Taylor Morris meets the President of the United States

morris lead Taylor Morris meets the President of the United States

It’s not surprising that the story of Taylor Morris’ bravery has reached the White House. Last week, President Obama dropped by to check out our hero’s progress. I spoke to Taylor just after the President’s visit.

“He was really nice and appreciative of my sacrifice. My girlfriend, Danielle, knows the President is a White Sox fan and told him, ‘The Sox stink, Go Cubs!’ He thought that was pretty funny and was quick to point out the Cubs are in the cellar right now. He (Obama) was very easy to talk to. I’ve been invited to watch the 4th of July fireworks on the White House lawn.”

I also spoke to Taylor about his rehab, which continues to defy expectations. Taylor has already been fitted for his right and left hand prosthetic, as well as one of his prosthetic legs. It will not be long until Taylor has all four prosthetic limbs.

Taylor Morris has come a long way. Two months ago tomorrow, Taylor lay dying in a crater, all of his limbs blown off, giving orders to his fellow soldiers not to come save him because it was too dangerous. On July 4th he will join the President on the White House lawn to ring in our Independence Day. Then someday sooner than anybody anticipated, the resilient sailor will return home to Iowa, and walk into a cabin the Chivers built. As we ended the call, Taylor said something very touching,

“John, what the Chivers have done for me, the cabin… I met the President… it’s unbelievable. But the letters and emails of support from Chivers have meant the most, even today letters continue to pour in (Taylor’s website). The variety of people I’ve been able to help and inspire with my story is so great. I’m very fortunate.”

“I’m very fortunate.”

  • Cooper

    Best. Man. Ever.

    • Cooper

      Here is all my man cards. You deserve em more.

      • Epitomizer

        You can have mine too, because I am crying right now anyways.

        • Daniel

          I'd lie if it didnt bring tears to my eyes when I read "I'm very fortunate". It's hard to see a fellow soldier make such a sacrifice but mind blowing to hear him make it so selfishly

          • http://www.facebook.com/danmcg Daniel McGrath

            I think you meant selflessly. But we all got what you meant, and I totally agree. This guy humbles me to the curb with my trash.
            Strive to be a Taylor Morris inside, a little everyday, and we all become better people.

    • swenka

      Way to represent Iowa! Yeah, buddy!

    • dragon2777

      he even seems like he has the sense of humor to say when the president walked in "I would salute sir but well………you know"

    • american

      I seriously dont know how anyone can thumb down this: As much as I personally hated George Bush Jr I never once was disrespected of the office and authority it holds. We can always have a healthy and logical debate about politics but the "majority" chooses the leader of our nation.

    • spotts

      I keep getting that chunk of wood in my eyes

  • Ariel

    Well that's just abou fucking awesome

    • Lawrence

      Yea; can't wait to see him on the white house lawn

  • babyfartmagizax

    Should say, President Obama got to meet Hero Taylor Morris!

    • Ned_Ryerson

      first thumbs up i've given you. well said.



    • panama99

      Well said.

      two thumbs up!!

    • Huell

      Good job, babyfart. You won the popularity contest this time. You still suck cock.

    • Livin' Legend

      Very well said.

    • glitched

      you sir win one free internet bonus point don't spend it all in once place.

    • discowheels

      Finally something interesting out of your hole

  • eat balls, internet!

    Obama is a bitch, but this is still cool.

    • john

      hey everyone, we have the biggest loser on the net with us today

      • replacement friend

        why, john? for saying this is cool? or for pointing out that the chump in chief is a bought-and-paid-for clown? don't get me wrong, the other side's got nothing better to offer. but anybody that still likes this guy is just fucking blind. the world's in the shitter and this guy just keeps on doing everything he can to keep it there. i'm picking up what eat balls is putting down. taylor is awesome. politicians suck.

        • john

          get a life tool. this is not about his or your opinion of politics. its about taylor.

          • chivegasm

            ask taylor or any other soldier what they really think of him.

            • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

              maybe some other time.

            • Bob

              You mean all the soldiers of African American and Latino descent?

              What exactly has Obama done to the troops? Bring them home from Iraq? What a traitor.

              Somehow you moronic conservatives think that sending soldiers into harm's way to get killed or maimed while cutting the VA budget is "supporting the troops."

              • Poop

                Actuay Bush is the one that sign the agreement to have all troops removed from Iraq by August 2010 back in the beginning of 2008. Obama decided to keep them there longer so it looked like he was bringing them home. So get your facts straight.

                • poopoo

                  Bush sent many thousands to their death based on a flat lie. Oh and spent way too many billions of dollars along the way. That too is a fact. Don't ever forget it.

                  • derp

                    I in no way, shape, or form supported Bush, never voted for him, and thought he did a terrible job. But to throw him in the argument in contrast to Obama is wrong. They are very comparable, and I was duped into voting for Obama based on his promises in '08, most of which he has not fulfilled.

                    That being said, we are still in perpetual war, with many being started by Barry. Now if he had kept his promise, and we had brought our troops home, rather than engage in these pointless wars, propagated by a bought and paid for media, can you honestly tell me that this would be the same story? No, I think that he may have never met the president and he may be walking, which is a mighty fine story itself.

            • spotts

              Taylor Would respond with All respect. That he is President of these United States. That's All. As for being bought and paid for… That is a majority of our elected officials.

          • Haza

            not the time or the place fellas

          • Woop

            i think you're on the wrong website. Go to bbc.com, i hear your sister is there and looking for some fun.

            • no doors

              British Broadcasting Corporation? I go there all the time and check out fun news articles

        • Bob

          So true, expanding access to healthcare and trying to revive the economy despite the GOP blocking all of his legislative initiatives is so AWFUL!

          Do you dumbass conservatards even critically examine your thought processes?

          This is your brain on FOX kids.

          • https://www.facebook.com/vincekristin.aleman Vince-Kristin Aleman

            Just because people don't like the current president does not make them conservative! I do agree that this is not the place for politics. But for the love of God stop acting like their are only 2 parties to choose from. If more people paid attention to the independent parties, maybe our friend in the democratic and republican parties were be more inclined to help the people. And that healthcare bill is crap! Companies are already telling their employees that they are going to have to get their own coverage because paying the tax is cheaper than paying for insurance. Which means a majority of people will not be able to afford insurance, and cause a surge of medicare/medicaid coverage, which means you will be paying more out of your check. And the "affordable coverage" is shit too! I know because we've had it and it didn't cover very much of anything, and maybe the monthly fee for insurance was affordable but getting slammed with the doctor's visit wasn't.

    • erick

      WTF, Chive? This IS cool.

    • eat balls, internet!

      whoa. damn. look, this would have been cool if it was paul, romney, biden, or that rent is too damn high guy. i didn't know chivers were so crazy about barry o.

      • break of don

        I don't think they are. I think they thumbed it down cause you were getting political on a Taylor is awesome thread. I couldn't give a shit less about Obama either, but that wasn't the point of the barrage of down thumbs. Just sayin'.

      • Mike

        you just don't get it

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      look i don't like the President either, but i have to say i respect him a little bit more for this. he didn't have to do it he choose to do it and while i don't like what he did to me country he seems to be a real people person

  • walker

    When I first read the post I thought, 'I'm giving it 2 weeks and the President visits.' Such is the power of this story and the chive.

  • http://twitter.com/blumpkin8er @blumpkin8er

    Finally a good American story, enough with the Canada things. ITS ALMOST 4th OF JULY!!!

    – Thanks again Taylor!

    • Anon

      You know there are holidays in other countries too right? You know the USA is not the only place out there? You know that Canada day just finished up and I am pretty damn sure that putting up a post about Canada day three or four days before 4th of July isnt a fucking crime. Stop whining about the site catering to more people than just Americans. That is the attitude that makes you so loved everywhere else. You also could have chosen to comment on the good story of Taylor but hey.. w/e right?

      • Ethix

        You know this is an American website run on an American server and run by Americans, right?

        • Dale

          Exactly what I thought Ethix.

        • Chorel

          You know that people from around the world come to this site right? AMERICA ISN'T THE ONLY FUCKING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

        • dunno01

          Servers running on electricity sold to you from Canada.

          • RTD_

            Amen to that, The world is One and we are united as one start acting like it guys this is a COMMUNITY SITE. so how about we all put down our pride and start acting like adults? =)

    • http://www.facebook.com/trevor.muxlow Trevor Muxlow

      You guys are idiots. I've got no problems with America until assholes like this show their colors.

  • Hammerdick

    Am I the only one wanting MOAR of Danielle?

    • Superman

      Not the time for that dude. Bad form.

    • jasonB

      Taylor may not have a fist with which to punch you but, I'd be happy to fill in for him. And I'm sure a line would quickly form behind me.

      • drtyjrz

        I'm in. What a douche.

    • Shiguy

      Lowbrow bud….lowbrow.

      • tv_paul

        Yes, she is attractive but I doubt that any of us are man enough to compete in anyway with her guy Taylor.

        • SGT_HOTROD

          Agreed. I know I aint man enough.

    • Average Joe

      What the hell is wrong with you? This is not meant as a dig at Danielle. You'd probably fart at the changing of the guard of the unknown soldier…

    • Vyle_Kidovich

      Classless. I hope when Taylor finishes rehab, he comes to your door and delivers a swift roundhouse to your face.

    • Scodeling

      Yes, you are, Hammerdouche. Take a hammer to your dick. Repeat.

    • Chaka

      I thought the joke was hilarious and well timed.

    • asdasd

      No sir you are not. I think she'd make a great chivette.

      And to all you haters, I give you a wag of my finger(to steal Colbert's famous skit saying). Not only is Taylor Morris a big chiver now(along with Danielle), but the guy isn't the kind of guy who wallows in his pain. Read: "I'm very fortunate."

      Well the guy is also fortunate to have a very beautiful girlfriend, who deserves to be a chivette! None of you chivers thumbs down when people ask for "moar" of other girls out there who have boyfriends(And some of you even offer to take their places, which is far more classless than this guy asking for moar) so why this one? Because her boyfriend is a quadruple amputee? Is that pity I hear in your comment? Morris doesn't want any of your fucking pity, so stow that shit for your own misfortunate lives and demand Danielle become a real chivette!

  • dwide

    theChive is about to explode. popularity wise

    • walker

      where have you been?

    • Chris

      your saying it hasnt yet?

      • OhioChiver

        Rumor has it the President invited all the Chivers over for….(wait for it) TheChive Meetup @The White House. Just imagine.
        Huge respect Taylor. Chive on, Hero style.

    • LuketheTerrible

      As opposed to…. explosives wise ?

  • Felcus

    Why do splinters appear in my eyes whenever I read something about Taylor? WTF, man…


      You get splinters??? you lucky son of a bitch i think i got a whole redwood

    • goalieguy

      I hear ya bud, I've teared up at every single post involving Taylor and I still want more, amazing story

  • Superman

    Dammit! I got a wood chip in my eye!

  • bigd

    If you ever come to up St. Paul, youve got a few (many) drinks waiting for ya. Thanks again Taylor!

    • Felcus

      Word. St. Paul is the smart Twin.

      • Felcus

        And is a better drinker.

        • bigd

          This is true, a lot cleaner and fewer hipsters

          • http://www.facebook.com/alex.ginsberg Alex Ginsberg

            Saint Louis Park native. Gotta say, Minneapolis may have more hobos, but the western suburbs are legit.

            Also, I've got second round for Taylor if he's ever here.

  • TKMS

    So touching. The story made me cry and reading this gave me teary eyes and Goosebumps. What a wonderful man!!!!

  • James

    He is a real man. Saying "I'm so fortunate," not even 2 months after having four limbs blown off. I need to up my game to even be half the man Taylor is.

    • OnOneWheel24

      My thoughts exactly. I was reading this to a friend and got stuck on the fact that a man who just lost all four limbs, was quoted as saying "I am very fortunate". I believe we are all in debt to Taylor

      • Luke

        I know right? It's things like this that both make me feel so proud to serve my country (no matter what anyone thinks of Washington) and so insignificant at the same time that all I do is pump gas for pilots.

  • Almoney13

    You are the man, Taylor!! All the best from Oshawa Ontario!!

  • nolechiver

    What a badass.

  • Shiguy

    Taylor is a true man, however, as an avid cubs fan, I love that Danielle gave ol' boy some ribbing.

  • Jim

    I absolutely love seeing these updates. Great great stuff.

  • Tim

    Whether it be FLBP, Gaps, Sexy Chivers or awesome story's or man helping their fellow man, The Chive always gives me a tingly feeling. CHIVE ON!

    • Tim


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  • tv_paul

    This was probably the most touching story this site every promoted . He's a lucky man to have a girlfriend , family & friends that support him so much during his recovery . You Taylor (and everyone around you) are everything that everyone should aspire to be.

  • Average Joe

    There are no words to express the gratitude I feel toward you and people like you. I only hope my donation to your cabin in some small way eases your life.

  • casey

    This is why i have fallen in such love with TheChive. Stories like this cant be thought up or faked and it restores my faith in humanity.

    • casey

      I love chivers

  • https://www.facebook.com/allupinmybiznass Chris Wisialowski

    A real American hero. I gotta say his bravery and persaverance is inspirational.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.dannunzio.9 Marc D'Annunzio

    You are the man! And chive you continue to make this world a better place, from comedy to community, I raise my glass to you all!

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