• Twisted

    "I'm gonna shove this red hot poker up my ass right after I finish chopping my dick off!"
    "Hand me that piano!"
    "Comb the desert!" = "We ain't found shit!"
    "If you spend the day shitting up your back, toilet paper is the least of your worries."- me
    "Why is it illegal to sell something, that is perfectly legal to give away in the first place?"
    "Moo cow, fuck milk!"

  • D. Linquent

    "MERRY CHRISTMAS! Shitter was Full!"

  • Geoff

    How is this missing Danny Glover's "It's just been revoked!"

  • Lower

    See you at the party Richter.

  • Dazed

    What's that movie at 1:28 and 4:08 called again? Epic movie with all acdc soundtrack

    • Sad Keanu

      Maximum Overdrive

  • Sam

    Nice moves Phil, very pro and positive! I’m happy for you hanivg lived this experience.I’m just starting my photography career, so its nice to imagine that somewhere on the path something similar awaits me Thank you for sharing this positive moment.

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