The Eden Project: Observe the world’s largest greenhouse (22 Photos)

  • yup

    Bio Dome???

    • Paul from the gump

      Homeostasis achieved.

  • Kyle

    its a dome within a dome

    • Ron Bergundy

      *insert lame inception joke that makes no grammatical sense*

  • morseman

    Pauly Shore feeds from the bins like a bedraggled raccoon.

  • Squirrel

    Makin a filter, makin a filter…

  • Adman

    Hi from a Cornwall Chiver!!!!!

    • Berkshire

      Beautiful county, but do you really pronounce St Austell, Snozzle? 😀

      • SamJ

        KCCO from another Cornish Chiver!!!!! And that isnt how its properly pronounced but it does get referred to as Snozzle! hahaha

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #5 #12 ehrmargerd!!

    • Pete

      #5 is not Eden Project. It's from the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a botanical garden not far from Eden Project, but an entirely different place. It is very cool though.

  • sam_873

    been there great place to go to

  • Bud

    I wonder what the quality of cannabis is like in that giant grow house

    • stayingcalm

      They grow hemp on the hills outside the greenhouse…

      • I don't know

        Hemp =/= cannibis

        • I don't know

          That's suppose to be hemp is not equal to cannibis but chive converted it to a smiley

          • stayingcalm

            Hemp is cannibis (Cannibis Sativa), it just has minimal levels of THC.

            • Iggy Pop

              weed is for pussies. do a real drug.

              • Iggy eats shit

                Pussies are for real men. Find yourself a cock.

  • bukssna

    So is there weed in there?

  • Martin

    It's a great place to visit.These pictures don't really do it justice.

  • Simon James Law

    It now has Europe's longest zip-wire which was just opened.

  • Seldi84

    #5 #11 I never wanted to go until now.

  • mark

    I think you guys need to check out Singapore's Gardens By The Bay

  • Jonny

    KCCO! From Cornwall, can’t believe it’s on the chive!

    • Big Poppa

      FTW Cornwall kicks ass. Surfing, sun and pasties!

  • Kodos


    • A friend

      You must be one of those guys that says he "don't need no good grades, cause I have so much swag"
      Education is key my friend

    • levian

      Fail troll fails

      • Guest

        Me tinks he be no Rasta ….

  • Hard time

    #19 I think theChive just found their next meetup location!!

  • Stann

    Where are the exploding coconuts?

  • Jaz

    Cornwall made the chive! – A cornish chivette x

  • Jeremy


  • Scottie

    Well isn't that nice… but Milwaukee, WI has had a "Bio Dome" park since the 60's.

  • AmerikanInfidel

    I call dibs on this place for when the Zombie uprising begins!

    • Poke4Life

      you do realize the walls are basically made of plastic…right??

  • gallowaycreations

    From the outside it looks like bubble-wrap. Can I pop it?

  • HoosierChiver


  • Alan

    Oh wait… a bull dancing with humans, yeah ! Must be really sooo cool… Really ?? Really guys ??

  • This is Me
    • Juan

      Finally! A Logan's Run reference!

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