Friday Dopamine Dump (40 photos)

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #9 MOAR of the girl on the right

    • Drew


    • EveLover

      Best costume ever. Need MOAR

    • tv_paul

      I like the wood nympho I mean nymph on the right.

      • dke

        Agreed, i would pee in her asa

    • rsjem1979

      I'll take the one on the far left in the water wings and high heels.

      • tv_paul

        There's something for everyone.It's like a smorgasbord of cute, real girls.

    • REEBUS

      and of course sara jessica parker had to ruin the shot.. blue floatie and wood nymph makes up for it though

      • REEBUS

        i knew she was horse disguised as a man! mind blown

    • Tomas

      Here is a much larger version:

      • Shannon Coverdale

        You are my hero

        • Tomas

          You're welcome. 😉

      • Tomas
        • Tomas
          • Tomas
            • Danno Maurer

              Thanks…thank you…thanks a ton…THANKS!!!!!!

              • Mule

                Is this the only dude at the party? How do I get an invite, because that doesn't look like the traditional sausage fest I am used to going to… My odds are bound to go up!

            • DrGarnicus

              Great photo!

            • Habsy

              Thanks Tomas, your a much better private investigator then Marty is.

            • Guest

              THAT'S the one we were looking for! Thank you sir!!

          • goatpunch

            So on further review, The seashell bra gal went way up in points, but I might give the winner to actually the duct tape bikini gal just for pure awesomeness

      • rsjem1979

        You can't hear me, but I'm singing "Wind Beneath my Wings" in your honor right now.

      • Nahvis

        You sir are fine example of a human being.

      • its_forge

        Yup like I said, one dude, some so-so pretty girls, and one Goddess Walking The Earth In Almost No Clothes At All.

      • Oooo

        How do you find these thank u sooo much

    • GernBlansten

      Who am I kidding, as if I would turn any of them down but the equestrian….

    • Random

      Seriously. Look at those amazing legs.

    • uRaDouche

      taking over MOAR duties from babyfart? please don't. that shit's played.

    • Derby

      Oh Please!
      The girl in the Blue!!!

    • jared

      im digging the duct tape girl

    • Colin

      Going out on a limb and calling that the guy is trying to rock a Caligula costume. No Roddy McDoWall, but the women make up for that.

    • Lawrence Panis


    • waltgator

      agreed! chive..your mission…

  • Dave

    #14 Jeff Goldblum already haunts my dreams. Now he has to watch me poop?!?!?

    • Optimus_prime

      Christopher Walken watches me poop

      • Jaives

        Wrong. Christopher Walken watches you masturbate. And he says you're Good. @_@

    • RangerDan

      Not just poop.

  • melindu

    the magic that is #33

    • Hawksnester

      Delicious. Would hate to be the prep person

  • 1time

    Guthrie Atkinson once met a female. Once.

  • NaTaS

    #1 They look so cuddly

    • Oli

      and there are also guinea pigs in the picture too!

    • hops101

      What?! There was animals in the pic?

      • MarshyD

        no one said anything about animals. dumbass.

    • NaTaS

      Oh fuck I didn't even notice the guinea pigs… good call oli.

  • MOAR

    #7 What a dream

    • 6655321

      I know. Fresh bananas.

  • akbrown006

    Ohh my geaaww. doublleee rainbow.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      erhmegherd, derber renbers

    • Forest

      so intense

  • Wes Jones

    #40 oh the memories!! T-U-R-T-L-E power.

  • Zaedrus

    #9 I want to be at that party.

    • Underbaker

      Don't know whats going on here, but the guy and his horse are not the ones I would want to fuck in this picture.

    • Guest

      They are white girls pretty sure you'd get lucky

    • Iooo

      Forget the party I wanna be in the girl on the right

  • edd

    #7 Damn….

  • bob_the_cook

    #38- No fucking way I"m eating anything marketed as "Ru-fi" anything

    • Harmonica33


      • FunKiller

        We rowdy

    • Underbaker

      It doesn't get any better with The Lost Soys, Soy Pizza, Ughh. At least they cut up a few Vegans to put in the chocolate chip cookies.

    • Dave

      Just checked out that tumblr URL on the right. Pretty funny.

    • MonkeyMadness


  • MrUpp07

    #7, mom shorts…… yet somehow, I don't care!

    • AAaronson

      Definitely not mom shorts

    • Oltimey

      "Mom" just means she's put out at least once in her life.

      • MrUpp07

        I like the way you think

    • Taco_Depot

      its also an ad from the 90s

  • @lackofabetter

    #1 I would play with those 2 all day, and what are the furry things also in the picture

    • Dr. Evil

      Why haven't more people thumbs upped you?

      • @lackofabetter

        You tell em Dr Evil!

  • dennis

    i love u chive kcco

  • rmclimack
    • Ricky Runyon

      Fail on so many levels that your tiny brain will never comprehend.

      • MarshyD

        for a shorthand example, use the word "fail" as this idiot just has. ^^

  • bambam

    or the one on the far left

  • Nate Woodard

    #9 Where the fuck were these girls when I was in college? Pretty sure my dorm required any female to be 250+.

  • etcrr

    fuck you guys Im going do what I want

    Thank you for your service.

  • James Ramos

    #9 right and left, MOAR!

    • ol76er

      same can be said for #1

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      any or all. makes no difference to me.


    • Keesje Mills

      can somebody please say something other than MOAR?
      seriously hot or needs some 2-4D or duct tape hold anything together or just.. something original?
      must be asking to much

  • tv_paul

    #1 Those 2 things would keep me up all night long, just nibbling away and making lil' squeaking noises …the guinea pigs I mean.

    • Underbaker

      No.. No… pretty sure you was talking about yourself.

      • tv_paul

        I was never formally charged with Guineablism.Next time remember to add the word "allegedly".

        • Underbaker

          They eat them all the time in South America, but those weren't the objects I was allegedly accusing you of nibbling and squeaking about.

          • tv_paul

            Is it wrong that whenever I read your posts I hear it in my head with Peter Griffins voice?

            • Underbaker

              I guess that is better than Garfield, had a kid at a church camp telling everyone that.

  • tv_paul

    #17 It's Panda-monium !

    • nate

      It's a Panda-emic

    • Underbaker

      Looks more like a Pandamic to me.

    • Woop

      I find your pun un-bear-able.

  • Mr. Mackle

    #1 Nice pair.. and umm Nice pair

  • Guest

    #11 – NICE!

  • Mr. Mackle

    #17 Suddenly.. Pandas EVERYWHERE !!

  • Moknowsbest

    #9 girl on the right is hot…we need moar

    • winfields

      I was going to say well yeah, because she's the most naked… but then I looked again, and you're right.

    • Bill

      way way way MOAR of the one on the right. Just in case I wasn't clear WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY MOAR 🙂

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