Good parenting: Nailed it (35 Photos)

  • Paula_

    Cover you're ears 'cause Paula rules and is:

    – Fan testimonial: "Paula_! Use your underworld troll contacts to talk to that slacker Bob guy and gets me some Nostalgia galleries, daggnabbit! – Trav1121"

    • Qatastrophe

      You seem a little off your game today…

      • Paula_

        No I'm not! Firsties is just that, firsties.
        Please note my other brilliant comment, the fourthsies. Or should I explain that one, as Chivers are kind of slow…?

        – sigh

    • erin

      what the fuck?


      Paula, Hard to believe you have something negative to say on this Post. These where clearly your family members you worthless no life fuck!!!

      • Kristen

        *were…you ignorant fucker. CHIVEN4HUMPS, huh? Even your name screams "VIRGIN!"

    • Jb Van Camp

      I agree, a thoughtless 'first' comment is low for even Paula..

    • meh!

      paula will u fire bob?…his galleries suck and seems like a real rectum wrangler.

    • Fryy

      Paula_ is the only one that deserves thumbs down. All other who thumb down firsters, fosterig their need for trolling are pointless people

      • Fryy

        *fostering their need for trolling,

  • zissou

    #6 motherf@#$%^

  • ur ass

    first motha fuckasss

    • Paula_

      HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!


      – First!

      • paula eats poop

        I feel bad for you. You spend all your time attempting to troll while making up retarded fan testimonials. I can't imagine how many guys have killed themselves after porking your annoying cooter. Now do us all a favor and choke on a poopy dong.

        • Bill Murray

          that was so lame that i feel sorry for you.

    • idiot


    • dag nabbit


  • Paula_

    Bad parenting….
    #9 Well… then I guess that 'kid' was conceived doggy style hMMMM?

    – Fan testimonial: "Thanks Paula, every time you post you make the retards pop out of the crowd. I give you your natural selection agent card. – DanforReal"

    • idif

      Fuck you, you obnoxious bitch.

      • DCD

        This is all he/she has got, clearly (as evidenced by pride taken, time spent, etc).

    • xrt

      Paula, you are the besties!!!

  • ItsNick

    Those kid leashes are so stupid! Why would you ever get one? Can parents not hold their kids' hand anymore?

    • Erin

      As I do agree that if you have a child, hand holding is the #1 option. But some children will refuse to hold a persons hand, in that case leashing a child is safer than hoping they won't run off at the first sight of some random shiny object that looks like fun. The people in these photos however, are not responsibly using this particular child safety device. And therefore should be mocked for our entertainment

    • JustWaitNick

      You don't have kids do you?

      • The Woim

        That, or she is just a lazy parent that does not get that she is in charge, not the kid. Those kid leashes are for lazy parents, who to use her words run off at the first sign of a shiny object instead of holding their kids' hand.

      • Righteous Spinster

        I do. No need for leashes, it's called "teaching kids to behave", and not expecting a quick fix. Crazy, I know.

        • spaceace

          I have two kids and I hobbled them like in that movie about the writer, I forget what it's called.

  • fakefrank

    I dont see the problem with them.

    • Dave

      Well, in #1, if he intends on drinking the whole boot, I hope he's not the one taking care of the kid….The others aren't bad…….#18 seems kinda fun with the light pointer 😛

    • MylesofStyles

      Well, in #1, the kid is sad because he keeps ordering beers and his dad keeps drinking them.
      In #18, the kid is trying to light the wall on fire with his heat-ray vision, but his parents pranked him by using fire retardant drywall.
      Regarding #21, the chicken in the basket is past its expiration date.
      In #23, the mom's pants are illegal.
      Finally, for #25, I only have one word for you: "Ford".

      Hope this clears things up for you.

    • Go Hoosiers

      So me & 3 buddies got to spend 3 hours locked in security at a Ohio theme park because we spent our first hour there walking around cutting kid leashes. If you put your kid on a leash, beware, we are out there an we will liberate your wild children & throw the spotlight on your piss-poor parenting. I don't recommend cutting leashes though, cost us $285.00 in property damage & we nearly went to jail. The cop agreed with us on the principal of our deed, so we just had to pay for the "Ima Shitty Parent" leads.

      • Dana Xu

        Fuckin a, brother

  • B Dub

    I think there is a serious issue going on with #7 if a child that age is drawing that. The parents may wish to have a chat with the child about their visits with 'Uncle Tom'. I feel for the child :-/

    • Luke

      Like johnah hill's character in Superbad?

      • blake

        you know how many foods are shaped like dicks? THE BEST KIND

    • mikey

      …do you honestly think the KID drew that?…c'mon, use your brain…

      • AsciiAdam

        Correct sir, my driveway is filled with chalk art right now and my kids come in looking like they swam in chalk dust.

  • Professor Squeegee

    Paula please eat Bob before he can post another thread.

    You are our only hope..

    PS. Love ya

    • Paula_

      Hell no, <3Bob<3 rules! Don't blame him for the crap the others make him post under his account because they're too ashamed to use their own accounts!
      Also, eating Bob would create a black hole, or at least that's what I was just told.

      Anyway, Bob's busy right meow, something about a gallery of "FLBP redheads with one tiny hand" or something like that…. Yeah, it'll be great!

      – I'm not weird, I'm just drawn that way

      • Professor Squeegee

        Bob hole not black.~{~

        BTW fellow Chivers, Bob is a rock star. I simply used his name to get Paula's attention. Yeah I know lame, but it's hump day and I am feeling kinda lonely.

        Smile already!!! :p

  • RealZoo

    #5 #23 …Ex sister-in-law use to do this with her son. Then one day in the mall, he got down and started barking like a dog and would not stop. Never again.

    • Falthor

      the only time it's even mildly reasonable to "leash" a kid is when you have 3 or more to one parent… Otherwise you're just being lazy.

  • hellishotter

    #25 #8 Can't see a problem with these

  • maboze1x

    #7 Boy you're to white for that! 🙂

    • dirtysteve99

      To have a yellow dick?

      • forever harmed

        too many Cheezies.. switch hands

    • caleb


      • caled


  • LaurenGoMeow

    #23 kids on a leash is wrong

    • off your high horse

      If you have a child that won't stay nearby and will likely run out of the store and around the parking lot, then the leash is the lesser of two evils. I'm guessing from your profile picture that you don't have kids though.

      • Jen

        but its great entertainment for the rest of us! "look! a kid on a leash! grab the camera"

      • The Woim

        If you have a child that won't stay nearby, you need to better discipline and gain control of your child. And yeah, I got 3 kids.

      • Katt Williams

        i for one hope white people keep doing it. it's the funniest thing we've seen since white people started thinking they could rap.

    • Optimus_prime

      White people please stop puttin' them little blue leashes on your kids

    • Pretty Smile

      Actually, it's hilarious………….

    • Amigo

      watch as your leash kid grows up and has mental issues and dog fetishes.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      there is nothing wrong with it. It gives the kids a lot more freedom than if you hold their hand. You can say "well just let them wander and watch them" try getting shopping while doing that with an active toddler. Some of ours walked besides us on the sidewalk, no problem. Others needed hand held or some kind of restraint or they would dart into the street without warning – too quickly if you were trusting to your reflexes to grab them in time.
      Every kid is different, this does no harm, let each parent make the wise choice for their kids.

    • Falthor

      not completely.. like i said above 1 parent with 1 kid on a leash is just lazy… 1 parent with 3 kids on a leash is smart… get what I mean? as a Parent with 3 kids believe me I can tell you horror stories.

      • fathorthegay

        fuck off…you're probably single living in your mom's basement.

        • Falthor

          say the guy who created an anonymous account Mocking my account's name…

          • falthortheuneducated

            *said actually "typed" is more correct.

            • Falthor

              *says, and that depends on how you view comment sections on websites… as the name suggests these are "comments' which are a form of communication, usually of the verbal kind, so referring to them as being Said is in fact correct.

    • ...

      at least the kid gets exercise, rather than being shoved into a stroller and given candy to be quiet. Kids want to explore, but at least a leash makes it easier to keep an eye on them. I myself have no children, but i have a three year old niece, and she is more than a handful. Not all kids are the same. Some children don't care to run around and get into everything, and others like to explore every corner of every place they go. It comes down to the childrens safety, and the parents have the right to make their own decisions on their childs safety.

    • MoMo

      Only if they are mature enough to not wander off.

  • Nick911

    #8 hilarious

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #5 This leash demeans us both

  • Jackie Treehorn

    #15 if this is wrong I don't wanna be right…

    • Kim

      that guy is an asshole to do that in front of his little girl…LOOOOOSER!!

      • huskernut

        big time jerk off

      • FunKiller

        True. If it was a little boy, it'd be a different story!

    • Boner

      Do you love me now daddy?

      • Slick Pimp

        wonder when she'll submit her pictures to the chive lol

    • Holmespump

      Maybe that's mommy dancing.

    • Danno Maurer

      Maybe the tattoo on her ass says "STAY IN SCHOOL"

      • cleojones

        hahaha stay in school.. still laughing.. Right on Danno!!

  • Liong

    <img src=> #15 I wanna join them, but I don't wanna take my kids over there.<img src=>

  • Justin Lentz

    #1 thats how i would do it

    • Jen

      "watch and learn, son"

    • ...

      Cool story bro.

    • sadf

      This is the wrong way he drinks it….
      And then comes the "blop"…….

  • Dave

    #9 Ummm….Just letting his dog cool off in the water…..

    • Byron_Black

      Yeah, that's not a child.

  • Seldi84

    #34 I'd say it's wrong but i did the same thing when i was 15 with my nephews train set.
    #35 Why would anyone wear something like that.

    • Boner

      i didn't know they made shit flavored chapstick

    • Roguewind

      It's from a Central PA band called Emily's Toybox. Hilarious band. Great shows.
      Play some music a$$holes!

    • Go Hoosiers

      Come to Indiana, I'll bring you to any WalMart & I'll show you a dozen rednecks in similar attire. Love my home state (ref. Name) but this kinda shit is on every corner. #35

  • Ashly

    #27 Don't really see anything wrong with this honestly. A lot of people hold babies at a cook out and drink a beer or two.

    • HookerBrew

      I hope I can multi-task that effectively when I am a parent.

    • Professor Humperkink

      Been there. Done that!

  • Scott

    "Yo pop! Save a little for me, willya?"

  • Sade

    #4 #6 #13 #31 Will be starred in 'Soo.. you got wasted' one day.

  • forever harmed

    all together now: "Fuck You, Spammer!"


    • Katelyn

      fuck you too

    • Boner

      you can suck my dick, you can't hurt me spammer, cause your just gods farts

  • zone
  • Livin' Legend

    #32 Damn, I'm pretty sure even the French wait until the kids can walk first.

    • DOCTA

      You sir have clearly never been to France then.

    • Cavillea Diannea

      "ooohhhh noooo" as no one gets up to help.

      • sadman

        Help? The mother is clearly a fool for using wine for eye shots. No one wanted to correct her.

    • gnocco

      I could watch this all day. its so terrible

    • Koco

      Remember that time I spilled wine in my babies eyes? That was a fun party.

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