Son, you’re an idiot (22 Photos)

  • Marc Danzmann

    why ?

    • Sceptic

      22 photos of the same thing, so we can see it from all the angles? You really shouldn't have bothered.

      • luke

        Am I the only one that's surprised that the guy in the car is white?

        • Rico

          Now which black comment could possibly fill this bait?

        • abakala

          Knew it was a white guy, rims ain't big enough.

    • Herb

      It makes it easier to know who to buy crack from.

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Because fuck you, that's why

    • GernBlansten

      Withered genitals.

    • patov40

      This has to be a kind of irony I don't understand. To me, it's a clown car. To the owner, what? Would love to talk to him and the guys that do like the "Cheetos" and "Skittles" cars. I'm sure there's a reason behind it. I just don't get it.

    • Mike Herechuk

      Ruined a great car

    • SoCal Dude

      Damn it feel good to be a gangster.

      Thant's why.

      • Chiven

        I can tell you're a legit gangster cuz u cnt spel so gud

    • luke

      oh god.. i think I'm about to vomit

    • spliggs

      Tiny, tiny penis. That's why.

  • Wogsamatta


    • leroyjenkins

      more like negro

    • This.

      Plastic body of a Camaro…Really a cutless underneath. lol

  • sseltniop

    NICE! now where's the chicks?

    • Turrebo

      Chicks? In that, er…, car?

    • Flip Wilson

      There will never be chicks, ever.

  • You are

    No way that's really an SS… might as well be a 4 banger.

    • guido

      Camaro doesn't make 4 "bangers", jackass.

      • fuknyomama

        Camaro doesn't make anything assjack….

        • guido

          No, but your mom does.

  • Norbert Zalog

    Money can't buy you good taste.

    • Muadieb

      Does insurance count it as a total loss for being so horrible?

  • feltonJR

    adding more shit to a car doesn't make it nicer….keep it simple and let the car speak for itself.

    • @fchezenko

      less is more. keep her classic

  • John

    A little of me died when i saw that.

  • @FightingNavyman

    its only a v6..

    • Jak

      SS's are v8's

    • Oli

      I don't think the point of this post was a debate on SS or not. I think it was just about showing a retarded car. I think you should KCCO

  • RobTalk

    I was gonna guess that came out of an Oakland shop until i saw the back plates.

    • Bluntaholic

      kinda blurry but looks like a peach in the middle & cobb at the bottom. If thats right then he's in or around Atlanta

    • scooter 925

      last time is was in THA TOWN, i saw a 2006 mustang on 28", lime green with tha biggest balls hanging from the bumper……n a "girl" that looked like Yo Yo (smokys mom from friday) driving…….

      • Angela Nelson

        Sounds accurate for Oakland

  • @fchezenko

    get it down to the semi-naked chic car wash, asses and bewbs rubbin up against it with be reflected, therefore double the pleasure .

    that's the only redeeming factor here

  • headache

    I just threw up a little bit.

    • Alex Pullen

      Same here, I feel your pain.

  • bloodydouchebags

    He MUST be a Chiver.

    • Hendu0705

      Fuck all the way off.

      • SNLOL

        Fuck "ALL THE WAY" off?

        Gotta use that one now!

        • A BiPolar Guy

          no point in half-measures.

    • Zuke

      Man, if someone even fails at trolling what hope do they have in other areas of life…

  • Jak

    Fucking kill this person

    • DickFister

      He's the poster child for post-natal abortion

  • dexstar

    just because you can, doesn't mean you should

  • mrMoles

    How long does it take these guys to realize that they look completely ridiculous in cars like this? I assume that people just laugh when they see him. Unless that was the objective…idk, fuck it, to each his own.

    • ThePatriot

      yeah these dudes around indy on cars with huge rims think theyre badass its fucking stupid.. another form of douchebaggery.. now my 87 cadillac can outhandle your camaro congrats

    • Matt

      He can't hear the laughter over all those fucking EVs anyway.

    • Grumpy Grandad

      Stupid trends come and go. An overdone donk-type mobile is but one of them. Tramp stamps. Earrings on men. Black wheels. Strings of LED lights on cars. Jeans hanging below the butt. Those stupid belly button piercings. 20 years from now it'll all make for good embarassment at family gatherings. Provided the dumba*ses make it that long.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Unfortunately about as long as it takes women to realize the same about the heaps of make-up and fake tits and lips and asses that they seem to be infatuated with.

  • UN-Impressed

    Phenomenally Stupid

  • awheezle

    What a tool…


    Even stUpid stuff like this might inspire something awesome.

  • Mopar!

    This would be a crime… if it had been done to a Challenger.

    • Abe

      Sorry to say, but no cars are safe.

      What I don't understand is, why you would do this to a car that has a V8? It can't go over 30, so what's the point? Just buy the 6 cylinder and ruin it…

      • jja

        I'm sure he bought those rims with either drug money or welfare checks. I mean right?

      • jja

        And what's funny is that the ONLY reason they do stuff like that is because it is in rap videos, making them followers and posers; unoriginal. If eating feces was in rap videos, they would do it. If cutting off one of your legs and getting a prosthetic was in rap videos they would do it.

    • Hendo

      I don't care if he did it to a goddamn pinto, it's still a crime!!!!

    • Alex Pullen

      It would be a crime to any muscle car. (Even though I hate ford and dodge is over rated)

  • censored

    Abortion on wheels. And the dumb ass owner probably has 90% of that financed, which means it's going to cost him twice as much by the time you factor in interest.

    • you suck

      He paid cash if you look at pic 11 he paid cash for them all car looks stupid but it's his car his $

  • Abraham

    Someone has a small penis

    • Xactly

      Girls have bigger clits………..

  • cookit

    Now all he needs is a song and music video to brag about his rim size

  • Hazyredeyes

    As an owner of a REAL '10 SS… I shake my head in laughter! What a douche.

    • Andy

      I have 2011 Camaro vert, and I think this guy has allot of money to waist. 🙂

  • guitarz333

    just proves that money can't buy taste…

  • Gizmo

    And the sad part is, he actually thinks this is cool.

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