When did this become a thing? (23 Photos)

It's called a corset piercing

  • http://www.facebook.com/sternstein Matthew Sternstein

    This falls under the "it seemed like a good idea at the time'….

    • Jeralin

      Good thing they're temporary then, no?

      • tiki bciht


      • Hunter

        The scars are not temporary.

        • http://twitter.com/thelittlepecan @thelittlepecan

          There are no scars.

          In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite…"Idiot!"

    • Algonquin Jones

      This falls under the "what the hell do you mean this sounds like a good idea!?!?!"…

    • Bost

      Here I thought it fit under… "SOOO… you got WASTED!"

    • Brian

      I don't get it…….

  • Mike

    I can handle a lot but I truly found this disturbing.

    • Brian

      Agreed. Weird is fine but there has to be a defining line. I think it's been crossed. Just saying.

  • douche baggins

    Sick!! God, I do not wish to live here anymore

    • CSTAT

      Back – ok, sorta sexy
      Love Handle – meh, just add more string over time.
      Clevage – WTF!? I guess it goes well with a face tattoo

    • you are a douche

      Fucking relax…these are about a 6 (out of 10) on the crazy-body-modifications scale

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Do you love me now daddy?

    • zimzum

      at least its not permanent like a tattoo

    • levian

      What i want to know is how they manage to thread all that lace througj by themselves… I can hardly scratch my own back sometimes!

    • Burrito Bandito

      Holy Fucking Ouch…wonder what else is pierced?!

    • Hunter

      That is fucking nasty!

    • Frank M

      What the HELL?!?! This is the equivalent of me buying my dream car & then keying the fuck out of it!

    • SirBoobsalot

      this proper creeps me out!

    • morganne

      Okay…look dude. A surface modification on one's own body does not merit that response. It is melodramatic and foolish in this context. Because really, you don't have to get one. You don't have to associate with people who have them. You don't have to look. People doing things to themselves and hurting no one does not merit this judgement.

      Child abuse merits that response. The FDA's collusion with the pharmaceutical companies merits that response. War atrocities merit that response.

      So seriously….grow up a little. Grow up a lot for that matter. And the rest of you who are plussing this or agreeing with this….that goes for you too. There are way more important things go on in the world.

  • Larry

    Why??? This makes no sense.

    • Drew

      Looks like shit!

      • cleojones

        no shit!!.. horrifying as fuck

    • Dr_Batman

      These girls are hot. I mean, why fuck it up? I

  • boob_cuddle

    Look but don't touch I guess. Would be bad if the string got caught on something too.

    • dub

      Yeah, this is just a ton of painful potential. Imagine getting your back stuck on a chair or something. A waiter's belt (or whatever) accidentally hooking one ring and ripping several out.

      • AllanA

        #4 #7 Specially the ones that have them close to the neck.

    • whorehey

      im guessing these people cant participate in any outdoor activities that require fast motion and little clothing…..theres's only about one thing i can think off they could

    • trl87

      And you think tattoos look bad when you get older and/or fatter???

      • nwf

        Maybe they can tighten them to get their skin tight lol.

    • Jeralin

      Corset piercings are temporary, they're typically done for a photoshoot (or a party if you're in that sort of scene) and then are removed afterwards.

      • well

        let's see the after pictures then…

        • Gross

          No shit..holes and scars everywhere!

          • tveon

            Considering how small the piercings are, they'l heal in short order as long as they don't become infected and you don't cause additional tears…

  • Pete


  • AboutGorramTime

    This…this I do not understand.

    • Brian

      Oh, I understand, all right. Run. Run away as fast as you can, before you get caught in the crazy tsunami.

  • Spencetron

    I think the correct question is: "Why did this become a thing?"

    • PJD

      And how can we send it back to not being a thing?

    • SpacemanSpiff

      I kinda like it, it really is kinda sexy. And it's kinda been a thing for quite some time already

      #14 #21

      • st33

        kinda, no.

        • SpacemanSpiff

          i'm just not jumping on the bandwagon here, i like it and think it's sexy and that it's been around for quite a while….kinda

          • dakari84

            yeah, cause Wikipedia proves anything? no

            • thechevron

              shut up ya tit, it HAS been around for years

          • thechevron

            I agree, it can be well hot

      • SteelHorseCowboy

        I agree, it is sexy if done correctly…

      • tapsnapornap

        Agree, can definitely be hot. It's not like they go around like this 24/7 or something. #10 looks like a fucking snowshoe though.

  • joe g

    dont know if i like it

  • Question_Mark

    I love these. I know a few piercers out here that do them for events.

    • Ken

      I think its pretty hot! The cool thing, they can take them out, let it heal and start over again… New design… I like it!

      • Jay

        These piercings have been around for at least a couple years now and they're sexy as hell!!

        • Jessi

          I agree! I've wanted to get one down my back, but I haven't saved up enough money for them. But I think if they're done right, they're super cute!

          • http://twitter.com/thelittlepecan @thelittlepecan

            Get a suture or needle one done instead by an experienced player. No expense, still all the fun and gorgeous.

            • http://www.facebook.com/larry.chaffin.9 Larry Chaffin

              I don't see nothing wrong, i think these look gorgeous on women, its sexy and amazing.

    • Tim

      It red look of irritated piercings gets me hot.

      • TommyD

        They are only temporary. Surface piercings like this are not meant to be permanent. The body will push them out if you try.

        So these are usually done for an event of over a weekend type thing, and then all taken out.
        I for one think they're hot, well most of them at least.

    • Travioso Peligroso

      Yeah, I think it's pretty cool

    • Jeralin

      Yeah, I think they're sexy as hell. Shame you're getting downvoted for an opinion, and apparently next to none of our fellow Chivers are aware that this sort of thing is temporary and typically only done for events/photoshoots.

      • Bri

        I agree. It's crazy that there are so many downvotes just because people disagree with an opinion. Come on Chivers! Be open minded.

      • dakari84

        Somehow that thought of scaring yourself for a weekend or an event is just not sexy or cool to me.

    • http://thechive.com/ BobbaFett

      So hot. I thought this would be more of a hit, guess we're a bit freakier than the average Chivers….

  • KCJake

    This is…horrible…this idea.

    • Trona Sucks

      Office space, why does it say paper jam when there EEZE no paper jam…

      • thedude325

        It's a mat…with different conclusions….that you can JUMP to!

  • Bus

    WTF…there goes my erection Chive.

    • M.C.

      I still FAPPED. No shame

  • GreenDawg58

    #6 is kinda sexy

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      That's only because she's naked.

    • Yuri

      Short Bus material

    • Drew

      It's not because of the strap things, I assure you.

    • RastaJohnson


    • thedude325

      Looks like a great way to get a staph infection.

    • bwaggger

      Thats cause you subconciously manstincted the fact that shes a porn star.

      • Carl

        Manstinct = new favorite word. Thanks!

    • Cotton

      haha my friend made out with her, score

    • Wayne

      In spite of… not because of

  • Meh...

    I think i'm noticing a pattern with these girls………..yep criss cross, got it.

  • Petey

    #20…can't notice the corset with a face like that

    • Oldboy

      Yeah I wouldn't begrudge this beauty a few oddities – she's f-ing hot!

  • Guy

    I kind of like it, I bet they put out on first dates.

    • Mike

      Only if you're a hot, hot girl.

    • Froman

      these chicks, like girls with crazy hair, are usually bananas is the sack!

      • Uhhh no.

        Except the hair is a natural part of them and less likely to pull out entire chucks of their flesh.

      • Johnny K.

        …and bananas is good!!!

    • AllanA

      Imagine how careful they'll have to be when they're having sex, or it will be a bloody mess

    • Axel

      yup, only seen a stripper with these things in real life and hers got ripped out during sex, by a buddy, i guess she liked it rough.

    • Dingo

      Could be fun… as long as nothing else is stitched up!

  • Macro

    Weird, but most of these ladies are smokin' hot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale


  • B Newman

    Coming soon…
    "I need some new laces….for my face."

  • AssClown

    #6 I just want to pull on one end and see if it will unravel as good as that piece of string at the end of your sweater that's always sticking out…fuck those are annoying.

    • darkSurge

      Just have someone pull the thread as you walk away.

      • The_Dood

        Watch him unravel, He'll soon be naked…

  • ghartz

    Don't know but I dont' like it.

  • Giggity

    Quick. Stop it spinning. i want to get off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sdawson22

    what some people will do for attention…

  • Someshmuck

    I just died a little inside.

  • Sean

    These girls are absolutely gorgeous, but corset piercings have always made me cringe in the worst ways. To each their own I guess.

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