Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Mcchocolate

    #25 lol, poor guy

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      What's the problem. Eat that shit off the ground! You don't know any better yet!

    • Felcus

      Back when chip bags were actually full.

    • BigDawg77

      5 Second Rule!!!!!

    • elguapo80

      fuk that kid

      • ohboy

        agreed. fatass americans.

    • Dr. Evil

      He spilled Cheetos!

      Any kid of mine does that, it's off to the orphanage with him!


    Writing something just so the usual tool can't say you know what

    • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

      as useless as the first usual fool. say something meaningfull…

      • Jerry HELLO

        Challenge accepted, all polar bears are left handed. Your move sir

        • Mac

          My uncle once saw an albino polar bear

          • Khal Drogo

            Polar bears actually have black skin.

            Troll googles polar bear skin color, finds truth. Decides not to troll.

    • suck me dry

      Suck me dry

      • MEH!

        u know i dont know why…but every fuckin time i read suck me dry i piss laughing…i know i know..im feeding the troll..i have bad punctuation and cant spell fer fuck but goddamnit atleast suck me dry has some substance to it.

        • 4073

          agreed. it's funnier than anything the rest of the chivers post, and it's no less original or creative.

  • Chester

    The bigger the breasts, the more I like them.


    • Trav1121

      That seems EE+xcessive… Haha 😛

    • R.A.Dickey

      Chester. your services are no longer required

    • guest

      Silly chester ,we all know that no chiver has ever touched a tit.

      • Vent187

        Shut up

        • Tru Chiver

          it's okay Vent. the first step is admitting it, then hiring a prostitute. KCCO!



  • Av8er

    #25 i know where im putting my weed now.

    • Oops


      • salute my shorts

        define "good"

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=666536224 Joe Martinez Jr.

    Can you find Justin Beiber and Rebbecca Black while your at lol

    • 6655321

      Keep talking about them, that'll help everyone forget.

      • ohboy

        motherfucking THIS!

        Chive logic: fucking Justin Bieber and Twilight SUCKKKK!!! soooooo sick of hearing about them!

        *tells nothing but Justin Bieber and Twilight jokes* DERP!

    • SuperiorTo8

      Don't forget Nicki Minaj

    • retloc

      How the HELL do you make a phone call on a microphone???

    • joe shabadoo


  • Derp

    mashed potatoes

    • John Kenny

      Steak and Kidney pie. o.0

    • Erm Mergerd

      Mersherd PerTerders

    • SourCreamBacon

      You never appreciated me.

    • Frank

      Mac and Cheese

    • Vent187

      Haha, laughed way too hard at this.

    • Underbaker

      Cold spaghetti cold spaghetti..

    • Jury Duty

      fatass americans.

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #15 is so awesome… ehehehehe

    in south africa we have something called 'phuza Thursdays' when Thursdays are socially accepted for drinking (after work) lol. just a way to get to the weekend before the weekend!

    drunk news?

    • Bodkin

      Another South African!!

      • Rawsker

        south africans are africans too!

    • MEH!

      in merica we have something called a "work week" in which its acceptable to drink at any time during the day and encouraged at lunch

      • luke

        We also have the 'weekend' where it is socially acceptable to start drinking after breakfast and mandatory before, during and after any sporting event being attended or watched on television.

    • SadeShadz

      Cool story, bro.

  • blub_glub

    #30 good guy greg

    • Lord of the Realm

      Duluth, MN. that was yesterday, 6/20/12. Lots of flood damage everywhere.

      Must Chive On

      • tralfaz

        glub glub

    • Scott White

      I have friends and family up there right now. Docks are floating away, sink holes everywhere. Most of the roads are closed to Duluth so there is no real way for me to get up there and help right now. I just keep telling them to KCCO and they are.

      P.S. That is how nice MN people are, putting there cart to the coral during a flood

      • Jonathan

        I still can't figure out who the jerks are who leave their carts in parking spots. I seem to never catch them in the act. Can anyone describe the type of person who typically does this? College student, maybe?

        • Anotherwes

          I've seen a few moms who do it, give the excuse that they can't leave their kid in the car or something. I usually respond with – "why not take them in the cart to the collector and teach them a little responsibility – everyone wins that way" Its at that point where I either get cussed out, flipped off, or hit with a purse.

          • socalmarti

            SIB- Self Important Bitch, it's a term I coined for SUV driving, cell phone-talking, women who do bs like this.

        • SocialLubricant

          I caught one yesterday. Female, midforties, alone and overweight. The cart receptacle was probably 10 parking spaces away though so she may not have made it all the way back to her car.

    • https://www.facebook.com/doublepedaldylan Dylan Meyer

      To those that don't know, duluth is a city built on a large hill which flooded. This picture is from the top of said hill.
      This was no river flood, just from rain.

      • guest

        that flooding in the picture was caused by miller creek backing up as it flows along the street next to target

        • https://www.facebook.com/doublepedaldylan Dylan Meyer

          Even so, that level of flooding us unheard of from a creek, and also considering the mouth of the creek is a couple hundred feet lower than that point only a handful of miles away.

    • GB_

      This man is a hero.

  • eclipze

    #13 I need one of those..

  • basmith42

    hey, i just saw this and no ones posted yet so derpherderp, maybe.

  • salute my shorts

    #3 damned overachievers

    • kylecali

      we don't over achieve, you under achieve.

    • http://www.facebook.com/saltytrey Trey Reeves

      Everyone not in the front row has their face up in someone's ass.

  • adonisallan

    #14 I must have this toaster!!
    #28 is trippy

    • derv89

      they have no shadows… why don't they have any shadows?

      • jjj

        I think the floor is lit from below.

    • Exp

      Holy crap, I didn't even realise that was a toaster at first 😐
      I thought it was just a rack for holding toast!

    • ThatGuy

      Wait a minute, that's a TOASTER?!?

  • Hhh
    • Jay

      please learn how to use the chive's comment section. pound-sign followed by the number. For instance, for picture 15, you would say #15 … and tada.

      • The_Dood

        And if you're just going to put a picture here without commenting on anything, please refrain. We saw the pictures the first time. That's how we made it down here to the comments.

  • The Bandit

    #25…I can understand him…I still cry when I drop my cheetos..

  • Brit

    #19 3…2…1….

    • justsomeguy

      3… 2… 1… what? its not a wave…

  • 2Dogs

    lotta fun with this one for sure!

  • adonisallan

    #3 I only know one reason why someone is smiling when they're on all fours.

    • Kristen

      Why's that…is it because it's your gay lover fucking you in the ass?

    • Freddy Mercury

      you when you're taking it from behind?

  • John Kenny

    #1…holy shit, midway up the Ferris wheel and she gets possessed by 'In Living Color' era Jim Carrey.

    • eddieb

      Why do I have the feeling only one will get off the ride?

    • bearjew

      Let me show you something!

    • finler

      Shes drugged up on bath salts !

  • awhite2020

    #30 I wanna shake this man's hand!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      However, the attendant who was responsible for bringing them all inside, does not.

    • Hiro

      Sure he's a good guy to the grocery store but a scumbag for the next person who needs a shopping cart….

    • awhite2020

      Let's be honest, the cart attendant said "fuck it" and didn't go in to work. And i'm sure there are more carts inside for people. I think we can all agree people that leave their carts in the middle of parking spaces are assholes.

  • Steven .k

    <img src=http://www.freecouponshop.info/ups/mk.jpg>#13 I dare say he wouldn't say no to a brandy. I want one too, He slept like a log. Lol <img src=http://www.freecouponshop.info/qvc/pil.jpg>

  • https://www.facebook.com/georgeriveraiscool12 George Rivera

    #18 Challenge accepted.

  • FarmBoy

    #18 bet the guy who restocked the machine took the photo, anyway I wish stuff like that would happen to me.

    • CowboyChiver

      I'm sure if I found it I'd be all outta ones…

  • chuck

    KCCO _-chuckleberry finn

  • Trav1121

    #12 Pedobear will get to the 'bottom' of the case… Zing!

    • mbns

      He will work long and hard until he does.

    • Si1entStatic

      and the defense calls on their Expert Witness to testify on Sandusky's lack of skill in covering his tracks….. upon taking the stand he points at Sandusky and screams "AMATEUR!!!"

    • Pedo Man

      i like to rape children too

    • Alb1n0

      Sadly I live in Bellefonte and have to deal with this crap on a regular basis.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #20 My coworkers keyboard does this all by itself.

    • Frank

      You could grow corn in the earwax on my former boss's telephone handset.

    • Si1entStatic

      Hell my coworker's whole cube could sprout something….. I sometimes hear "Feed me" coming from somewhere over there.

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