The 20 highest earning athletes of the 2012 Olympics (20 Photos)

These are the highest earning athletes at the Olympic games over the past 12 months according to Forbes

Via Forbes

  • Chivery

    1. Why is the Chivery permanently out of stock of KCCO and BFM Tees? Is this some attempt at keeping them in high demand, or are you guys just absolutely sh1t at stock management? How come it’s impossible to buy for the overseas market? Get with a program guys… done properly this could provide you with a decent income…

    2. How about a Bruce “Awesome” Campbell designed T Shirt? You have BFM, which is of course exceptionally cool, but is anyone as uber-cool as Bruce? I don’t think so.


  • Anthony_Tyler

    (rocking in my rocking-chair)

    "I remember the days when Olympians were amateur athletes…<cough, weeze, cough, cough>."

  • Sade

    #14 What do they feed those Jamaicans?! o.O

  • Alex

    It's amazing all the basket-ballers get paid such a lot of money when the sport is so fucking boring! Compared to all other options to watch at the olympics it's in the same league of tedium as watching water polo, handball and shooting. That's what's wrong with your economy America, you pay a few lanky bastards half your GDP! Also, football (soccer) at the olympics is only under 23's with a couple of over-age discretionary picks which is why bigger earners like Messi or Ronaldo aren't on the list.

  • bugaboo

    i thought there was some rule in the olympics that a person could not be paid professionally. i see some of y'all have written about college basketball, but i fell like i'm missing something here….can someone help me out please?

  • B-to-the-H

    Do these include endorsement money?

  • Laurelrer

    what Jennifer answered I'm stunned that anybody can earn $9308 in a few weeks on the internet. did you see this page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #20 I imagine that smile meaning "Suck it LeBron"

    • Superman

      Lebron took less money to play for the Heat. He would be the highest earning athlete but unlike most of the other athletes, he took a pay cut so he could compensate the other people on the team. Lebron hating is old and played out. He is helping the US win gold.

      • guy

        wrong. he did NOT take less money. that is wrong. he got the max possible based upon his years in the league. other players make more because of their years in the league. Miami did a sign-and-trade with Cleveland, making it possible for ledouche to make just as much as he would have with Cleveland. the sign-and-trade rules undermine Larry Bird rights

  • Shat_Thrice


    To be fair, she was only allowed to keep twenty bucks. Welcome to China.

  • RayBoogs

    I need to get good at basketball..

  • MJP

    Pretty sure there's an age cap on the soccer/football players who can play in the Olympics. In which case it's the younger players competing who haven't yet earned their big payout yet. Apparently FIFA has enough clout to tell the Olympics how to handle soccer. I kind of agree with it, though. Why not give the kids an international place to shine?

  • ay jay

    and to think, dwyane wade wanted the athletes to be paid to play in the olympics…..

  • nuccabay

    #20 makes me wish i stuck with tennis…damn!

    • JESSE

      yes because you had a shot at those kind of earnings

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    An Olympics gold medal is meant to be the pinnacle of an athlete's career.

    If it isn't, that sport really shouldn't be in the Games.

    Football, tennis, basketball et al….GTFO and stick to your own flagship tournaments.

    • Pete

      I do agree… and yet the quality of the game seems to be much better in the Olympics. I mean, in football (soccer) for example there is usually a lot hot headedness, arguing with the referee, each other, dives, fake injuries etc., but there seems to be very little of that in the Olympics. Same with other sports too… it just seems more civilised, more sportsmanlike, than other tournaments.

  • Marcc

    Djokovic is 25 not 28, just puttin it out there

  • Nope

    The us men's basketball team is complaining that they are not getting paid to play in the Olympics. Fuck all if them. They are greedy selfish pieces of trash.

  • waltgator

    #18 fuck kobe hes a prick

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  • Switchgear1133

    pretty much the entire starting 5 of the US Basketball team is on this list. I'd much rather see a list of the top 20 highest earning athletes that are not professionals like basketball players.

    as for those complaining about soccer player. I believe the Olympics has a 23 under rule for soccer (yes soccer, this is North America we call it soccer) and last I checked there are no under 23 soccer players that make 10 mil a year, and if there were they would have been in the Euro so most likely not in the Olympics.

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