Pizza cupcakes — Why wasn’t I informed about this until now? (6 Photos)

  • Schnizz56

    This looks awesome

  • E=MChammered

    Pizza Rolls will not suffice anymore

    • jer

      pizza rolls are dead to me now

      • Gear

        But they are soo good at 2am!

  • Mel Gibson

    my god…..

  • dudenik

    less veggies more meat 🙂

    • Mel Gibson


      • dumb americans

        yes. eat more bacon then you fat fucks will die off sooner.

        • QuickLikeToast

          Pretty harsh,dude

        • jer

          I can only hope I die much sooner to get away from fucktards like you

        • Pants Pudding

          We're all going to keel over and land on you, you progress-hating motherfucker

        • mad hatter

          im with this guy

          • march hare

            same. fuck you bacon-fapping lame asses.

            • FunKiller

              How does one "fap bacon?" I'm intrigued.

  • Colt.45

    Kinda like Toad In The Hole but pizza style. Yum!

  • MacNerdBoy

    Now I gotta buy a muffin pan

  • AB

    I would nom that.

  • Mack

    Because you don't browse Reddit? And when you do you upload it to theChive

    • Reddit is for losers

      Who fucking cares, asshole? Boo hoo hoo! I saw this on Reddit so I'm going to complain like the dickless wonder I am!

      You and the rest of the Reddit losers need to get laid so you're not so uptight.

      Now watch. This fucktard will come back with one of the following:

      My girlfriend is hotter than yours
      I have more sex than you
      You're mother (whatever)
      I could kick your ass
      Or some other lame come back.

      • Tommy Boy

        I would kick your ass, but I'm too busy have tons of sex with your mother, whom happens to be hotter than your girlfriend.

        Something like that?

        Not the same as the douche above.

        • Dan Peterson


          • Redit is for losers

            I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that early. I was in a dark place in my life. I like Redditors. Really I do. I just become a raging asshole when someone points out something I don't like, like Mack does.

    • psykopengwin

      When's the last time reddit raised a stupid amount of money to help someone that really needs a pick-me-up? Yeah, TheChive is far better in my eyes

      • 43098

        early this year…….

      • Barney Stinson

        google reddit charity, then get back to sucking that green dick.

    • Sorbic

      Yeah and it was on 9gag before redit and on before that… woopdedoo

  • jdubx

    Make it whole wheat dough and turkey pepperoni's and I would eat ten.

    • Steven Glansberg

      would you like a tampon with that?

      • Taipan

        You sir, win the internet for today.

      • Elton John

        sounds like you're overcompensating for a tiny penis. don't worry. you're not alone. there's no cure, but you're not alone.

    • Wymann G. Prickmore

      Watch out, we've got a hipster over here.

      • 04843

        wow. what a bunch of judgmental assholes.

    • levian

      Wow guys whats wrong with someone wanting to eat healthy? That takes a lot of willpower

    • Dodith

      Yea, me too! Better than looking like a telly tubby!

  • Jared S

    im so unbelievably hungry for this now! any ladies please make this for me!

    • Junebug

      Make it yourself, dickwad.

      • genki desu yo

        my thoughts exactly

  • Steven Glansberg

    I'd be fine eating that alone

  • Angela Nelson

    Yum to the kitchen I go

    • AssHaterson

      You mean you left the kitchen?

      • Angela Nelson

        If you only want me in the kitchen I guess I can work with that, but you have to burn those calories off some how

        • AssHaterson

          I have a couple of calorie burning ideas…

          • Angela Nelson


            • Armed Ann Dangerous

              Walking in the desert would burn a lot more than calories. Just sayin'.

              • Angela Nelson

                And you've never missed a letter when typing right?

                • Turbodude

                  Call me:D

                  • Angela Nelson


            • AssHaterson

              What's on the menu?

    • Wymann G. Prickmore

      Reddit losers take notes. Our Chivettes still can't be beat.

      • eoire

        because they're shameless attention whores who will say anything to make you idiots fawn over them.

        • Pants Pudding

          They're pandering to my inflated sense of self-worth and my insecurities at the same time? Genius!

    • Surely

      Angela there are now TWO reasons I would bang you

      • meantux

        ….and don't call me Shirley!

  • Max

    I'll have mine with bacon

  • duh_jones

    looks yum but those directions are useless

  • JillLeah

    Ehnnn looks good. I'd definately find a way to fuck it up. Ill stick to microwaves..hahaha

    • zaffa

      sounds like you will make an excellent wife some day

  • Shant1k

    When Man needs to cook, Man consults theChive cooking galleries.

  • Josh

    Well might as well have some pasta to go with your pizza. Or a lasagna cupcake!

  • Justin

    Put Pizza sauce in it or have marinera sauce to dip in then it will be perfect

  • CowboyChiver

    #6 Brilliant! Can't wait to try these!

  • usmc_chiver

    Oh, hello pintrest. I must have clicked on you instead of the chive by accident. As amazing as this looks right now, I can't help but to think that the amount of work involved is so much more than just making a pizza to begin with. Making a pizza recipe: 1. Get the dough. 2. Make the fucking pizza.

    • Turbodude

      Pick up phone….hit speed dial for Domino's

      • Hunter

        He said pizza, not cardboard.

  • violent peas

    I would probably just stick some sausage into those muffins and call it a day.


  • Chivettest

    They are called pizza MUFFINS, thus why they are cooked in a MUFFIN tin.
    They are amazing and super easy, you can buy dough from Pillsbury (the can/tube)

  • Oran Allen

    Making this tonight…Hell Yeah!!!!

  • Verbal_Kint

    you know what else would probably be awesome? doing this with croissant dough, sausage, cheese, veg, and scrambled eggs. I'm trying that.

  • Torey

    Mother of God….

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