• DrOoo

    Thay Dad deserves his kid to grow up and be a Race Car driver! If that kid is not ATLEAST in NASCAR he should be very dissapointed.

  • Lima

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.? ( the only append more "Jr."s in Nascar)

  • JSD2015

    The future of NASCAR, F1 or IZOD right there…..way to go little man. Drive hard!!

  • Adam Tarrance

    Coolest dad ever!

  • C-Mo

    Chive….what you do is awesome, the videos are great, and the posts are legit. but why in God's green earth did you put up these videos on the banners that just start playing randomly?! Hate those things. Anything you can do about that?

  • acdc

    Holy fuck! Take my money!!! I want one! For my 3 year old of course……….

  • Anonymous

    […] […]

  • badsong

    Cool video, Bad song. Would be "Awesome" with a heavy metal song!!!!

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