiot safely on the ground. . .

      • You suck!

        ^says the tough guy on his computre

  • Adriana

    Ummmmmm….yeah, I dont think so

  • Fantastic

    He has a safety harness thing… What an amateur!

    • namestim

      ABC wouldn't televise the event unless he wore it. Lawyers have ruined the dare-devils now…

    • tom

      Lets see u do it u wouldn't make two feet

    • 9847

      agreed. what a pussy.

  • drbman

    #23 GREAT! now what?

    • MikeH

      Grand Canyon. I'm sure he makes money from these channels picking up the live-broadcasts. Apparently there were record breaking viewers for this event

  • KLJ

    He didn't want to wear the harness, but sponsors wouldn't pay if he didn't and ABC didn't want someone dying on live television. If he wanted to do it at all, he had to wear it. His grandfather actually died tight rope walking also.

    • chiver

      hows the kool-aid taste?

      • http://twitter.com/timchipp @timchipp

        As a member of the media who actually covered the walk and the six months of buildup leading to it, I can tell you without a doubt what KLJ said is 100 percent correct, no kool-aid involved.

    • DFS

      So they will show some dude getting rocked in Iran by a car bomb, or a guy begging for his life in front of the taliban. But OH MY GOD dont show the freak on a rope who chose his fate.

      No dig against the guy but ABC needs to get a grip

      • Shay

        It was to be a family event. Showing war violence is intended for an adult audience and ABC warns of graphic images. Having families sitting around a tv to watch a man's dream come true should never warrant a possible "graphic" warning.

  • MoreOfAManThanYou

    They wouldnt let him do it without the harness. He almost didn't do it because it was almost an insult to him.

    He clearly didn't need it.

  • Green

    #23 Smell them pits baby!

  • a-nom

    Is that Jim Meskimen?? hahaha

  • Ned_Plimpton

    No disrespect to Mr. Wallenda, but if you want to watch a REALLY inspiring tight rope walker story, watch 'Man on Wire'. Much better story. Much more terrifying feat.

    • mbns

      I always wonder why after someone does something that clearly more than 99% of the population could never do, there's always those who feel the need to tear down their accomplishments. Clearly this guy trained hard for years and accomplished a difficult feat. Who cares what anyone else has done, it doesn't take away from him.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        I hear ya… This just happens to be one of my favorite documentaries and I feel everyone should watch it so I shared.

        Don't get me wrong. The Niagara walk is a tremendous feat. That's why I said, "no dispect'. Lighten up, dude.

        • Fuang

          No disrespect, but "No disrespect" is something people say before saying something slightly disrespectful.

          • Ned_Plimpton

            Same goes for "having said that".

            I think you're a good person. Having said that, you need to shower more often.

    • BoomgoestheTNT

      I'm not too sure about that.

      Between the WTC buildings was only 200 feet, Wallenda's walk was 8 times that distance.
      The elevation is the same between the two walks.
      There is much more wind coming over Niagara falls than at the top of where the WTC buildings were.

      Oh, and the cable Wallenda was walking on was wet. If you've never been to Niagara falls, the mist coming up from the falls is so dense that you can't even see 20 feet in front of you, its freezing cold water beating against you, and there's no clean footing.

      What Wallenda did is pretty damn impressive.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        The WTC guy (Phillipe Petit) didn't use a harness. He ILLEGALLY SNUCK with another team of people to the top of both towers, shot an arrow from one end to another with a rope attached, then fed the 300lb cable to the other end.

        Oh yeah, he walked across 8 TIMES, juggled bottles and even laid on his back on the cable…. ALL WITH NO HARNESS. Then he got arrested.

        WTC guy wins.

        • BoomgoestheTNT

          Hmm, he was juggling on the cable, that would be cool to see. I've never seen the whole documentary, only snippets, I guess I may have to check it out.

          The wind and water from the falls is what wows me with Wallenda's walk though. I've been out under them on the Maid of the Mist and above them on both sides and there's a tremendous amount of wind and water going everywhere, it's amazing he didn't slip when he kneeled at the bottom of the cable in the middle of the falls.

  • boobman

    Hope he had his passport!

    • BOB

      He did at the end they asked for it!

  • https://www.facebook.com/jwallenda Jim Wallenda Jr.

    Nik has done plenty of walks without using a harness. He would not have been able to do this walk without the sponsorship of ABC and ABC wouldnt let him do it without a harness. Kudos to him for doing it regardless. That "talent" skipped my side of the family. Lol.

    • Red

      ABC is a bunch of crybaby pussies.

  • Hate

    Pffff he was tethered the whole time

    • Harness boy

      I completely agree… What a sell out wearing a lame ass harness. It cuts the stunt in half, because he knows if he falls he is fine, embarrassed maybe but physically fine. It was more dangerous in the parking lot where he had his practice rig set up, without a harness!!

      Yea the guy who walked between the trade towers was bad ass, he had NO harness and was 10x higher with way more wind, and a smaller tightrope cable to walk on.

    • emiliedu

      Ya…but a harness doesn't save you from falling off the wire does it? It saves you from plummeting to your death. Pretty amazing I'd say..

  • Steve

    #23 i feel a new meme has been born

  • Skedaddle

    Next time: slack line.

  • msee

    it was like a really slow zipline

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.white.92560 John White


  • Eli

    I was there. Shit was amazing

  • dave

    we were all set to cheer for the wind on friday, but that harness they made him wear was a real buzz kill.

  • insanely great

    ..one simply does not walk across niagara falls..

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