Some photos are better left un-shared (30 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • douche baggins

    Some people are shit heads

    • Buzzy


    • KCCO

      How can #29 be 2 people at on time?

  • Chicago Sean

    #9 James Hetfield never looked so metal

    • LaKangaRue

      I'll never look at James the same way again so thanks a lot.

      • Shannon Coverdale

        Ha ha ha ha ha, someone give that guy an internet

        • Kristen

          Ha ha ha ha ha, you have a girl name.

      • CowboyChiver

        Don't act like you've never done it!

    • rdpre

      That looks nothing like James Hetfield. Fail.

    • PAWaterfowler

      He looks more like Juice from "The Devils Ride" on Discovery.

  • Merle

    I can't unsee what I just saw. Fuck you chive, see you in the next post.

    • spucifer

      I agree, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • TokyoFace

    #8 … she must be an auburn fan cause he is not happy

    • NickSaban

      At bama you learn to always keep the cold face, even after sexy party time with your sister
      Roll tide

      • Juilo Jones

        Roll tide bitches SEC is god

    • VOLfan

      He looks depressed like his State

      • ColaChiver

        Would you be happy after hitting that? I guarantee you when he came he yelled Rawlllll Tahhhd!!

    • Ouch

      He looks like the troll that poisoned Toomers Corner
      (I have no affiliation or love for Auburn or Bama)

      • QwertySauce

        He doesn't even slightly resemble that guy.

    • ColaChiver

      Bama fans keeping it classy as always … Silly Updykes… when will you learn.

    • johnny

      I wouldn't be happy either if I had to have sex with that.

  • Justin Cooper

    #30 your mom/Nixon?

    • TokyoFace

      enjoy the great taste of charleston chew!…aaaaarrruuuuuuuuu

    • Dr_Batman

      Calling her mom a two-faced bitch while taking a nice picture with her. Pot, meet kettle.

  • MigraineBoy

    #18 Let me guess, she was teaching correct spelling.

    • frank h

      i watching black "thugs" rebel! it gets them so far in life.

      • gnocco

        Fuck Wat Da Teacher Said
        Imma Drop Deuce Right Hurr

    • Bob

      I like how he took the time to capitalize each word, as if it's the title of a book. Actually, I think I would read a book called "Fuck Wat Da Teacher Said".

    • Ccard

      Looks older than the teacher. Probably grade 10. For the 4th consecutive year.

    • Dr_Batman

      She was probably teaching to correct way to sit down. But this guy's a rebel. #thuglife

  • JustSayin

    Seriously chive Ive found your secret to these posts and all it is is simply stealing from a little known site called izismile, Thank you for the thumbs down in advance but its true, go look at yesterdays posts from that site.

    • edslerson

      Wow, going there it's obvious that thechive gets almost all of the pics they post from there. Then again almost all well known sites steal ALL of their content. It's pretty fucked up actually.

      • ZacHart96

        So what you're saying is chivettes and chivers submit KCCO pics to, and then thechive steals them and repost them?

    • JBb

      And that site doesn't have the mobile site style hell ads that make you go to a site you don't even want to go to.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • bobbie

      its true, 18 hours ago they posted this. the same stuff.

    • passwordistaco

      Change the order, new title, post, repeat – Sorry no thumbs down today JustSayin

      • Billy

        Keep Calm and Izismile On………………


      I've been saying this for years!!!

    • Kristin

      Just one question. If this is the same shit from another site, did that site raise money for a wounded soldier? not to mention the other competitions that people have won because of the shout out on thechive. Sometimes I think its less about the site the content comes from as much as it is the people that go to the sites. Not disagreeing with you that they may steal this but think about how many pictures are circulating on the interent and how much of that is submitted by people to these sites.

      • Piss Button

        Um. They would never do such "humanitarian" works if people didn't send in their stories. Don't make these guys out to be saints. They are women objectifying, content stealing whores that just happened to raise a little money for a wounded vet (respect BTW). To make an obscene amount of money off bastardizing a Winston Churchill quote, showing off at dozens of scattered ass parties THEN promoting themselves as humanitarians for being nothing more than plagiarizers . . . all I can say is . . .America.

        Get off your high horse Kristin. This site glamorized raising money so one . . .ONE wounded soldier could have a dream home. Not so dozens could walk again. Not to advance medical research. So that one guy could have a house. Don't make them peace prize winners.

        I like this site. It's a convenient way to find a good laugh thru the work day. But never EVER elevate these D-bags to heroes. :@

        • Piss Button

          And yes I still live with my mom. That doesn't make me wrong!

          • Piss Button

            We have the same name. Cool

        • ColaChiver

          If you come here and bitch about the content then why are you here? People that bitch about ripping shit on the internet are retarded. It's the internet people… it's what happens get over it and quit crying.

          • 4398

            so then everyone sucks and is unoriginal. that still means the chive sucks and is unoriginal. derp.

        • snakedoc

          lol yea.. the Chive found a good way to make EASY money.

        • a-nom

          The 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster you are referring to pre-dated (printed 1939) Sir Winston Churchill (Prime Minister 1940-1945). Not being a douche, just wanting to make sure you have your facts in line. Also, they're not the first nor the last to use the quote after the war.

          • Piss Button

            Well played sir. I accept that fact. I do believe Churchill made it the slogan what it is due to the bombings of London and the need for a country to "carry on" however.

            Hell, I think I'll steal "Ask not what your Piss Button can do for you, but what you can do for Piss Button" . . .steal all the pictures from the Chive (after I crop their effing logo off of it. I think that's what gets me the most. they brand stolen images and mark it as their own.) I'll make the same money again that they did by selling so much ad space that the actual content gets lost and the images won't load because of bandwidth lag. YES!! I'll call it the ARCH . . .that's the other half of of archive for you short buses out there.

            • The Chive

              You're in the wrong place friend.

            • Damn

              Get off theChive then ass hole.

              • Shit

                don't comment on his post if you don't like it then ass hole.

            • Lee Harvey Oswald

              John F. Kennedy quote.

              Sub Piss Button for country. (Piss Button left out 'your' preceding the second Piss Button)

        • Dr_Batman

          Oh yeah, cause only D-bags would raise 350,000 dollars for a wounded soldier. Or buy a special child a custom playroom so it wouldn't get hurt. What monsters!

          • Cobra Commander

            no. but d-bags would keep bringing it up as though it makes them better than everyone else. think Bono but having only done a fraction of his charity work

        • Frank

          You forget that its the people on the Chive donating.

          The people that come here are the reason this site is far better.

        • guest

          awesome…..couldnt have said it better myself. ONE soldier, mightily deserved, but what about the hundreds of others coming home and having to foreclose or not get the treatment they need to recover? the site is good but i too say, NEVER EVER elevate these scarf wearing D-bags to heroes.

          • Indeed

            What have you done for someone else lately?

      • Dr. Evil

        charity is good. constantly bringing it up as though it makes them better is tacky. just sayin

    • Lok

      Go to izismile then and quit bothering those of us who give a damn about the good things that Chive brings us each day.

      • Tru Chiver

        don't like his comment? follow chive logic : "if you don't like something, don't post and move on. no one is MAKING you comment". hypocrites

    • JustSayen

      I. Most of the stuff on izismile I've already seen on Reddit (so they aren't any better)
      2. izismile is blocked at my work.
      3. I would rather come here to see this stuff and experience they great Chive community.

    • Dawganooga

      1 – "izismile" is a terrible site name
      2 – I like the colors better on the Chive
      3 – I like the navigation better on the Chive
      4 – I like "KCCO"
      5 – Can't buy kick-ass Tees and schwag on izi-whatever

    • Just Sayin

      I guess I didn't understand how the Internets worked.

    • KCCO in the Bay

      Don't care from where the reposts come…I haven't had anyone comment on a shirt I've gotten from Izismile. Oh, wait, you can buy cool stuff from izismile. Get a life and don't whine so much! There are plenty of cool sites that allow us all to waste time during the day! So, justsayin, enjoy life, waste time where you please, and go fix yourself another glass of kool-aid, you whine like a liberal!

    • *****

      Yea I like theChive and the goodwill they spread, but if they keep not citing sources I'm going to have to move on. I mean ppl bashed ebaumsworld for doing pretty much the same thing; it's not right.

      • The Chive

        Good bye.

    • joe

      Thechive has a better layout and is more user friendly. Theyvalso seem to remove the crappier pics in the post from the other sites. And we get humpday and flbp from thechive. The other sight doesn't have those posts. Thechive wins….just sayin

      • 9709

        "is more user friendly"

        lol you can't be serious. i've been called a "fag" or "gay" on this site more times than by the people on x-boxlive. let's be honest here, most of the people on this site are dickheads.

        • a-nom

          And I can't possibly understand why…what a mystery. It can't be the fact that you are indeed an a$$, but that the people are on the site are the a$$es…yes that's it!!

        • Simon

          That's not what "user friendly" means.

          It's typically used to denote the ease of use of an interface between person and machine / system. Not whether the interface compliments your shoes.

    • a-nom

      First thing people, the internet is public domain (for the most part) as such there are no copyright violations unless specifically stated by the people posting the content; yes we all know about reddit, yes we all know about youtube: and if there were an issue with things being posted, trust me, these people would remove them pretty quick (I'm looking at you FIFA and UEFA). Second, do you really think anyone has enough new material that can be provided on a daily basis in the scale that sites like this or reddit produce? All these sites do is redistribute content…I choose the Chive because of the community, now shut it…LET THE THUMBS DOWN BEGIN!!!! Much love and KCCO

      • B!!!

        Your mom steals pictures from izismile

    • PCHannon

      You know all this arguing about where theChive got a picture from doesn't really matter…. I don't think that they have ever misrepresented themselves as having exclusively original content. Think of them as a modern "Reader's Digest", but for the web. They take all the best stuff, surmise it in a nice looking, user-friendly site, and share it with everyone. Thanks everyone at theChive!!! KCCO!!!!

    • GMAN

      Good artists borrow, great artists steal.

      • 4rher

        *facepalm* quote someone else, when you don't have anything original to say. way to go.

    • Some_Guy

      Well once a picture is uploaded to any part of the internet, it ceases to have a a rightful owner unless it is legally copyrighted or trademarked. Seeing as how izismile probably gets their images from somewhere else as well, doesnt make chive any worse, or izismile any better.
      Notice how none (or maybe a few im not sure i didnt check nor do i care to check) of these images have "TheCHIVE" brand in the corner. Besides, the guys at the chive dont claim to have original content 100% of the time anyway.
      Regardless, nice try discrediting the site, D-bag

    • Lo From Wisco

      Who cares? You read it here, or you read it there. Big deal.

    • Drew

      The Chive never claims to have original content. All they claim is to have the best of the internet in one place. But they add a generous twist and have created a fun enviroment for everyone. So there really is no secret…sorry.

    • lols

      in sumation: chive sucks but is awesome

  • bob

    #23 being fierce…..or falling off a fence, it's hard to tell.

    • Bon_nie

      I think she just spelled fence wrong in the first place. She's having identity issues!

      • Schnizz

        Is that the same chick riding that garbage can?

        • Rod

          yep, and wiping her nasty azz with her feminine products. Who could imagine a trash can would be dirty?

  • A2_tha_MFK

    #4 Wow party animals! Looks like it would've been a fun night.

    • jreddy23

      Their physique leads me to believe that they aren't being completely truthful

      • Aviatrix

        The last thing fat people need to do is begin a hobby that will lead to them eating more and moving less.

        • dumb Americans

          *see Americans.

    • B Dub

      I agree! They look so lame that I think this photo should be used by police officers teaching a DARE class. "Wanna be cool? Smoke up like these two hotties…." #4

    • Dr_Batman

      It's very odd to see two wild Snorlaxes in the same room.

  • Mike Litoris

    #24 Don't worry it won't happen until 26 years from now.

    • gosmallboobs

      best comment on the post goes to Mike Litoris.

      • @lackofabetter


  • dee-rod

    it's too early in the morning for this…

  • LaKangaRue

    I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Thank you, Chive.

  • Chester

    I like very large breasts.


  • Mr_Taco

    #22 Wtf?? It looks like she's missing finger tips.

    • leah_bee

      …yeah, that's totally what I got from this one too. No fingertips, covered in boomboom. Minus the fingertips part.

    • PCHannon

      She's eating Nutella and bath salts sandwiches.

  • edslerson

    I hope the world ends sooner than later

  • Friar Tuck

    #16 is fuckin disturbing!!!

    • A2_tha_MFK

      I'd hit it!

    • Barf

      Shhhh! you gonna wake her up…

    • adMANistrator

      The grammar, the picture, or the "she" part?

    • Tim

      ya well she not.

  • Hucks


    Is this what happened to Lindsay after Freaks and Geeks?

  • Dave

    #26 Dibs!

    • hummmdumb

      Calling dibs three years in advance?

    • NelPit

      You wanna squirt 4 times, too?

  • AstroMikeDexter

    #12 = Me while reading this post.

    • MJKIVP


  • kigero

    #20 "Because I'm a knife, ya hippo!"

    • PAT

      that was great

  • savagecabbage

    …… only in 'murica

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #7 Wow, you have money…but still have XP ?

    • Parallendicular

      As if anything that Microsoft has produced since XP is a functional improvement…

      • Dan

        Win7 is much better.

    • Keyser Soze

      thats not "having money" thats a tank of gas and a pack of smokes.

      • wdh

        a few pack.. he has a benji in there LOL

    • Lawrence Panis

      it was probably payday, he just cashed his check and it was just over $500. There isn't a lot there…. If you're gonna "show off" your money, wait till you get your taxes, then you might fool someone.

      • nerd

        I count $580, but I'm a nerd like that.

  • rickacha

    #27 I don't even know where to begin with this one…

    • Parallendicular

      How about that his trampoline is filthy enough to leave brown spots on his socks?

    • Maximiliaanvdv
      Thats my answer

  • epomerance

    #25 what are you supposed to look like after you eat a poppy seed muffin?

    • Bon_nie

      She looks like she's eaten something…..

    • Parallendicular

      Slightly disgusted with yourself, apparently.

    • snakedoc

      looks like some just gave her noogies.

    • kizethewize

      She kinda looks like Eminem with a wig.

    • lols

      i thought it was a dude

  • Chicago Sean

    #30 Your mom is Cheech?

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