• weelee

    whoa! 1st??!

    • Merica..

      Friend might die…better pull out my camera and let him know he's about to die.

  • Kaj

    Can anyone say, How did he get to this point?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      "How did he get to this point?"

    • etcrr's goat

      how did he get to this point?

      • Keith

        Good question. Maybe trying to pass under the train while it was pulling out, but it accelerated faster than anticipated?

        Or he lay on the tracks as the train was approaching and let it pass over him.

    • guest

      as the train is slowing down he prob lay on the track and let the train roll over him… driver clearly put the breaks on but as these trains are huge and take miles to stop he was stuck there until as seen it slows enough for him to jump… he is just very very luck those trucks didn't have the wheel chains hanging down in-between carriages and he would of been killed and dragged along lol i wish it ended like that hah

      • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.hobbs.148 Tyler Hobbs

        The train didn't have the brakes on. If he went to full brakes like he should have they would lock up and you would hear it. Not to mention most trains have the snow/cow scoop at the front of the engine which sits lower than the rest of the train. The fact that he made it under that to get here and then made it out is amazing.

        • Phil

          If there were no breaks, why was the train slowing down?

          • Derek

            Because it wasn't? Having lived close to a railyard most of my life I can tell you that when a train starts slowing down, you will definitely hear it. Couplers smashing together isn't exactly a quiet thing.

      • Keith

        Any loose chains or air hoses would get knocked off at road crossing if they'd been left hanging down. I suppose it could happen, but it would be an oversight that would probably damage the rail car.

  • wtf

    how does that even happen?

    • Guest

      Only in Canada eh! Step oot! Step oot!
      Canada rules

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.newton.37 Douglas Newton


    • shitman

      wow that is the stupidest fuckin thing in the world what if sumthing was laying underneath one of the cars like a piece of metal and it went into him…


      Agreed i was just about to post the same thing FUCK THAT SHIT

  • yup

    wow, they really do just take everything from Izismile.

    Meh, it's still in a nice format and I'm sure that other site gets their content from other places too.

    • http://yourmomsvagina.com It's Travis!

      Nothing is original from the Internet. Way to be a hipster.

      • 0k34

        false. much of it isn't. much of it is chive just fits into the former. deal with it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marksantiagorea Mark Rea

          You sir, do not make sense.

    • izismile.com

      and now they delete the comments about izismile.com
      I've been saying this for years now

    • Iziwhat

      Except – I never heard of that site you mentioned.

    • ariga

      They take from Reddit as well. Sites take from other sites all the time. Difference with theChive is that they put their own logo on it and don't give credit to where they took it from.

      • https://www.facebook.com/brent.misfeldt Brent Misfeldt

        Dont hate those that are smarter than others! KCCO!

    • yup

      I really wasn't trying to knock the chive. I love this website. The content keeps me amused, but the real difference is the sense of community it has… just look at how easy it is to send a man to space, get a guy a new house, or even just organize a meet up to have a blast. As far as content goes, I don't care where it comes from, just was a comment on an observation someone else mentioned in another post earlier.

      • yup

        You tryin to be me? Is this one of the Chive office guys tryin to make it look like I am changing my mind on this? Wow… that is looooowww…. and as I have found today Izismile is better.. they update more often… and dont have "Chive Minded" morons making typical comments….

        • Alex

          is this typical: shut the hell up. no one wants to read about you bitching. seriously, no..one..gives..a…shit

      • 47398

        "even just organize a meet up to have a blast"

        Reddit does the same thing. just sayin

        • ILuvBlackGirls

          Yeah but Redditt sucks – format sucks, comments suck. Thank God TheChive picks out the best of their bullshit and puts in on a much better website!

    • AssHaterson

      I like how the same dude is making posts about some retarded site that wants more pub, then replying using the different names and shit. Good trolling, but your site sucks.

      • yup

        I'm watching the page now to see what the hell is going on… It appears the chive office guys are impersonating me with these lame comments on how "They take from Izismile.. BUT I like the chive better because…" It's bullshit… and waaay more creepy than I thought they would go… these dudes are acting cult like now… I hope you guys arent falling for it.

        • AssHaterson

          I checked it out too and I saw shit they posted today Chive had weeks ago. It's called the internet dude. There is very little original content "exclusive" to any one site, except porn.

        • yup

          How is this happening!

          • yup

            We are note impersonating you. We are you!

            • yup

              Well YOU are not doing so well… the guy above you at least spelled his shit right! douche.

              • yup

                I'm glad I gave up. I really don't understand this Internet thing. What is going on!!!

                • yup

                  Fuck this!

                  • yup

                    i like tuhtles

                    • yup

                      Anyone else going to the izismile.com meet up?

                    • yup

                      Keep Clam and Izismile on

                    • yup

                      I've officially been owned.

                    • yup

                      Yeah, I totally owned that guy by posting under his name. I'm so clever. Time to go back to fingering my asshole.

                    • yup

                      It's awesome that I keep checking back to try to save myself.

                    • FICKLE

                      I feel for you little buddy. Let's go!

                    • the original yup

                      no one is going to believe me anyway, but I'm the original "yup" and haven't posted anything since the first one and now this. logged on moments ago to see this amusing thread.

                    • mbns

                      It isn't that no one believes you, it's that no one cares.

        • TheSimonizer

          izissmile sucks. get over it.

      • 0k34

        believe it or not, there are people that agree with him. try not to let that blow your mind.

    • the_mike

      According to Alexa.com.

      The Chive Global ranking = 968. Which means there are 967 websites in the world with a higher 3 month traffic.
      Izismile.com Global ranking = 4,125.

      The other interesting point shows 30,827 OTHER websites link into the Chive. Where 4,532 link into Izismile.com.

      Both awesome numbers that any webmaster that wants traffic would be happy with, but when you compare the two, the proof is in the numbers. The Resig family has done their part to get the word out through their clever slogans, the t-shirts, and most importantly developed a place that could foster a culture that would allow itself to grow through word of mouth advertising.

      Chive Wins.

      • the_mike

        Oh yeah and do the same thing with Reddit….Chive, well, doesn't win. *shrugs* there is always a bigger fish. Unless you are google.

        • ILuvBlackGirls

          So sick of hearing about Redditt!

          • the_mike

            Agreed! I could count on one hand how many times I have been on that site. With the chive you can jump right in and feel like you belong and the community is welcoming. With Reddit it feels like the first day at a huge school where you know nobody. No fucking thanks.

      • edslerson

        Im not positive but doesnt taking a picture or something of the sort from a site and then putting it on your own show as being linked? I think it does.

        • the_mike

          When I download a picture, then put it on my site, it shows it as a page view on the original site. The information that I uploaded it to my own site (in this example) does not travel with the picture.

          If I were to put a link to that picture on my site from the original site, then it would show that link to the original one. So when I put a link on my facebook that shows a thread or DAR or whatever, that is a link. When I put it on my blog as a link to a page (or picture) that is a link. When I use the URL for the specific photo on the original site and never actually upload it to my site, that is a link.

          The linked in number of 30k in no way whatsoever shows the pictures or media came from somewhere else. Just how much others link back to the chive.

  • Posting

    Holy hell

  • Salt

    Or he could have just WAITED until the train passed and stood up…

    • Ned_Ryerson

      well, they're obviously idiots. maybe they don't think trains end?

    • Mike

      You must first remember that he was smart enough to lay down under the train in the first place…*rolling eyes*

      • Macy

        Why step off the train tracks if you see a train coming when you can lay down and risk getting killed by unknown objects under said train? 😀

        • Keith

          Unknown objects hanging from under said train would get knocked or pulled off every time the train passed a road, since the space between the rails is filled in with concrete at every crossing of a railroad and a street.

          You are supposed to get off the tracks. But if you can't get off the tracks, because of a tunnel, bridge or something, just lay there as flat as you can.

    • moondoggy13

      Herd tries to thin itself out, fails.

    • matt

      Maybe they were running late for a scheduled lobotomy?

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Ya know, I didn't want to believe the guy that said The Chive gets most posts from izismile, so I went there this morning…….this was the first video I watched. I am disappoint.

    BTW, this guy is a fucking moron.

    • izismile.com

      this post won't last long, they seem to delete any posts about izismile.com
      a few months back I email izismile and they were well aware of it!

      • JohnnyAppleSeed

        Everything they take is a collection of 9gag and izismile

        • The_Dood

          What about Reddit? People haven't bitched about theChive stealing from Reddit lately…

      • Adam L

        My first experience on the Chive was awesome but it was also the Paulina Gretzky gallery, hard to be let down. And I thought "Shit, this sites pretty cool but just another random website." Then I noticed what they did for Lily. And Drake. Then Taylor. All the vets. How they pay back their Chivers for their loyalty. Pretty much built their own little community which rocks. Does your shitty site do any of that? So if they take some pictures off other galleries, what's the big deal? Was it original content on the other sites either? There's plenty of options where we can get the same pics, but with zero connection. Chive has that and thensome. So if it bothers you, leave. If not, Chive on!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Just to clarify, I will not go to izismile again, because I'm a Chiver, but had to see if it were true…oh well….no fucks given.

      • yup

        you should go again… I am now… it is just a better site for content…. But if you just want to be part of the group… well… I guess that is what this place is for…. hope you get a shirt for it.

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Actually, I have a KC&CO and a BFM shirt. Why would I want to ruin some of the content for myself by going to that site. I'm good right here pal.

          • yup

            My bad. Sorry. I will go now. Clearly the Chive is not for me.

            • yup

              I give up… you guys are sheep…

              • yup

                Wait, am I being trolled?

                • yup

                  Yep. We're pretending to be you, because Chivers have the combined I.Q. of a walnut.

                  • FICKLE

                    I'm with you. I'm outta here.

    • https://www.facebook.com/SpliceVW Derek Lutz

      Meh, no reason to be disappointed. Most of these sites have primarily aggregated content from elsewhere – probably like 5% is original. Is stealing from a thief so bad?

    • TheSimonizer

      and where do you think izissmile take their pictures dude? IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET!

  • JLB

    Now there's a guy that kept calm and chived on. Ridiculous.

    • BOOM!

      I want to bitchslap this idiot. Fkn asshat.

  • Mr.T



    That kid is a moron!

  • Anonymous


  • brian

    Dumbass… Lucky as shit. Dude is dumb for tryin to get out when he did. One good slip on a rock n your dead.

  • skip

    they had some fun on the set of "Stand by Me".

  • Kyle

    Think he woke up under there or…. is just that dumb.

  • jake

    the guy filming sounds like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys!

    • Guy

      YES!!!! spot on!

    • tom

      I thought I heard an east coast accent as well

    • d t


    • lolzersauce

      He sounds like Dean and Terry,

      'That was a two liner"

  • Rick

    Some people take stupidity to a whole new level smh.

  • big popa

    fuckin idiot

  • Zrock76

    What would have happen ed if he would have just stayed there and waited for the train to go by?

    • etcrr's goat

      he would not be an internet sensation.

    • TheSimonizer

      probably dead because most trains have snow plow at the ends that sits lower than the rest. or he would just be 15 mins older.

      one or the other..

      • Keith

        1. He would have been okay since lying flat he was no higher than the clearance trains must have to pass over roads. When a railroad passes a highway or street, the portion in between the rails is paved up to the level of the top of the rails. And then for safety the train undercarriage has to be an inch or so higher than that.

        2. I'm in Canada and I've never seen a snow plow on a train except in the dead of winter, and then it has been on the front.

  • Meh

    Clearly a Canadian with his "dickered" and "oot". Don't you have anything better to do than to fuck with moving trains?

    • Jezdezpez

      dickered? We don't say dickered LOL and we also don't say "oot"… stupid Americans always the majority of you require special education.

      • Meh

        Not American dick smack.

      • Cantaloupe

        You do say oot.

        • Mike

          Since when, y'all? You've travelled extensively, I guess.

          • Jack_LeMac

            Are you implying with the "y'all" that southern people don't say that? Because they totally do. It's okay to have regional accents/lingo.

      • http://www.facebook.com/trevyn.greenwood Trevyn Greenwood

        Its a big country, and as much as i hate to admit it, we do. Small town Alberta or Sask they talk like that. but he sounded more east coast to me.

        • Motofoxe

          I'm from New Brunswick… definitely not here. More like Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

          • Cameron

            I'd bet money that was shot in Cape Breton.

            • Guest

              Clearly non of you have seen "ray" from Ontario…. EPIC

      • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.mcknight.98 Ryan McKnight

        there are plenty of canadians who say dickered

        just f.y.i. they're in northern ontario

        • Jezdezpez

          I'm from Northern Ontario (live in Toronto now) and we've NEVER said that, I've never actually even heard of this silly word. Sounds like a southern word to me

        • Jezdezpez

          HAHAHAH I just watched this whole thing, this has to be so far up north, he has no teeth lol. I guess some crazy's do say dickered, bets video ever though.

        • dante37

          Actually I think it's St. Thomas which is southwestern Ontario, just outside of London. Lots of hicks in that area.

          • plator

            its Rodney Ontario you dinks. south west ontario

      • tom

        jesus, chill out. I'm Canadian and I've certainly heard "oot" in my travels

    • Lol Retards.

      Clearly just a dumb-ass Redneck… I've never heard a Canadian say "oot"…or "dickered"…Or and educated Americans for that matter. I'm not sure I've heard any intelligent beings talk this way.

    • Fact

      Goofy Newfie

      • Memorial Engineer

        no train here in newfoundland dumbshit.

    • Robbie

      I say dickered and im from southern ontario. Thanks to the amazig ray. And chill out americans, the stereotypes about you are far worse

      • Ray Fan

        Lol Ray is theeee shit! I think The Chive should have a post dedicated to Ray… from the first vid where he had a coast hanger holding his muffler on!!

        -Keeper Outta the Cabbage rayyyyyyyy

  • Cletus?

    His parents must be related..

  • Uh oh

    showing the final 10 seconds would have been so much better, as i just wasted 2 minutes i can never get back.

  • CaptUnderpants

    I believed in natural selection until I watched that video

  • artistsgottaart

    anyone else think of "Fubar" as soon as the guy opened his mouth?

    • KO617

      So, someone is gonna say it so I might as well…but judging by your avatar, you need to submit for sexy chivettes.

      Chivers Everywhere.

  • Dr VanNostrand

    Why am I the only one wondering why he didn't wait till the train ended to exit the track?

    • Kris

      You're not. Read the comments above you, genius.

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