Taylor Morris eats a brownie (Video)

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I just got off the phone with Danielle, Taylor’s girlfriend. She updated me on Taylor’s rehab, he’s progressing faster than anybody hoped. Taylor is already using his right hand prosthetic, he can even sign his name. Taylor was fitted for his left hand yesterday and doctors took a casting of his left leg. His legs will be a process, lots of balance training and choosing the perfect prosthetic model; I’ll keep you updated on his progress there. Updates can also be found on TaylorMorris.org

Now for the Chive support. Danielle told me that Chivers have come out of the woodwork at the hospital, soldiers walk in and flash the KCCO’s under their uniforms. Thousands of emails and letters have poured in from Chivers around the country. Taylor reads every single one, and tries to respond to nearly every single email. The Morris family has thrived on the Chivers’ support. Danielle told me,

“Thank the Chivers for all of this, it’s more than we could have ever expected. It’s hard to believe a community like this even exists. But it does.”

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