Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • dragon2777

    #1 and #3 are awesome

  • http://twitter.com/DrDrai1122 @DrDrai1122

    #1 Penn State has made some nice improvements to their classrooms lately…..

    • Babba Booey

      That has to be one of the dumiest comments ive seen on here

      • t(-.-t)

        he's joking, that's just a joke. we like to have fun around here.

        We're having fun here aren't we? He comes up with these, and the guys… its just good to laugh….

        He's a trickster, people say he's really meant for comedy. Here's his head shot just in case you know anybody. Can't hurt right? http://cellsitelawyer.com/images/JonathanKramer.h

        • Bill O'Reilly

          you're even less funny than the Penn State guy

    • Jimbo

      I laughed

      • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.guzman.54 Vincent Guzman

        funniest penn st joke ever belongs to rashad evans before his fight with phil davis "imma put hands on you worse than that dude from penn st"

        but yeah i laughed at the top comment.

  • marky


  • Slavo

    #17 if it was the other way around it would be a hate crime

    • Dr_StrangePants

      …..Please Don't Let Fox News Find This

      • Bob

        Obama stepping on the little man again… That is obama right??

    • cameron

      i think alot of people will be breaking some spines from trying to do this today

    • GrayDog

      You know the economy is bad when people can't afford jump rope.

  • Grant


    • Slavo

      You opened a pandoras box of insults

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #12 super mom! milf in training…

    • Soft spots are soft

      Until she does the pull up and flattens the baby's head

    • Tony RObbins

      This trumps all lazy women who claim they have a kid and dont have time to exercise………

    • gunnerx

      What's the dude doing on the floor.

      • Csubi

        Do a CrossFit class at your local CrossFit gym. You'll understand pretty frackin fast what he's doing on the floor 😉

    • mommy

      As awesome as it is, she is doing a disservice to her baby by strapping it in that bjorn baby carrier.. its linked to causing hip dysplasia.

  • SuperiorTo8

    #20 Actually, they are ecstatic… Can't you tell?

    • Falthor

      Well Kristen is for sure… Rob on the other hand can actually act so it's hard to tell.

    • MBChiver

      That's the most emotion either one of them has shown in public or on film ever!

  • NickZ

    #35 haha idiots.. Looks like they shoulda payed attention when they went “two” school

  • NickZ

    #35 haha idiots! Looks like they should have payed attention when they went "two" school!

    • Zaedrus

      I just figured School Three would be more challenging.

    • nbabab


    • Lisa

      Your spelling is bad and you should feel bad.

    • Rodi

      I laughed harder at YOUR spelling mistake while calling THEM idiots.

      • Me.

        there's only one "them"…

    • Really?

      Pot, I'd like to introduce you to Kettle.

    • clever handle

      All you kettles need to be re-introduced to pots yourselves.

      "Payed" is not a preferred spelling but it's not incorrect. LMGTFY

      • David

        Incorrect, "payed" is not a word at all

      • usmc_chiver

        Payed IS in fact a word. and Payed IS in fact a past tense of "Pay" but ONLY when it refers to the nautical definition of "pay" – which means to seal a deck or hull to prevent leakage. when you have already done that, you have "payed" the hull as opposed to "paid" the hull.. but that is the ONLY accepted past tense of the word pay.

        • Urethra Franklin

          Check Mate!

        • ghostofmlg


    • gogators88

      That's the news where I grew up, there is a reason I left those idiots behind. Sad part is most folks in the South Bend/Elkhart area probably didn't catch the mistake.

      • Heh

        *** misteak

        • S.OhioChiver

          you peepole are killing me

  • 3MC

    #14 Like a bear.

    • Reed Tarded

      He gets it.

    • Frankee

      Al Bundy 50years later ;]


    Legalize #34

    • Arcona

      Legalise houses?

    • Gabriel

      Norway. Not a grow house. The used to put grass on the roofs as insulation and still do it today for homage and styling reasons. It looks cool and is pretty common.

    • Kassie Danae

      why are chivers so anti-weed?

      • spotts

        Uh, Not.

    • murf

      Aurlandsdalen, I was there 8 years ago. Awesome!

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #2 what is the reason people decide that they should do silly things like this for?

    • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

      meant #3

  • p$d

    #24 Faith in humanity restored.

    • awhite2020

      #25 And faith immediately lost again.

    • TazeMeBro

      All that time and effort, and he couldn't have done something better with the wires than run them outside the wall and cover them with Wiremold?

    • Garrett

      What is this wonderful contraption called and where can i find one?

    • msee

      I just wont be happy until its mounted.

      • Yeppers

        I'm the same way.

  • MIKEG01sf

    Thank you chive for making mondays bearable

    • I don't know

      You forgot to add #14

  • cantsleep

    #1, oh yes, very sneaky

  • MIKEG01sf

    #5 #19

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #20 False. The headline should read: " Stewart displays full emotional range on red carpet."

  • screamer2703

    #23 who put onions in my room ?!?

    • Rodi

      Damn Ninjas cutting onions in your room too?

    • Pyp

      There is also a bench in the heart, where he would go sit. At the bottom of the heart is the only path in or out.


    #14 you know, sometimes it's boring being a bear.

  • awhite2020

    #19 WOW! Someone really wants their kid to get beat up!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I don't know, i'd say that's pretty….wizard

  • John


    Anyone else hear bowling pins in their head???

    • ChefSanji

      I was just thinking it lol

    • Tjw

      Dude tht was the funniest gif I've seen lol

    • Falthor

      I saw one of these locally and I was thinking… what happens if the guy in front falls down… now I know.

  • fresh.ta.death

    #33. Awesome.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      The Daily Morning Awesomeness of the Year, IMHO.

    • jer

      fuck cancer, takes too many friends, glad this person kept their mother

    • spotts

      I agree.
      KCCO !!!

    • GIPPER

      This made my day!

  • https://www.facebook.com/CharleneTheBadass Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

    #24 Oooh do want!

  • Mark B.

    <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/hotels/pt.jpg>#28 my funny boy, it's so really, so pain <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/aquarius/ns.jpg>

    • nutter butter


      • Anomanom

        the fuck

  • HonoluluChiver

    #14……."Mom,……the meatloaf. FUCK!"

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