• whyme1973

    While fairly awesome…I can't help to think that there will be a lawsuit over this, no matter how in the wrong the mullet rockin redneck was for parking his white trash wagon there.

    • David Henderson

      Lol. I don't think so. I watch a lot of repo shows on A&E and it pretty much seems like if you bring anything on someone else's private property that has trespass warnings it basically belongs to them. FACT: if its on TV its the law

      • hah

        "I watch a lot of repo shows on A&E.." Just stop right there.

      • @Thal3030

        A car that is getting repoed still belongs to the bank that gave the person the loan. It does not belong to you in till you have made the last payment.

        • Derek

          Having a lien is quite different from possessing the title for a vehicle. Your statement is factually inaccurate. I get what you were trying to say though.

          • @Thal3030

            Then stop paying for your house or car and see who takes what belongs to them.

        • 'merican education

          " in till ". really?

      • Lunch_Box

        David, I hope your not serious.

    • Damian

      I know in America we like to sue, but what lawsuit would you have? If there is no damage you can't go to small claims court, and the only thing the cops will do is tell the guy to take the car down, but considering it was on private property you will have a problem filing even a police report. Good for him, it would be like someone parking in your driveway and telling you if you move my car I'll sue. Fucking serves him right.

      • @Thal3030

        Damage to the side skirts. The ground effects on this car go below the frame

        • Groggy

          Doesn't matter. Parked on private property without permission. Assuming signs are posted, the car owner can't say much.

          • Lunch_Box


          • @Thal3030

            What? You can't just make stuff up man. You can tow a car on private property…yes. Damage no. And I'm pretty sure you have to have signal posted that say your vehicle can be towed. Your statement is just wrong

            • Groggy

              "Assuming signs are posted"

            • Derek

              It would appear that you are equally guilty of that which you accuse.

              #1 The laws regarding towing vehicles illegally parked vary from state to state
              #2 (And this should have been obvious to you as a fellow fan of American muscle cars) Care was clearly taken during the process of lifting the vehicle. Being familiar with the vehicle as you seem to be, you should have realized that had the vehicle been lifted directly on the ground effects, they would have shown massive and immediately apparent damage. Obviously supports, perhaps 4×4's, were placed under the body before it was lifted. Admittedly the rather weak integrity of the unibody frame may have some suffered some stress, but as I've lifted my share of unibodies with a four point lift, I find it highly unlikely that it suffered any damage either.

              The only damage done here was to the owners clearly inflated sense of self worth. Why you feel so intent on sitting all over this epic masterwork of putting-in-ones-place, I imagine shall remain a mystery. Take your own advice and cease your persistence in speaking from one's ass.

              • @Thal3030

                Then you should practice which you exhale.

        • jer

          it's a grand am, cant cost too much to repair

          • ... and?...

            Trans, not Grand

            • @Thal3030

              Youre both wrong…its a Camaro. Looks to be around 1990-92.

      • Lunch_Box

        You do realize, that being on private property (especially a business property such as this) the owner is even more liable for personal or property damage on there property than they would be on public property. That's why businesses have to pay insurances to cover personal and property damage.

        • Dick Lickerson

          Private property is private property. Period.

        • Derek

          Vehicle was undamaged. Sue away and win the right to pay for defensive legal fees. Alternatively, learn a lesson and keep your head and inflated ego in check.
          I use "you" here in reference to the owner of the vehicle.

          • Lunch_Box

            Never said there was any damage. It's doubtful the owner would sue seeing as there doesn't appear to be any damage. At least I hope the owner wouldn't file a frivolous lawsuit.

          • @Thal3030

            You assume there was no damage. The only ego here is Derek trying as hard as he can to prove is intelligence.

          • @Thal3030

            A lot of the comments on this seem to also this that there could be damage. You can't simply tell by a far away picture. There could be cracks if any weight was put on the body.

    • Lunch_Box

      That does not qualify as a white trash wagon as you call it. That Camaro is in good shape for a 20+ year old car. I myself have a restored 92 Camaro. Granted there are some trashy Camaros out there, but they are rusted, multi colored, no muffler type Camaros, which this is not.

      • @Thal3030

        The lack of respect on this site for an American muscle car is disappointing. This car is in great shape for a 20 year old car. Someone has taken care of it.

        • Lunch_Box


        • whiskaleafa

          not tryin to be a dick.. atleast not right now.. but its more of a "pony" car than a "muscle" car

          • Lunch_Box

            Yeah, the EPA years were not kind to vehicles of the 80's and early 90's performance wise.

          • @Thal3030

            True but the Iroc had a 350 in it. This car either has a V6 or a 305 in it.

            • Big Joe

              But still the 350 pushed maybe 225 horse. BTW the proper pronunciation is "come ayrow"

              • Smashy

                Really?!? You two are arguing over the Internet? Do either of you live in a place that isn't a parents basement?

                Get a life, leave the house. There's a whole world outside, with girls too!

                • @Thal3030

                  We aren't fighting. We are discussing the HP of this "weak" sports car. I use to own a Z28 when I was 17…but now my fun car is a 04 GTO.

  • Frank


    • ahhhhhfuckyou

      Is there a way I can give all my money to this person? Like a very large donate button somewhere?

    • Bob

      What the hell? I'd be coming after the guy on the fork lift with a bat. Call a tow truck, leave a fucking note on his window… What the fucking hell man? He was probably just trying to park away from all the fucking idiots out there that bash other cars when they open their doors.

      • jer

        so if I dont likepeople are parking on my street I cna just go to your drive way and park there?

      • Pete

        So lets say people keep parking on your private property on a regular basis. You think notes are going to work?

    • jer

      hows about this, I will park in your drive way and if you say anything about it you are a dick

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

        think that there may be a difference between saying something and doing something like this

        • jer

          just using his "logic" if someone parks on your property and you say anything it means your a dick, so we should all park on his property

          • chesterdrawers

            "His" property is a parking lot, he needed to call the police, and have it towed away, also, there was no "no parking" sign so he couldn't have even done that. You must follow the rules even if your knee-jerk tendencies tell you to do otherwise.

            • Jack Wagon

              You shouldn't have to place "no parking" signs on private property.

            • jer

              I see someone took their serious juice this morning

    • Justin

      I agree with this guy 100%, guy with the forklift is a complete dick. It would be one thing if the guy parked there every single day and has been told several times not to…. But you have no idea why he parked there or how much time and money was wasted trying to get it down (probably more than 100 if the forklift guy didn't help him get it down). This is probably the most fucked up thing you could do to something without causing any physical damage to the car itself.

      • Jack Wagon

        How do you know that he hasn't been told several times? Most people wont go to those extreme measures unless they have tried other options first.

        • Business owner too

          Agreed. The car could have been there for a week for all we know. And maybe there are no parking signs posted on premise, just not in camera view. He's lucky the dumpster didn't land on it when garbage was emptied!

      • nunya bidness

        Ummm… yeah. And then you sue Forklift Guy for 5K worth of damage to your undercarriage. The only place you move a car with a forklift is in the junkyard.

        Some states, you could get him arrested for grand-theft for moving your vehicle without a tow license.

        • Tice

          Like that car is even worth half that amount

  • Kevin

    First. A hole

    • neek


    • Brandon

      I bet you were the same kid who tripped and fell running to be the first in line, when you were in grade school.

      • revoltofthepatriots

        What a bunch of weasels. Let me park my car in your driveway and go on vacation while you have to park in the street at your house.

    • Forest

      That is correct. You are the #1 a-hole.

    • Karl

      dont think so……CUNT!!

      • geezer

        Oh you are soooooo bad ass!

    • Crowley


  • Andy_C6

    Like a boss!

    • jer

      we boot people if they park on our property, we have signs posted clearly and they have a choice #1 pay $50 and we will remove the boot or #2 you can talk to the tow truck driver when he shows up. Signs are posted everywhere so their ignorance is not my issue

  • dreamweaver


    • David Henderson

      I hope you get herpes live a full life, get raped anally by a Terry Crews, at the age of 43, be framed and convicted of murder. serve 30 years, get out at the age of 79 walk off the curb of the prison and get hit by me driving a large bus. And just before you die i want to hover over your mangled, old, herpes infested, previously raped body and shout "First!"

      • KCO617

        That escalated quickly.

        • Hugh

          Yeah, Brick killed a guy.

      • @nickinwarcal

        You need to re-evaluate your future if you plan on driving a large bus in 30 years.

        • David Henderson

          I'm just going to rent the bus for the day.

          • @nickinwarcal

            Oh. Well in that case, I hope you succeed in life and running that guy over.

      • get help

        You seem…. tense

      • Tyler

        Do you always get trolled that easily? That or people who call out "first" clearly cause you serious mental trauma for you to plan out this far in advance how you are going to kill the man/woman. I'd hate to see what happens to people who actually insult you.

      • MylesofStyles

        If he were convicted at age 43 to 30 years, he'd get out at 73, not 79. Just saying.

        • Tyler

          Shhh, don't make him angry or he will run you over in his rented bus!

  • David Henderson

    lol some redneck is going to be super pissed that he's going to miss the nascar race.

    • Morten Prang Norup

      To bad they couldn't fit the car INSIDE the cage….

      • David Henderson

        No way this is going to be way better. The guys going to be watching them forklift his car off like "Come on y'all dang! thas' a classic! y'all better notta' did nothin' to my Poison Cassette."

        • Deepfap

          Then you actually came down south and realize we all don't talk like that fuckface. Stick to your bland food and dick skin pasty women

          • Col. Sanders

            you do too!

          • whiskaleafa

            you're so mad..

          • Dick Lickerson

            wow lets insult a huge group of people because of one comment made in fun. go baack in the woods and nail your sister again, boy



    • chesterdrawers

      How? You didn't get dick cancer from flying into an all caps rage… Mr instant karma believer…

  • Nick Johnson


  • twd22285

    Pretty good odds that the car owner rocks a mullet..

    • Jak

      I have three of these camaros…and no chance in hell of a mullet…that car is waaaaay to nice for someone with a mullet to own

    • Bob

      Fuck you and your fucking Prius piece of shit too! That is a real fucking car if you didn't notice.

      • jer

        a grand am is real car? Insert "you might be a rednick" joke _____________

        • tapsnapornap

          you might be a redneck if you called a Camaro a Grand Am…?

  • North

    That's excellent!

  • Mark B.

    <img src=> The police are always cracking down on illegal parking.<img src=>

    • chesterdrawers

      Yea, those meth-heads are soooooo much less of a harm on society…
      "It's all about the money, boys!' — Big Dan Teauge

  • Alex


  • KCO617

    I think I'd initially be pissed, but then give the property owner a good firm handshake and a thank you for the epic punking.

  • Macro

    Seems excessive.

    • BTME

      fire bombing the car would have been excessive.

    • svp

      it probably wasn't the first time he parked there (i hope)

    • Chorel

      It kind of is. I would have blocked his car in. What if the car fell off the cage or the person damaged the car underneath it?

  • neek

    Social Justice

  • Lisa

    My only thought as I looked through this? "Someone has a lot of built up frustration and needs to get laid."

    • RAC537

      Me. I need to get laid. Wanna help?

      • Guest

        Holy shit. Is it just me, or did it just get desperate in here?

        • chesterdrawers

          Revenge has a way of rebounding upon one's self…

        • tapsnapornap

          It's pretty much a loaded gun just waiting to go off in here…desperation that is.

  • Alex Haschen

    How did they get the car on top of the cage?

    • GernBlansten

      #2 That yellow thing the man is sitting in….it's called a forklift.

    • SoCal Dude

      The owner of the property must be a wizard.

      Only rational explanation.

    • Alex Haschen

      I realize the functionality of a forklift, I didn’t know they would shove the forks under the guys frame. It could really mess it up. Chill guys.

      • Jay

        No, it couldn't if he did it right.

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  • J-Ray

    This guy has got some issues: uptight, easily butthurt, probably enjoys hurting small animals, arrogant. lol Eric Cartman did you do this? :p

    • J-Gay

      the guy who illegally parked the car?? Yeah… he's an entitled prick….

    • jer

      hows this pal, I will park on your driveway at your home (your property) and tell you to fuck yourself. Lets see how butthour, uptight, and aroggant you are

      • derp derp

        That's a lot of talk there, gaylord.

  • Gordon

    most likely stolen

  • timberman

    I bet you were dropped on your head as a child?

  • mudbug

    bwha! nice

  • dandude

    this guy is probably a douche that's been waiting years to do this stupid shit

  • Curtis Montgomery

    Ha, "Minnesota Nice" my ass. haha

  • boob_cuddle

    I would understand if this was like the tenth time he told him to move his car. If not then someone needs a girlfriend or friends.

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