Hot Right Now: Random memes that made us spit out our morning coffee this week (60 photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

I'm sure you've noticed but we're only lightly posting today because we celebrated the 4th of July with alcohol this year. We'll be back to full strength tomorrow!

Thanks to the hundreds of Chivers who showed up at the Rattle Inn in Austin last night. Our southern Chivers brought their patriotic A-Game. I especially want to thank everybody who bought me a shot. I may or may not be blogging from a toilet right now. Don't judge. What a night...

  • Jake

    Jabba the pug

  • wkdfrog

    #18 Nice crack in the mirror… plus also you cracked your mirror 🙂

  • wkdfrog

    #13 Great boobs. Modesty however….

  • Seth

    #18 EHRMAGERD! fair to say COTW?

  • čćčćčć

    #33 Keanu on the bench?

  • David Rookie Railey


    … Keanu?

  • Ben Thomas

    #10 Cymru am Byth! Anymore welsh chivers/chivettes out there?


    #18 What a body………..
    #30 HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………THAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trollatc

    #30 don't mind me, I'm minding the gap.

  • sweet detik

    It is definitely a great and valuable part of info. I am content which you discussed this particular valuable info along with us. Please stay all of us current like this. Thank you for revealing.


    Stay away from #18. She's got 7 years of bad luck.

  • Rick

    #13 I want to believe you, but, arm. Dew eet it again but less arm! MOAR!
    #18 MOAR of everything! Wow you're amazing! =D~
    #30 That'a girl! A girl who works out her butts & legs. MOAR humps from yew!

  • mortalcombatxxx

    finder her #34
    searched the whole thread for a find her

  • Bryan Wood


    Will you marry me?

  • Sierra Perea

    #31 made me barf.

  • erica

    #13 MOAR so we can determine whether or not they are as magnificant as you say. 😀

  • Christopher M. Bland

    #18 #34

    Proves God is a man.

  • Miguel Guy Tabor

    #22 im in love, must have moar.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #9 One of the hottest girl, ever.

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