Lamborghini Aventador J Roadster in high-res (20 HQ Photos)

  • otis


    • Aoi

      This is how the batmobile is supossed to be!

    • Norbert Zalog

      I dunno I'm not feelin it, recently watch a video about the Aston Martin One-77 and this thing kinda pales in comparison. I'm not sure about the performance but I think the One-77 looks way sleeker. To each their own though…

  • Joey Pecoraro

    #7 I'd give a testicle.

    • Nuthinsus

      I'd be nice o my mother-in-law.

      • BOOM!

        I would milk her tits for this!

    • Clint Bozic

      I love this cars hump

      • bewwwwbs!!!

        agree. i'd cum all over it's face

    • Underbaker

      But why would we want it? Your testicle that is.

  • name

    Cool car, except for when it rains.

    • Mike

      If you can afford this car I think you will be able to buy a house with a garage. That will hold multiple cars. So as long as you buy at least one car with a top. You will be fine.

    • Chim Richels

      And the award for 'Doesn't Get It' goes to…

      • Kristen

        If by "it" you mean sex, then the answer is Chivers. Chivettes get it all the time though, because they're whores.

        • skeenk

          You're a whore Kristen

        • Barney Stinson

          don't forget John. he gets more cock than a hen.

  • XL22

    Stick to the bitches chive!

    • ShroudedDay

      Stick to the basement, troll!

    • ColaChiver

      You know, I would imagine you would get much further with women if you didn't publically call them bitches…

      • kidn

        this is not the public.

        this is the internet.

        • Derp Derpington

          Which is by proxy, public.

          • 4390

            arguing on the internet. you're both losers.

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

    • Kristen

      Nobody cares you fucking twat.

    • Anti-Hipster

      awesome. thanks man.

  • James Keogh

    Can't wait to see them roadtest this on top gear 🙂

    • Chim Richels

      They won't. This car is a one off. There is ONE in the whole world.

      I doubt the owner will allow it to be thrashed like that.

    • decielito

      Richard Hammond already tested the Aventador on Top Gear not long ago, not the J version. It is amazing! lap time is quicker than the. . .. i'll let you see it. awesome car!

    • Bryan410

      its a concept car so that'll never happen.

      • chim richels

        No, it's actually a single run 'production' car. Basically, Lambo made ONE – that's it.

  • beserker

    i am in love..!

    #20 now you see me… now you dont!

    as we would say "panty dropper"

  • bukssna

    This is, without a doubt, my favorite car!

  • Michael

    <img src=> I think the girls to see such a beautiful car, they would spirits .Awesome<img src=>

    • @TheRealGroome

      Take me to your dealer.

    • Huh

      What? Fuck are you talking about?

  • lttido

    The helmet is included, right? 🙂

    • SAChiverSteven

      Doubt it, they should include a extra set of pants though. 🙂

    • Timmer

      It's a million dollar helmet andjt comes with a free Lamborghini!

  • DarkRonnie

    Notice how the seats look like the ones in the upcoming Urus?
    Nice car, maybe a different color

  • b3nje909

    looks awesome until u realise that u need to wear a helmet or fantastic sunnies to go above 100km/h

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  • @Thogert

    Erhmahgerd, new lambo…. I didn't think they could make a cooler looking one than their last one, but well done.

  • linc

    #14 – abe will emancipate the shit out of you in style.

  • keith

    Surely this should be on theThrottle!?!

  • thatdamnmoose

    cool car until you realize what its gonna do to your face since it doesn't have a proper windscreen. Cool looking but bonkers.

    • DrFunkenstein

      Exactly. The car looks beyond amazing, but they need to get a windscreen on there or you'll need to wear a motorcycle helmet.

  • flibble

    so many car posts Chive, what's up? nobody reading TheThrottle?!

  • charlie

    Paint it white and put a red "M" on that hod, you got yourself a car!

    • The James

      Bah! You beat me to it!

  • B Dub

    #20 I'm not going to lie….if I had this car, I'd wear the helmet…..just for the reaction of others. Maybe a Darth Vader helmet too…..

  • Zoey

    #17 Get rid of that centre mirror, and put a darn camera on the back instead! No excuses for that thing!

  • huh

    Mmmmm bugs.

  • poboi850

    #13. i need these for my prius

  • Static

    get in line… this is the one and only car. No, not a prototype. This car IS for sale, but they are only ever making ONE.

    • Luc Donckerwolke

      Good, this car is uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggly

  • decielito

    yet another legendary V12 Lambo!! 🙂

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