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    • https://www.facebook.com/matthelo Matt Otto


  • JoJo

    I believe is was a shark. lol

    • zoom

      "It's on your line, keep reeling!"

      Yeah, good luck with that.

      • http://twitter.com/FLRescue @FLRescue

        Holy crap! I thought that was a lake. Surprised me for sure!

        • Dwide Schrude

          At the risk of posting the nerdiest thing ever, Bull Sharks have a unique ability to swim upstream into fresh water without dying. That shark was most definitely a Bull Shark, aka. a Zambezi Shark.

    • Aaron

      A shark?! In the water?! Ate a fish?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! idiots.

    • Simon

      To further clarify, I understand it to be a big ass shark.

  • ZacHart96

    That's… that's just awesome!!!

    • Epitomizer

      Agreed & Thunder Up Baby!!

      • ZacHart96

        Thunder up brother!

    • backseatchiver

      yep. every fisherman wants a video and story like that.

      I'd be totally fine with losing that fish.


  • chopper


    Yep, that's pretty much the same reaction I would have had.

  • emini

    well that was awesome. they'll never swim in there again

  • Sharky

    Where the hell is that?

    • JohnnyAppleSeed

      looks like intercoastals of Soutch Carolina…the low country my friend

      • Boomkid

        I live in Hilton head and I was thinking the same thing.

    • Slappy

      On a dock…next to water.

      • http://twitter.com/JDougE09 @JDougE09


    • Kyle

      Cherry Grove in North Myrtle Beach. I work at a fire house a few blocks away.

  • Bradley


    • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

      Chuck Testa!

  • tv_paul

    You're gonna need a bigger boa… I mean rod.

    • Doug

      that's what she said

  • kryvian

    it's a shark. why stop? BRING IT IN!


    • http://www.facebook.com/danmcg Daniel McGrath

      I looked a couple times, the shark wasn't ion the hook. The girl had a fish on there and just as it came to the surface a shark took it away from her line. Hilarious!

      • kryvian

        wew, I was joking and you took it seriously, tho I can't say it's worth the downvotes. :V

      • Tim

        Even if it was on the line, no way the line holds a fish of that size. It'd snap instantly.

  • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

    … I think it was a shark.

  • Nicky B

    An now im never going to go in the water again…

    • Jay

      dah dun.

  • CjNUT

    HOLY $HIT!!! Places I will not be going to!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.perez2 Matt Perez Ŧ

    Looks like a Bull shark they are known to swim up river for food.

    • Static

      agreed, bull shark for sure.

      • Robert

        Yeah. I'm calling bull.

    • tv_paul

      Yeah, River Monsters show has tracked them hundreds of miles(or more) up river systems. They even give birth in fresh water.

    • OoogaBooga

      That was a coastal salt marsh.

      • Discovery Junkie

        Doesn't matter. Unlike other sharks a bull shark can regulate it's salt intake and output depending on the salinity of the water around it. As long as there's a way for the shark to get into that body water, it can survive. And that just creeps the living shit outta me.

    • LeTour

      WHO CARES!!! Its just a big ass shark!

  • Luimi_


    • Kenniyy


      • Kenniyy


        • Kenniyy


  • Tate

    Hahaha, their reactions were great!

  • Dude Imbibes

    Yeah you go ahead and have that fish buddy. I'll get the next one.

  • shawn KCCO

    Pause at 1.32. Burned it.

    • Adam

      You have a kean eye for quality sir!

    • correct

      Blobs indeed

    • Dude Imbibes

      1:20 as well

    • Slappy

      It's just nice to know that I wasn't the only perv.

      • shawn KCCO

        because boobs.

    • Shoofly

      I was replaying 0:08 through 0:20. Then froze on 1:32.

  • ChiTownChiver

    I would poop my pants

    • ChiveOnInTheLoo

      I'm pretty sure I almost did just watching that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.v.tellez Mario V Tellez

    That effin krazy!!!! No swiming there for sure!!!

  • joeyjojojr. shabadoo

    Find Her!

  • Derp

    Its a shaaaaaark its a shaaaaaark a shaaaaaark its a big ass shaaaaark hahaha

    • Vinni

      No it was a shawk! A big ass shawk!

  • Ouboet

    She is pretty good with that rod…

  • The Jruss

    i love the sterotypical backwoods husband saying “reel it in!” contrary all the horrible videos where the person gets pulled into the water in the process… P.S. sharks love butterfaces

  • cels0_o

    Their reaction reminded me of the fireworks guy

    • http://www.facebook.com/chad.macdonald.19 Chad MacDonald


    • Static

      never seen that…. LMAO that is hysterical!

    • Willie

      Oh damn, laughed till my sides hurt on that one LOL

      • Jay

        I finally stopped laughing about the 10th or so watching… my god that was funny.

    • emu90

      hahahahahaha that was the best laugh i've had in a while
      "get da water niggah! it goin down!!"

    • Boner

      Thank you, that was awesome

    • tim

      Jesus that was funny.

      • cels0_o

        My cousin had nothing to do with this but I'll let him know.

    • Derby

      OH GAWD!!! Laughin my ass off!
      Mutha fuckin bootleg fireworks, oh shit!

      • Chim richels

        Still laughing!

        There is something poetic about invoking the name of Jesus whilst saying 'niggah' and 'mutha fuckin' bootleg ass fireworks'

    • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.pollock.7 theycallmedaddy

      how have i never seen this!? oh my goodness i cant stop laughing

  • Darren

    that girl sounds just like the guy from i love you man hah

    • Turdutter jim

      That's the truest thing I've heard all day

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