Friday Dopamine Dump (38 photos)

  • iambigd42

    #29 LOL your brother is awesome!

    • Knockout_Ned

      Serves her right for having a big fucking hole in her ear.

    • Geoff

      coming from a guy who has tunnels as well, it prob piss me off but i wouldn't be able to help myself from laughing either. touche mr sales man, i too have an uncle.

      • sploodge

        show us on the dolly where this uncle touched you

      • ChestRockwell

        You are a giant douche bag!! I can assure you that no one thinks you look cool or that you have any more personal style than anyone else. In fact i can probably tell you that when most people see your "tunnels" they are pointing and laughing at the dirty jobless hippie that you are! Good luck with finding a decent job! Tool bag

    • Red

      That's what brothers are for, to annoy the shit out of their sisters.

    • I_am_golf_c0m

      I thought that's what those holes were for??? … its like an extra key chain so you never lose stuff you need

    • Anomanom

      Casey's brother wins the trollympics!

    • bigholezzzz

      Funny, I have day dreamed of doing that same thing to random people i see walking down the street…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Jayzuz, how many times is he going to do that this week?!

    • Hunter

      Her brother must be a chiver, someone mentioned doing this in the comments a day or two ago.

      • Jawbone

        Good way to tag hipster douchebags.

  • bored


    • The Occupant

      No, there is another.

      • bored


      • dutch

        there can only be one!

  • James Ramos

    #27 Sharing is caring! #31 Yes please

    • Trav1121

      We have #27 posted in the bathroom at work too. Makes me laugh everytime. XD

    • JESSE

      First I liked #31. But then I kept wondering if they had just rolled around in fish scales to get that effect.

      • bud

        yeah im not sure what's going on here but i'm all for it.

  • Brian


    HQ wallpaper, please.

  • B!!!

    #12 sexy , let me get a closer look. Just gotta hit X on that annoying vitamin ad… MOTHERFU$&&&@ piece of shit.

    • MylesofStyles

      LOL @ Internet Explorer.

    • DexterX

      have people jut not heard of ad-block. its free and it works.

      • passwordistaco

        they're on their "smart" phones.

        • TheSimonizer

          There's adblock on smartphones too.

  • leighk93

    #29 ive wanted to do that dat since those stupid tunnel things started, class ha

    • Will

      Yeah, maybe they shouldn't get big stupid holes in their ears. They are going to look great in the future. Oh wait everyone who has tunnels is going to be a rock star!! They don't have to worry about looking professional.

      • I don't know

        Or you know if you do it right and don't go past a certain size your ears can close up and be normal again. But hey, fuck it, let's ignorantly judge what others want to do with their bodies right? That's what thechive is all about…oh wait.

        • Will

          Let me know when your rock album hits. I'm going to pirate the shit out of it.

          • I don't know

            Hey good one. Why are you so concerned with how others will look in the future? I took my plugs out when I graduated high school. My ears closed up and I have a decent job. But nope, can't look professional and everyone who has their ears gauged wants to be a hipster rock star because will says so

            • Will

              because Will says so!!

              No I am glad you were smart enough to get them small enough that they grow in. I saw a kid with some big ones, like an inch, last week and I was astonished that someone could do that to themselves.

              • I don't know

                There's definitely people who take it too far no doubt. I've personally seen people with 3 inches plus. In that case I totally agree with that they either need to be a tattoo artist a rock star or working at mickie ds but it's possible to do it within reason just because you like the way they look an still be able to grow up when the time comes.

                • Dexter!

                  So…you jump his shit for judging people who pierce themselves, and then you agree with him and tell a story about how you judge people also? Nice. Why don't you two get a room…..

                  • Interested

                    @ Dexter! -internet high five-
                    Funny, I was thinking just that.

                    @I don't know keep your Hippocratic idiocy confined to the trailer park you
                    crawled out of.

            • Alan Carlson

              so if they are so great why did you take them out genius

    • Dale

      it's "that"

    • Don

      They are called "Gayges."

  • Drew

    #21 He should, and so should the rest of us already….. zzzzz….

  • Ste

    Chive get rid of the iPhone banners!!!

    • Roel

      Install adblocker+, problem solved.

      • I don't know

        You're an idiot. Know what you're talking about, problem solved.

    • MylesofStyles

      *points and laughs*

    • mastrrob

      or make them fade, or be able to close them.

    • Guest

      Get the 'Google Currents' app. Open it. Search for "The Chive". Boom. Problem solved.

    • John

      People who how the world works only hear you crying. "wah wah entertain me for free and not make any money"

    • Well...

      But they need ad revenue to pay for alcohol to get drunk so they can NOT POST SEXY CHIVERS.

  • jreddy23


    • HatBomb

      Tag, you're it!

  • KeepinCalm

    #13 epic 😀

    • erica

      yeah, like we haven't seen it in TWO OTHER THREADS here alone, and then reddit where it originally came from. And they're even reposting it there now too. :/

  • wow eeeee

    Moar gifs and moar #12

    • Taco_Depot

      she's pretty famous, ya know. being a victoria secret model and all.

  • Big_James

    #12 me like me like very much.

  • Chesterdrawers


    • sploodge


  • E=MChammered

    #23 and that was the night my Grandpa Joe went to jail for sexual harassment

    • HatBomb


    • thedude325

      ectrr in the real world…

  • Kodos

    #2 #37
    Dolphins are cool animals…

    • Barf

      I agree, No homo.

      • WelfareDept

        Especially if they had lasers attached to their heads… No homo.

        • Super HOMO

          I don't like dolphins

    • Sebastian

      Dolphins are the heinous rapists of the sea.

  • ColaChiver

    #20 …Fuckin' A Cotton…

    • gorski

      No bacon??!!!

      • ColaChiver

        Not everyone wants to be fat and riddled with high-cholesterol. Thanks.

        • Jeff

          Yeah… but it's bacon. It's delicious.

        • r00s7a

          Shut up, fun sucker

          • ColaChiver

            Don't like my comment, don't respond. KCCO.

            • ColaChiver

              If I posted that picture of that glorious burger up there then I don't think I would have a problem with BACON being thrown on it. Fuck off troll and get your own fucking name.

        • ColaChiver

          Dude whoever this is stealing my name…. get a life.

          • ColaChiver

            If I don't register it, I don't own it. Shit.

            • ColaChiver

              Why can't I just love me?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      How does one fornicate with a clump of Cotton?

      • MonkeyMadness

        It's a line reference from the movie Dodgeball.

  • TurkTurkTurk

    Its not about being first..

    its about Hulk Hogan!!!

  • ColaChiver

    #23 When the pimps in the crib ma #16

    • RealZoo

      …drop it like it's hot! When a n***** get an attitude…

  • Justin Hofstetter

    So, listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash while looking at #38 makes a really weird effect: the piano at the end syncs up to the point that I'm sure the bunny on the right is playing the piano on that track.

    R.I.P. Johnny; good to know your bunny pianist is still getting laid from your collabo.

    • ColaChiver

      How high are you?

      • penguin slayer

        From 1 too 10? i'd say Ooo cookies.

        • Big Joe

          Dude, I want some of what the ferk you're on.

      • LuvsHorror

        And can you spare some?

    • SharpM1nd

      Looks like Bunny foreplay.

      • Dr Lecter

        for the hannibal lecter of bunnies

  • Timbo

    #31 we need a high res wallpaper of this, stat!

    • FONZIE

      Where is this and how do I get there?!?!?!

  • BookEmDano

    Well… That settles that debate.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #1 Lucid dreaming level: Am I doing it right?



    I can make you happy Olivia!

    • CRC

      Am I the only one who thinks she's awful?

      • @McBeastie666

        her acting ability is something that I really have zero opinion on…however, if you're implying her acting ability, or lack thereof, makes her unattractive, then Will Ferrell feels bad for you and your visual impairment. #34

        • Tec

          No. She is just unattractive.

        • Bill Murray

          don't care. she's still not attractive. no hips. no ass. no tits. big head.

          • Meowmix

            I'm sure you pull all the women with that pleasant attitude. You know, body parts don't always = attractive or not…

            • Lotus

              Actually body parts are the only things that determine physical attractiveness and I'm not an Olivia fan. As Bill Murray said she's too skinny in all the wrong places and is not a very good actress.

          • Eli

            dude, just google olivia wilde in yoga pants and you´ll see she has a great butt

    • Caspertoo

      There's a nurse at a hospital near me that looks like her twin. Way hot.

  • Rufio

    #31 New Twilight porn? I'm in.

    • truth

      Twilight is gay, thus you have just volunteered to do gay porn.

      • Go Hoosiers

        Dudes name is Rufio, if you know your 90's history, you'll realize that Rufio or the actor portraying him rather (from Hook) is in fact a homosexual, thus making his volunteer work correct & valid…

      • Tru Chiver

        lolololol twilight is gay, justin bieber looks like a girl, sarah jessica parker looks like a horse. KCCO

        • MebbeBebbe

          Also, women should be in the kitchen making me a sandwich, MOAR pix!11!, and this cute animal post is gay and should be on The Berry.

  • Go Hoosiers

    #29 Trollin fucking hipsters should be an olympic sport – your brothers troll level is upgraded to EXPERT.

    • ZImpact

      Idiotic ideas like that deserve what happened. Nice one to the brother there.

    • sploodge

      she probably did it herself to be popular

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