So now I want to turn my office into a giant pinball machine (6 HQ Photos)

Via Thecoolhunter

  • insane2u


    • Battlestarcomics

      Stupid. Really bright and stupid. #1

      • r@f


  • Adam


  • etcrr

    I would be looking for the Ball to be rolling toward me

    • Eric_Le_Awesome

      Wasn't there an Are You Afraid of the Dark episode about that?

      • Bubba

        Awesome show!

      • TokyoFace

        I remember that….i think they were in a mall. My fav episode was the clown who smoked cigars

    • Bill57

      I agree if the Ball was rolling toward me I would punch it very hard so that it would stop rolling toward me then the Ball would go the other way and I would be a local hero and all of my coworkers would thank me for my service. But I don't have a quarter so I couldn't afford to put any Balls into play like my sexlife lol.

  • Wind O. Change

    Actually looks like a lot of fun. Of course it would be more fun with any of the girls from the FLBP post…just sayin

  • Balls

    Aww yea suck my balls

  • Vince

    If this was in America, it wouldn't be wise putting 'Shoot Again' on the floor…

  • Tony

    Geez, I have trouble just trying to hook up my flat screen to my entertainment center….

  • jimctu

    that's very nice! My home already looks like a pinball when I get drunk at home. I walk hiting everything on the way =P<img src=";;;width="1" height="1" border="0"><img src="; width="1" height="1"/><img src=";;;width="1" height="1" border="0">

  • C_G

    office? I'm thinking strip club!

  • Just sayn

    dead site!!

  • Dex

    I'm thinkin this would be an amazing bar. But then you'll hear everyone talking about how they're 'trippin balls' and that's just annoying. But still, #2!

  • Woody

    I'd go out of my mind in there.

  • Chiven


  • _DoC_

    But where do you sit?

  • tubgirlisurmom

    Looks like someone has more money than brains. Cool design, but useless.

  • Jonny Napolitano

    so if you leave… do you lose?

  • CartmanDaRugger

    This needs to be a bar!!!!

  • Leon Hauser

    Wwwwwow! One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve!! Doo do do do do do, do do do do do do, do!

  • ch1

    how about using some of your apparently disposable income for something worth while, like feeding the poor? rich people disgust me.

    • Tree

      Hug me, please.

    • Simon

      Bill Gates. Does he disgust you? Steven Spielberg?

      I'm presuming you typed this on something purchased with disposable income, yes?

  • Ciera

    chive should get a pinball machine. just sayin' 🙂

  • waltgator


  • Simon

    This might be fun to work in for the first day or so.

    There's a reason McDonald's are usually brightly coloured – and it isn't for your fun.

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