Hot Right Now: What’s the weirdest thing a complete stranger has said to you? (5 Photos)
  • TheJesus

    I saw a squirrel in my back yard jump about 4 feet today.

  • jimguy

    The commentary for the video could probably be back dropped onto anything normal and instantly make the video awesome.

  • CatzonVinyl

    Shark's attempt to make humans let him on their boat: failed.

  • David Bowen

    Guy needs to shut up.

  • alf

    What exactly is going on? Did they hook the shark and is it trying to break the line?

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  • Spas

    That's what happens when you use strongly caffeinated fish bait!

  • Chike Pemberton

    hahahaha but seriously dont let that thing on the boat !!!

  • Steve Grapsas

    That dude needs to hang out with the double rainbow guy

    • Jay

      Agreed! That was my first thought when I heard him…actually wondered if they were related.

  • Ceejay

    Sorry but I think that's shit. Get in the fecking water with the shark & hunt it if you are into killing things. Probably tired the thing out & then stuck a pole in it. Marvellous.

  • joyss sky

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  • km23

    that is not someone you want to bring to the movies

  • ekoolhall


  • Grant Cowling


  • Sylvia

    Sounds like double rainbow guy! lol

  • Helena

    Yep, nothing quite as majestic as an animal thrashing in pain.

  • graham

    That guy is the reason people don't like America anymore

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