• slany

    He might have pooed his pants

    • Billy Madison

      He called the shit poo!

      • Bishop

        You sir, have caused me to laugh a considerable amount

    • Indeed

      Good thing he hid behind that explosion proof glass.

  • Panda

    F that

    • Ball

      as soon as the explosion went, he was like Fuck that I am hiding behind glass.

  • Boom that is!

    Yes it did

  • https://www.facebook.com/brent.misfeldt Brent Misfeldt

    Wow, that was crazy!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    I think it changed from day to night for a second.

  • Jerry

    Was that a screaming hippie in the tree dying a slow horrible death until it's white dude dreadlocks exploded?

    • Roger

      It was an alien ship that crashed and the engines were unstable, thus resulting in the whining noise and explosion.

    • tic

      Really stepping up with the comedy routine….

  • Mjmchiver

    And boom goes the dynamite…

  • estew

    Now I see why Megatron wanted to get his hands on the AllSpark…that muthas got some kick.

  • ATLChiver

    This is kind of what jacking off is like.

  • saltygary

    My ass has felt like that all month.

  • Made n merica

    Imagine being belted off to a pole and that's right above you

    • Pwer Lineman

      That's me bud

  • RYNO!

    IN SOVIET RUSSIA… tree eat power line.

    • https://www.facebook.com/herecomesdan.thebadness.onemangoonsquad Dan Peterson

      uh ha that's not how those jokes work. Unless that's what you're going for, then it was funny in the sense that you said something not funny…

      • jellyfish

        dan would u like to comment on my post on page two thanks

  • Sterling Archer

    Sounds like Dubstep.

  • MylesofStyles

    The first fifty-three seconds weren't really necessary.

  • Nick

    That looked expensive…. And AWESOME!!!

  • CaptainInsano

    So instead of calling the city to turn off the power… let's tape this shit!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/herecomesdan.thebadness.onemangoonsquad Dan Peterson

      duh no shit you lame

    • Makkané

      considering it was a fire in his backyard I am guessing he already had called 991 and then got his camera out.

      • bill

        Yeah.. I tried calling 991 before, didn't work so well. "Number not in service". 911 worked better. True story.

        • US 5% of global pop

          Or given that he wasn't in the US, maybe, just *maybe* he called the emergency services a different way.

          • US 95% of global rad

            He sure sounded American

    • LesPaultard

      Yeah because they always show up right away in the middle of storms.

  • av10`

    well worth the 1:12 waited hahaha

  • Nicnac

    even expecting the explosion that $hl‡ crazy!

  • EJsMommy

    You should see what happens when a transformer blows. Nothing you can do but stand back and watch.

  • Macro

    Back yard is slowly burning down … better doing nothing but video tape it.

    • Macro

      I apologize for that gibberish of a statement ("doing" should = "do").

    • Makkané

      He had probably already called 911…. do you suggest he take a bucket of water and try to put the fire out and pull the tree down the power line?

      • Makkané Sucks


    • Captain Sarcasm

      That awkward moment when you try to crack a joke on someone and you look like idiot

  • Mark B.

    <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/hotels/jt.jpg>Powerful, Im scare, what's happened to this tree. <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/aquarius/nj.jpg>

  • cels0_o

    I came

  • Mark

    whining scared my cat away. 😦

  • Harry Potter

    He's back! Its Voldemort! He's back!

    • John Daniel

      Who gives a shit about Voldermort. Let's keep lobbying for Emma Watson to be cast in the movie of shades of grey!!

  • Giorgio Tsoukas


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