Join theCHIVE’s free fantasy MLB league on Draftstreet and win $400

Well, it’s that time again. Join our free fantasy MLB league, hosted by Draftstreet, and win up to $400. It’s easier than ever to play, consisting of 8 different tiers. In each tier there are anywhere from 2-10 players that have similar value for that night. All you have to do is pick one player in each tier and you are done. That’s it — it couldn’t be more straight forward. And the points are still the same as the traditional scoring.

Pts. system is as follows:

1B 1 pt
2B 2 pts
3B 3 pts
BB .75 pts
HR 4 pts
HP .75 pts
R 1.5 pts
RBI 1.5 pts
SB 2 pts
KO -.75 pt
GDP -.75 pts
CS -1 pt
SAC .75 pts

BBI -.25 pts
HA -.25 pts
HB -.25 pts
ER -.75 pts
IP – .9 pts
K -.7 pts
L -.75 pts
S -3 pts
W -1.5 pts
CG -1 pt
BS -.75 pts

The deadline to set your lineup ends when the first game begins at 7 PM EST on Friday. You can get a full list of the rules HERE. Like I said before, it’s free to enter and winning some serious money is not all that hard. The top 15 spots are in the money, so get to it and good luck.


  • Hurricane Ericsson

    I am first. Huzzah!

    • SoCal Dude

      You sir, have no life.

  • SoCal Dude

    I will not join.

  • Shawn

    lol dafuq Brian

    • Clint Bozic

      Still love ya brian even if you had a "ehrmergerd!" moment

  • Shay


  • emini

    baseball sucks

    • GatOne

      Shut it, Commie!

  • Joe

    why can I never join these leagues? I have an account with Draftstreet and everytime I click to join theChive's freerolls it tells me that it's exclusive to a partner site and won't let me join.

    • diggler

      I have an account, have had for over a year. Let me join right away on this freeroll

    • Jeff


  • Larry Axelband

    if anyone has any questions/issues please feel free to email me at the following address:


  • andrew


  • diggler

    Chive stop doing pick 'ems they suck. Go salary cap!

  • Dave

    is it the one that put me in a 350 $$ freeroll? i had that same message saying it is exclusive then put me in freeroll…

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