Gentleman caves (52 photos)

  • Lunch_Box

    Must be nice to have lots of money.

    • duro


    • ProfessorDubledore

      It is.

  • me2

    Lame… most of these are cold and boring… raw concrete? thats not style thats lazy

    • @bunkerpunkk

      Clean, hard lines. Most men don't like frills and trinkets. Some raw concrete is masculine, a lot is, well, prison.

      • me2

        And prison would be a huge pain in the ass

    • ProfessorDubledore

      But you can clean it with a garden hose and a squeegee! Ideal.

  • ImpressMe

    #1 and #3

    • _DoC_

      Two of the very few that look like someone ever lived there. I could pimp those real hard.

    • ProfessorDubledore

      Although, I've got to admit that the one that comes with the woman going down to the kitchen to make me a sandwich ranks right up there!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #43 is pretty sweet

    • r@f

      Was waiting for the WELCOME HOME spoiler that's usually at the end of these posts. 🙂

  • suckmedry

    All the way off

    • suck him dry, please

      hehe….missed your insightful posts dude, where you been? Or just having another 'dry spell'?

      • chesterdrawers

        Stop copying me…

  • Verbal_Kint

    #47 is brilliant. I'll be scoping console TVs at garage sales, henceforth. Also, I wish I had more money…

    • Jeremy Warren

      I too, shall ctrl-c and then ctrl-v this.

    • Nameless

      This was my dad's favorite show when I was a kid…

  • duro


    • Texan

      lol you even lost at not being first.

  • Matt

    I'd be straight with a garage and some tools and shit, but these are 10,000 steps above.

  • guff

    if i had the money these bitches had then i'd saw my thumb to my hand to resemble a spinkta

    • _DoC_


  • Lisa

    I could do most of these. They're bigger than necessary but still functional. 😉

    • Jessie

      Agreed. Bigger is not always better.

    • Stephanie

      Too much is too much.

  • TheBAMFinater

    #5 looks more like a woman's cave…amirite!!

    • Fryy

      Most of them do. Gentleman caves? NFW, Gentle, maybe…. but manly?

  • Carbon

    among architecture posts, this was one of the better ones.

  • Guest

    #45 – winner

  • LukeTheTerrible

    Yep, these digs are for "confirmed bachelors", if you know what I mean. Very stylish indeed.

    • yawlster

      I think that some of them definitely are; the rest were just designed by "bachelors"

  • LolTraktorLion

    Last time i checked, caves were made out of rocks

    • ThatGuy

      Please just shut up.

  • Jame

    #41 The third poster on the top. What's that supposed to be in the middle? I know what it LOOKS like…

    • SPZander

      Skulls, Bones, Devils, Swastikas, and Penises depicted on the walls… Seems perfectly 'normal'

  • Infamous

    Not seeing anything that's "Man Cave" or Manly about anyone of these pics…

    • you are dumb

      It wasnt a 'man cave' series…..I read 'gentleman' what does that imply to you numnuts?

  • freddy boy

    Sorry, Chive, not enough clutter and statement of personality for me.

  • sure right

    more like cougar caves

    • chesterdrawers

      Or douchebag dens…

  • chargers suck

    camarena? why?

    • Vent187

      You got a thumbs up because of your name.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    #13 All that money, and only a 32 inch TV?

  • Luke

    Does anyone else find it ironic that over half of these are lofts?

    • yawlster

      Yep, but that seems to be where the money goes.

    • ProfessorDubledore

      No. Not in the least.

  • Mike

    Is it just me or does #26 look like the Chive office…??

  • OhioChiver

    #48 Yeah, I could live there. Easily.

  • Shade

    #10 #11 and #35 for me!

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