Sports caught at just the right moment (35 Photos)

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #10 please

    • NoHope4Some

      You are too old sorry

  • Macro


    • Oltimey

      Mind the Gap…. extreme edition.

      • ChiveOnOttawa

        Her power level, It's Over 9000!!!

        • David Bowen


        • Chris Wheatley


    • Dan

      I think #2 just took a #2

    • Bdon

      It's over 9000!

  • fotnot

    WHAT? no Penn State ones available? …oh sorry…at the "right" moment.

    • Jared

      No, but if they post some, Ill make sure to tell you about it 5 years from now.

      • Lion nittany

        WE ARE!!

        PENN STATE!

        • Reality Check

          And we can all see how thats been working out for you.

        • tim

          When are you guys gonna win a football game? It's been what, like 13 years or so?

      • Woody

        i tried to take a penn state pic but everyone looked away.

  • Woody

    Babyfartsmagizac AKA Guthrie sucks donkey balls!!!

    • Donkey Balls

      I can confirm this.

  • Ben

    # 1
    Now Cough…

  • Scale

    #27 Pull up your pants

    • I'mJustSaying

      Had he worn them properly, he might've been faster!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #35 Go Mo!

    • Jeff

      Go Cougs!

  • Heelboy

    #19 The shock of a rear assault….

  • Smut rut

    Fuck Canada

    • a-nom

      Ya, Funk you very much too…

    • Macro

      Shirt envy?

    • North

      Well fuck you too pal

    • DBryant

      This guy clearly has issues, Canada is where its at !

      • Smut rut

        Yea, where the fudge packers be at!

    • Guest

      Being Canadian, I'll act like a Canadian.
      We're polite.
      So I'll smile warmly at your remark
      and as I scroll on I'll say
      "What a fucking asshole."

    • Canada

      Fuck you

    • Dwhite

      Am I looking at the right picture, cause that looks like Spain during euro 2012.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I'm not a fan of Canada at all, not even a little bit. But this isn't the site where I would proclaim my dislike of all things Canadian. Take that attitude to reddit where it belongs, trash.

    • mike

      you meant fuck a canadian, right? as in make love to a canadian right? Canadian girls are hooooooot!

  • kal50

    #1 Oh Look, an Injured Soccer Player! SHOCKING!!!!

    • a-nom

      Something tells me you're a american football fan…SHOCKING!!!

      • timberman

        Soccer = organized jogging

        • aVulgarSquirrel

          Isn't most sport basically organised jogging/running?

          • a-nom

            I wouldn't try to use logic with these sorts…it only makes them confused and agitated.

    • machiver

      I think the reason that pic is here is because of the suit getting ass grabbed in the background

      • Kristen

        Really? Ya think? You're as retarded as etcrr.

  • Ron Burgundy

    #24 Group Derp

    • The2nd

      Guys eyes are on the ball, girls got eyes closed and turning away hahaha.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, for everyone but the guy in blue 2 seats to the left and a row or two back.
      (sorry if anyone pointed that out already, I don't know if it's my phone or the website but all the pictures are blocking the replys button to see what people have said)


      I literally laugh until i cry every time i see this picture.

  • Ben

    "No Horse….I'm First!…"

    • Amanda Lynn

      "Come, I will show you the way."

  • Bhodi

    #12 Made Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super-fan #99 over here!

    • a-nom

      JR's a tool…

    • Reckless

      "Y'know, it's not so much me as Roenick; he's good"

    • Notknowing

      JR posing for a fan, no doubt. Gotta love him. Such a clown.

    • matt

      how does a swingers reference get thumbs down?????

      • Dman

        I agree. I am so disappoint …

        • chucklesclown

          I was saying boo-thumbs-up.

    • waltgator

      haha! Bhodi! classic!

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #34 I still think the chest bump is a better celebration.


      #11 #23 An OKC Thunder heavy post, I love it. THUNDER UP! A dynasty in the making.

    • Stacey Copeland

      it was satisfying to both apparently

  • blutodawg

    #21 "It's ok I didn't want my ass anyways"

  • rmx386


    Glorious beard.

  • passwordistaco

    #17 And………Release

    • Edgy comment

      "Toe pick!"

      • Jen

        Totally the Cutting Edge!!!! Awesome catch…

    • Stacey Copeland

      her face just screams "please dont drop me, please dont drop me…he might fucking drop me"

  • gottaclimb

    #2 Supersaiyin?

    • Legion

      Versus Majin Buu #3

  • Prick

    #4 just an innocent sword fight

    • Prick

      Shit. meant #34 fml

  • yup

    #6 is about fall to ground and cry for 20mins while #12 and #33 getting out there for some more…

    • map

      #33 Juggernaut!!!

    • notdamomma

      #33, the guy on the receiving end of that forearm, it's his fault! Bad tackling form will almost always hurt you more than the other person!

      • Kristen

        That's what he gets for being Asian.

        • wdh

          dafuq is that suppose to mean kristen you filthy whore

      • aVulgarSquirrel

        I love that rugby is a sport where you can forearm someone in the face and it's their fault for not stopping you correctly (and I mean this – I fucking love rugby).

      • McSmizzle

        Yes that is very true.. but lacking 100 pounds of muscle probably doesn't help his cause at all either.

    • Jezza67

      #33 The Maori sidestep.

      • notachance

        kid never had a chance.

  • chesterdrawers

    #3 Must Defeat Amewicans Must…

    • MylesofStyles

      Better duck face than mine? IMPOSSIBRU!

    • Fly lice plick

      Just shows the power and graceful technique of the Women's Korean divers…

  • Pedro

    Moar of #10 and let's get a little closer of you please.

    • DudeWTF

      Pedro….or Pedo?

  • NJ fireman

    #25 shhh… you dont have to say a word…

  • KFAD

    Not Touching!…Not Touching!…Not Touching!

  • VolleyMav

    #25 And then Jordan dunks on him seconds later.

    • machiver

      Not with Duckworth in the lane!!

    • Si1entStatic

      That or he fakes a move inside, takes one step back and sinks an effortless three for giving him so much room.

    • mishai

      when you look closer…Jordan dont walk…he flyes:)

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