What it looks like to build your own island (14 Photos)

  • Panda

    Nucking Futz!

    • Samhedi

      Because really, who needs ocean life?

  • Anon

    I vote we start a fund for our own Chive Island.


      Just a giant KCCO that could be seen from space!

    • DND

      Can we thumbs down people who are douche bags and when they have like ten thumbs down, they're kicked off the island?

      • Kris

        Looks like you're almost there..

        • DND

          haha ahh shit

    • Ryan

      So we start a kick-starter for the chive island?

    • rawdogginit420

      http://www.privateislandsonline.com/pink-pearl-is… $500k .. 100k people / 5$ and we got dat shiet. comes with a house, 3 cabanas, a bar, a pool, and even a boat!

      • Aussie

        I say we buy New Zealand.

  • Muhammed

    Well, how much?

    • Stingray

      I saw a show on this awhile back they were building that break wall that you see in the photo if I remember right it cost them $200,000 a day. That's insane money

    • Wayne

      Bout tree fiddy

      • Walls

        Tree fiddy………brings back memories of South Park and Chef's wedding episode with his parents.

  • etcrr

    If I had that Kinda money, It would be easier finding a natural Island and buy it. Like the CEO of Oracle bought most of one of the Hawaiian Islands

    • windowlicker

      I agree. Making an island is not easy. Those people in Dubai are stupid. They should go find a natural island and buy it because it would be easier. The CEO of Oracle is not stupid because he easily bought the state of Hawaii. Once the stupid Dubai islands are made, the CEO of Oracle and King of Hawaii should easily buy them. That would be much easier than making an island.

      • drew

        Eh, what? U lost me there….

        • trl87

          Oh, etcrr, I was so happy while you were gone. Now I just hope you get burried in one of these islands. Thanks to windowlicker for showing the depth of every one of etcrr's comments.

      • salem

        well I'm from dubai and if the country would want to buy an island they would probably buy the best for the kind of money we have. The propose of the island is to bring more investors and tourists to the country, and its working great. and the fact that we actually have done it is great.

    • Bill57

      If I had that kind of money i would take some writing lessons and than right cause I like to talk about everything I see all the time cause it is what I see even though I have a bad left eye but the point is about sand rainbows and they are cool cause they look like rainbows but are made from sand then I would put all the local heros on the islands and thank them for their cervix.

    • etcrr's puppetmaster

      So maybe they should buy an island and then what? Move it? You are such a fucking jackwad stan.

  • DutchChiveFan

    Van Oord and Jan de Nul companies, Dutch and Belgian. Want your own island, give them a call.

  • Dave

    Nice idea, shame it's now sinking!

    • OH YEAH MAN!

      dailymail? Hmmm.

  • MohawkJon

    Ohh to be rich.

  • herp de derp

    just wait till someone with more money builds an island in front of them and ruins their view

  • Jason

    Most houses on those things are empty so it shouldn't be too expensive to get one. But then again there must be a reason nobody wants to spend their vacation there.

    • Kim Jong Un

      With neighbors like Iran, can't blame anyone if they don't…

  • Busternut

    #3 That's like me after a chicken Vindaloo.

    • Flip Wilson

      unexpected lol

  • JJL

    Where your gas money goes

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    Oh to be rich!

  • KH and others

    They get the sand from poor countries where the authorities just want to make money. They do not care about the fact that digging the sand from the rivers is completely destroying the local ecosystem. Big shame on them!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mark.stadnicki.7 Mark Stadnicki

      They get the sand from off the coast. you can see where if you google earth dubai.

    • Try again

      First they are dredging directly in front of them, in Dubai, not a poor country, Second that is the Persian Gulf not a river. Yes it does damage the existing ecosystem there but also creates new artificial reefs.

    • AssHaterson

      The sand comes from the Persian Gulf, not rivers. Took less than a minute on google to figure that out. Try research instead of making things up that suit your agenda.

      • Xander

        Why would you need to google that? It says it on this very page.

        • AssHaterson

          The word corroboration comes to mind.

        • Indeed

          But I'm always right when I can make up my supporting facts.

  • Wet_tosti

    What if you modify the boat and use it to find gold in alaska? Don't steal my ideas now!

  • https://www.facebook.com/sean.burford.3 Sean Burford

    Dubai sure knows how to spend blood money creatively

  • Thewildcard

    Perfect place for when the zombies attack

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.quagliata.5 Chris Quagliata

    26 billion in debt lol yea ok, smart idea!

  • timberman

    My dad use to tell me, buy land son… buy land. Why dad? Becuase they will never make more of it.
    HE LIED.

  • Woody

    Where is the finished product???

    • Sam I am

      They aren't Finnish they are Arabs

  • dave

    great way to destroy the environment…

    • Leigh

      Couldn't agree with you more! Awful use of resources including the $$ to do so…

  • Hrdwood

    So that's why gas is so expensive…

    • Nate

      Gas is expensive because of government and state taxis

      • TJ_Designs

        Damn those Taxis! Always driving people to and from places with no regard for the hike in gas prices that they cause

      • electric boogalo

        Yeah, stupid taxis using up all the gas.

  • TJO12082

    Crazy shit

  • Guest

    As a geologist i can tell you, regardless of the sand they use, none of these islands will stand the test of time

  • IrishInNJ

    This is "The World" project off the coast of Dubai…only one island is inhabited in any way and the rest of the islands are lying vacant since the recession of 2008. These pictures are way old.

    • Kris

      Yea, project went bust a few years back

    • HUH?

      they dont want the water to move and wash away their new islands, the result is that the water they have gets stagnant and the whole place smells like a sewer and no sea life can survive in it.

  • Nate

    They dredge ship channels you dumb shit. Nothing regarding ecosystem is hurt you green peace fag

    • Matt

      Let's think about this Nate. They are altering the sea bed both where the islands are made as well as where the sand is dredged from. Of course the ecosystem is hurt if man is trying to be bigger than nature. And why would you be against Green Peace, an organization that is trying to save our natural world and push for regulation of the fishing industry.

      What that means, Nate, (in case I used words that were too big for you) is that Green Peace is trying to make sure you can have fish sticks to eat while playing video games for years to come.

      • trl87

        Because they are terrorists. Not saying regulation isn't needed. But they are terrorists.

    • ImpressMe

      Thats a lot of hostility there Nate…. not getting any? Girl run off with a dude from Green Peace? Scared to come out of the closet and redirecting your anger? Settle down junior….

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