• Mac is weak

    Come on this is worse than that time you were trying to get everyone to find the fella that dressed up like a priest with a doll attached to his crotch. Too much sand in your v@gina today mac?

    • The_Dood

      Pretty sure that was Leo…

    • Natalia

      Somebody needs to take his happy pills and quit being such a little anonymous bitch on TheChive

    • AIDSgetem

      That was Leo, but I share your sentiments.

    • Ron Swanson

      agreed. and the time they tried to get the chivers to do their bidding to demand the osama bin laden pictures be shown. douchebags.

    • Pete

      Hm… I think I missed that. I have zero idea what this refers to.

    • Mac is weak fan club

      You are correct, sir! AND, the truck didn't intentionally soak the reporter, the driver of the truck did. Just like guns don't kill people. People sometimes kill people with a gun.

  • Blue bronco

    Still funny

    • Not Amused

      0% funny.

    • jbb

      "Still funny"

      True story.

      • bbj

        "0% funny"

        True story.

        • Funny

          ^^^ the reporter..

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    He took it like a pro.

    • DanTheMan

      I wanna know how pissed he was when the camera turned off

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    It's a reporter. People wish they were lucky enough to be this driver.

    • SGT_Fati

      Read my mind bro

  • Farrari

    Both sides had a good sense of humor

  • LIJay

    Good sport, he took it well. One time when I was maybe 20, I went through a slush puddle and completely soaked this group of kids waiting for the bus. It was completely unintentional (pothole under the puddle) and I felt terrible. But I laugh about it now. :/

    • oyea

      Cool story bro.. But anyone who calls himself NYDevastatingly handsome is a douche in my book.

      • LIJay

        Ha! I forgot I had put that. It's changed. (But I AM devastatingly handsome).

      • mooseknuckle907

        Cool story bro, but anyone who judges someone based off a handle is a douche bag in my book..

        • oyea

          Cool story bro. Now stay still while I drag my sweaty, hairy, smelly, dirty, sticky, wrinkly nut-sack across your lips.

          • Guest

            Have a Shower

      • Danno

        HAHAHA This is EXACTLY what i was going to post… without all the other shit.

  • Boobman

    Money shot

  • nwf

    That is a dick move but undeniably funny. Reporter stayed pretty tactful too.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Jerks come in all sizes

    the big fat ones are the worst

    • derp.

      Jerks do come in all sizes, and most of them drive those massive lifted trucks or fart-can Honda weed-whackers

  • whale hntr

    Noob reporter has to make the sacrifices to make it big one day

  • tv_paul

    Breaking New: "I'm wet" and don't call me Shirley.

  • http://twitter.com/RickvdS @RickvdS

    I've heard people getting fined for that or failing their drivers test. But this guy is a good sport 🙂

  • Atom819

    haha props to the reporter for not losing it… 🙂

  • http://picsclix.blogspot.com Pics4you

    Lolz that was funny but the reporter still some how managed the situation 🙂

  • Ken

    He barely got touched! I would have douched him a lot harder then that!!

    • ..

      you sir, are a dick.

      • Ken

        Why thank you! That's not the first time I have been called that and it certainly won't be the last!

        • Dick

          Cool story faggot. Grow up?

  • Tomas

    This is an un-written/un-spoken rule of the streets of Philly. The driver tries to splash the pedestrian. The pedestrian tries to jump out of the way to avoid getting wet. It's a passive-aggressive game of the streets when it's raining. The elderly and the infirm are exempt from being soaked.

    • Tomas

      And I've been on both ends of the game, many times. And been soaked worse than that reporter. LOL

    • whyzkid

      and that's why Philly sucks at everything

      • Dutchmaster

        Philly represent!

        All u other pussy cities better hope us Philadelphians stay off your streets on rainy days whoop whoop

        North Philly til I die bitch

        • Phillydoessuck

          Seriously though…Philly does suck. Anyone who lives there knows it.

        • nah brah

          only black people like philly.

      • Drew

        LMAO @ whyzkid, took the words right from me.

    • nwf

      But isn't it always sunny in Philadelphia?

      • joe

        it's always funny in siladelphia

  • MylesofStyles

    It's takes quite a man to resist soaking someone on camera with your vehicle – a bigger man than I.

  • lobolebowski

    yes, the reporter is standing by a flooded road as traffic goes by. so the guy who splashed him must be a scumbag.. Standing there is not tarded what so ever

    • people are assholes

      The reporter was well off the side of the road.

      • soak 'em dano

        Apparently not far enough

  • adriana

    reporter did take it well… wonder what happened off camera

  • Justina

    He must be used to getting pissed on!

  • Nick M

    Ain't gonna lie, if I was that truck driver I would have done the same exact thing. Lol

    • Rafael_RS

      I`m with you on that one

      emo kids are my preferable target

  • Jeff

    Scumbag? Too bad it doesn't happen more often. Teach those news stations that sending a reporter into the middle of a hurricane for a live shot is idiotic at best.

    • TheJesus

      If the news didn't send people to major weather events, people would bitch about how they don't know what's happening…and TS Debby isn't even a really dangerous live shot, anyway: it's just slowly dumping 2 feet of rain on Florida.

  • TheTexan

    Impressive SIR! Kept his composure.

  • http://www.anthony-tyler.com Anthony_Tyler


    No. Trevor.


    No wonder…

  • local

    Ha, this is where I live, I keep forgetting about the flooding, which my lowered car has not appreciated. Not to mention they've closed half the bridges around here.

    • Local 1

      Chive On Fellow Manatee County Resident!

      • ...


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