Girl, stoned out of her mind, decides to climb the electricity pylon (4 Photos)

  • Chris

    She must've tried this:

    • aVERYgayCHIVER

      I'd like to party with all these boys and blow every one of 'em!

      • Chris

        Not sure if trollin' or just really, really gay…

    • Cordo

      What's the name of this YouTube vid?

      • Chris

        Jäger Train.
        You should be able to find it by searching for just that on youtube.

    • K-Dogg

      Then they barfed all over each other and made love to blow up dolls (that part was edited out, this is the clean version)

    • Vinny

      Yea dude that would get you so high

    • nemesis

      Growing out of stupid shit like this is the best.

    • jeff donuts

      these are weak drinks. ive tried them and that jager stuff is just like licorice syrup nothing strong

  • ewdeziel

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

    • wimpy

      still would… right after she smoked that stuff and had crazy hallucinations about sexy time with me… or she might eat my face. Its worth it

    • Drew

      From that? A stoner chick? Toughen up, pal.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Ok, feel free to leave anytime. Have a nice trip.

    • Cvb

      Please kill yourself

    • Brian

      I want ot live on this planet because boobs…

    • psychoace

      Why not? This is pretty entertaining. I bet they don't have this kind of fun on other planets.

    • Skermitt

      I have smoked a good amount of herb in my days, but never once have I ever seen anything. You really don't hallucinate on marijuana… She was probably smoking a little something extra! (Bath salts?)

    • Jr. Joon

      Its propaganda-ish stories like this that make people think weed is bad. This isn't informative at all and the fact she was high probably has little or nothing to do with it. If she was smoking "super skunk weed" for hours and wasn't a veteran smoker, she'd be too high to even move. And if she was a veteran smoker, then she would know better and just sit on a fuckin couch somewhere. So I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this story.

      • nemesis

        Agreed. Evidently she didn't mention the magic mushrooms or the fact that the weed was also laced with LSD or y'know, that it was a dare.

    • klh

      this just makes me glad I never did drugs

      • Jr. Joon

        youre a pussy

      • nemesis

        Outliers always make the news.

        Fact is, most drug-taking results in people having a really good time and doing nothing to harm themselves or each other.

        • nevermore

          i guess you've never been burgled by drug addicts, you know, those fun loving guys who do nothing to harm anyone.

          • guest

            So true… all those crack heads who will do anything to get money to pay for there next hit.

      • Jr. Joon

        or myabe youre just a dipshit

        • Lux's Waffle

          don't generalize all who have done and do 'drugs', the common thing we have going for us is that we are all different, for a reason.

  • Attaxia

    Paging Mr Darwin

    • MathNerd

      Paging Dr. Greenthumb

      • ColaChiver

        Paging Dr. Faggot! …Dr. Faggot?!

    • msee

      ok etcrr. we know its you

  • @EirikGr

    Love the tags: FAIL, FOREIGNERS, IDIOT


    • bill boner

      STFU Fag

      • sfb101

        Go suck your boner bill…

    • Usa retard nation

      That just show the rest of the world how geographically ignorant you guys are.

      • NcouthYouth

        Not sure your problem with this. Would Americans not be 'foreigners' to other countries? And climbing on something that can easily kill you in a second would constitue a branding of 'Idiot'

        • Usa retard nation

          No, you wouldn't be a "foreigner" as we are not afraid of the world we live in and able to call a Czech a Czech. You would be a United States citizen and this would qualify you as idiot without having to use the keyword idiot.

        • Usa retard nation

          The fact that the original poster "likes" the fact that the words "foreigner" and "idiot" were used together, speak by itself enough.

          • mcfadinj

            You have proven you're a foreign idiot, so I don't really see what the problem is. Are you upset that theChive hasn't made an idiotic foreigner post about you?

            • Usa retard nation

              You know a lot of bad words congratulation. Is it a kind of currency in the United States. Do you get rich by using the word idiot? I want to know cause I'm a mexican ((soon to be Us soldier)( because that's the only job they offer me)) and I want to learn the more I can about your country!!

              • mcfadinj

                Affirmative action is there for a reason. You can't get a job anywhere else because you've proven you're uneducated and you get your feelings hurt to easy.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Ok, she was stoned and she climb an hallucination… Can we get a front picture of her now, because DAT ASS!

    • @Durda_Dan

      It doesn't matter how good of an ass she has. She is fucking retarded.
      Fucking her would be no different then fucking a women from the psychiatric hospital

      • Mikerhinos

        Doesn't matter, had sex, lol

        • Mikerhinosisgay

          The amount of virgins commenting on this post is staggering.

          • Cantaloupe

            Yes, everyone who talks about sex is a virgin, Holmes.

            • Iknoright

              no. but odds are anyone who types "doesn't matter, had sex" is one.

      • MonkeyMadness

        I guess you missed the part about being stoned. Sobered up she may be a pretty good catch.
        (get it? a good catch) lol

      • passwordistaco

        You sir are forgetting the Crazy/Hot scale – This girl must be insanely Hot!

        • Jen

          she probably fucks like its her job!

          • passwordistaco

            Where do you think she got the money for the weed?

          • thedude325

            It probably is her job.

      • @JJrrake

        Thats the best kind! She could bryant gumble me!

        # smokeice

    • Ned_Ryerson

      agreed! shorts look kinda see thru in #3

  • boots013

    Find her!

    • This

      probably fried to the wires by now…

  • Dave

    I'd let her climb my pylon. hey wink wink

    • PHappy


  • jake the snake

    #1 would bang!

    • jeff donuts

      panty lines would not bang

  • Larry

    #1 poor thing. Doctors diagnosed her with a case of woman.

    • @Durda_Dan


    • Eryn

      Someone diagnosed you with a case of denial

      • rynaldo


        you suck

      • Larry

        Denial to what exactly?

      • Biggus Diccus

        You spelled your name wrong

      • Dr_Batman

        Someone's got sand in her vagina.

    • MonkeyMadness

      She must have been stoned out of her mind to think the kitchen was up there.

      • Travis Alexander


    • JoeMamma

      Hahaha thank you for that

    • Timothy

      Classic! hahahahhaha

    • SouthernRebel18B

      That, my friend, was hilarious. Well played.

    • nemesis


      • A Black Guy

        yes, it is. so is racism. deal with it.

    • Arnold

      a screenshot of this comment deserves to be DAR'd

  • Ernesto

    I would love a follow up on her lol

  • Global

    How did she not get elecrocuted? Definitely gonna be "arrmehhherd" for the rest of her life.

    • @Durda_Dan

      Because she is not grounded….

      • b3nje909

        But she would of Earthed her self when she reached for the conductors from the frame of the tower….
        Unless someone saw her climbing it, made a phone call and they shut the feeder off quickly……

        • Whoa

          Probably a de-energized line. She, along with her rescuers, would be dust if it were a live transmission line.

          Switching for transmission lines would take hours.

          • Si1entStatic

            well in her mental state it might've taken her a couple hours to get up there….

            I'd be more concerned about the tactics of the rescuers. Their not completely under her when they start yanking her off the wire…

    • PCHannon


      • bongo


    • dwane

      There's no working power in that part of the world… hasn't been electricity in those in 20 years. Those high tension lines in the US are 100,000+ Volts… It could arc right around those flip flops. And she was definitely grounded unless she made an amazing leap from tower to wire spider man style

      • you are an ignoramus


    • gary bentlage

      how did she not get electrocuted i would like to know

      • Jebus

        I think woah is right. Had she reached any closer to another line things might have ended differently

  • kantoozi

    how did she get out of the kitchen?

    also, must've been really good weed

    • Mikeymike


  • Limbo

    Can someone point me to her dealer so I can…uh, yell at him?

    • Saskguy26

      Think he's the same guy who dealt to the face eater

    • Dr_StrangePants

      more like Holla at him

  • joeybastardo

    Another case of idiots blaming the sticky-icky for the dumb shit they do. also, superweed? gonna gotta get them green beans.

    • hoseman

      so your saying she would have done this while sober?

      • The_Dood

        No, but I've smoked a lot of weed, a lot of good weed too, and I've never had a hallucination on THC. Trails? Sure. Brightened colors? Yep. Maybe even a little bit of melting and closed eye visuals, but thinking that a power tower is a bridge? No fucking way. You've got to be on something harder than pot to think that bridges are all of a sudden vertical… This was not weed.
        And don't people usually smoke weed in groups? Where were her friends? Everything about this makes me very doubtful that she was under the effects of marijuana.

        • Willie

          Yet another "weed is the solution to all of the world's ill and can do no wrong" stoners that rejects the mere possibility that a substance might affect others in a way antithetical to their belief structure.

          Weed is good. But if fucks some people up, bad.

          • The_Dood

            Yep, that's what I said. Thanks for your interpretation.

            • mcfadinj

              You stated it wasn't weed. You were told it still could have been weed. You're wrong. I've seen a friend do worse than this while only on weed. Willie is right, you're wrong, sorry.

              • Leddy420

                Shut the fuck up.

                • mcfadinj

                  Poor baby, u mad? Did I hurt your feelings?

                  • Leddy420

                    Nope, but you're doing a good job at making yourself look like a total dumbass

                    • mcfadinj

                      Awww, I did strike a cord. I'm sorry. Of course, 420 being in your name tells me quite a lot. You're one of those "weed doesn't hurt anyone" types. Who am I looking like a total dumbass for? The internet? lol. I can actually tell that the internet's opinion of you means a lot. Poor kid. What is the world coming to?!?!?!?

                    • Leddy420

                      Reddit is that way ————–>

                      i'm sure you'll fit right in with the special, intelligent children over there.

                    • mcfadinj

                      Really? Says the dude/dudette with the email of shamanpower? A wow reference? HAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys make it way too easy to find info that's embarrassing as shit.

                    • Leddy420

                      What? Why do you think my e-mail has anything to do with 'shamanpower'? I was wondering where this WOW talk was coming from, and I'm still not sure – because my e-mail address has nothing even close to anything resembling shamanpower.

                      I mean, I knew you were stupid – that much was obvious. I just didn't think you'd be so quick to prove it.

                    • mcfadinj

                      It's ok man. How hard do you think it is to search for certain individuals when you have the information to? I would deny, deny, deny also if I was in your shoes. As a matter of fact here's a nice quote about LEDDY420 from one of your friends, "what a degenerate fu c k in [censored]… he probably beats off to people in distress. Prob one of the sex affenders in his area…". My lord, what have you done!

                    • Leddy420

                      I could be the only person in the world to ever think of using this user name. You got me. I personally take all responsibility for everything on the internet related to, and/or pertaining to LEDDY420. Great detective work chief!

                      I'm anxiously awaiting further developments into this case.

                    • mcfadinj

                      Wait? So do you also have the same IP address too? Oh you do? I'm sorry, must be a mixup. As everyone knows, it's quite common for people to all have the same IP address.

                    • mcfadinj

                      BTW, you really should stop scamming those poor kids on WOW. I love it that you play that game. Smokes weed, plays WOW. What other productive activities do you do?

              • The_Dood

                Worse than this? I'd really like to know what that was…

                • mcfadinj

                  Wasn't as crazy or cool. They were hit by two cars on the highway after smoking for the first time. He jumped out of the car while in a traffic jam, ran to the other side where the cars were moving and tried to run across. He still swears to this day he opened the door to his house (when he really opened a car door) and went inside (when he actually ran across the highway).

                  • shhhhhhhhhh!

                    you talk too much

        • passwordistaco

          I'm pretty sure she was trying to go across the lines, still horizontal but I hear ya.

      • GernBlansten

        I'll go one further. I've tripped on acid more times than most people on this site have had sex. Not once EVER did I see shit that wasn't there. Never. The most that happened was minor (colorful) distortions of reality.

        Sleep deprivation on the other hand…..

        There is more to this than that girl is admitting, and weed was the easy out.

        • Tripper

          Then spend more than a buck for your hit of acid cheap ass.

          • GernBlansten

            These days, if I still did that, I would. Back in my day (many, many moons ago) you could get really good blotter for 50¢ a hit if you bought the whole sheet. Made for some interesting weekends for my friends and me.

            The same applies to every hallucinogen I ever did. Acid, peyote, mushrooms, mescaline…. No shit that wasn't there. Period.

            • mcfadinj

              So are you seriously trying to say that because you didn't see anything, no one sees anything? Really? Otherwise, I really hope your first post was sarcastic.

  • myself

    Amazing she didn't fall.

    • Smitty

      Amazing she didn't become charcoal!

  • bristal palin

    Could have been worse. She could have been eating faces.

    • Jen

      mmm faces.

    • JayMackB

      Or feces..

    • Fry

      Well, "bath satls" are still being sold legally almost everywhere, but pot is illegal in most of the world…

  • Unanimous

    Now imagine if we legalized cannabis…

    • MonkeyMadness


    • upinsmoke

      get your head out of your ass and look at the true benefits of legalizing marijuana

    • Jeff Blakely

      And alcohol never makes you do dumb shit………. hypocrite

      • ColaChiver

        I don't even smoke weed and I think it should be legalized. Alcohol makes you do wayyyy dumber shit. Literally woke up beside a …girl… in college one time, took one look at her and just said, "Oh Goddammit.." right in her face…..Case in point, alcohol is much more detrimental to your decision making thought process.

        I would have fucked a piece of drywall that night if it had a hole in it.

        • John

          Tell me more about the drywall

    • @lackofabetter

      I did imagine it, And it means less crowded prisons, more tax money and people suffering from a long list of illnesses would have a more pain free life.

      That girl was smoking more than just weed and has mental problems no doubt

      • mcfadinj

        Armchair psychology at its finest.

        • @lackofabetter

          Its just what I imagined

    • mad

      Ban alcohol too!!! take away cartoons, and then tax the piss out of salt

      • hooty

        thats just plain funny

    • Dana

      it is legalized in the czech republic. sooooooo

  • wire

    #3 Where did the backpack come from?? And also amazing she got that high in some yellow crocs lol.

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      Nearly everybody in the Czech republic has crocs, and I honestly wasn't looking at her backpack.

      • MU_Warrior

        What were you looking at then?

        • beasty

          DAT ASS

    • dallastxbby

      I was wondering the same thing!! (about the crocs)

  • David

    we have very 'adventurous' girls in czech republic 😉

    more pictures here

    some corrections – in her confused state she also thought to be on cable car to get across that river, also some claim about breakup with boyfriend

    • Dr_StrangePants

      So you're saying she's single? -_o

  • David
    • GernBlansten

      Hmmm, pretty sure I just watch an "amateur" video of her.

  • Schnizz

    Crazy bitch got a decent ass!

    • Guest

      That's a "decent ass" ? Oh you white guys are so cray cray!

    • Iknoright

      you must be white.

  • Max

    crossing the bridge on her way back to the kitchen to make me a sandwich

    • rynaldo

      really? i was at least expecting a dishwasher poke…..

  • yeeNyeee

    bath salt woulda had her climbing naked

    • Michelle Saucedo

      bahahahaha but then she would be chewing on the wires….

  • Stick

    And kids get made fun of for not doing drugs

  • whyme1973

    Well…at least she has a nice ass.

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