Hot Right Now: Things That Bounce Thursday (18 GIFS)
  • guy


  • HerbalMagic

    gotta love pitbulls!

  • Josh

    This dog needs to teach Shadow from "Homeward Bound" a few lessons so he can make it out of that hole!

  • ChrisLFD

    How do you submit videos to the chive and in what format do they need to be? Ive got an MPEG video I would like to submit but I can't figure out where to send it.

  • Kevin Portillo

    Song was previously used as background music for a GoPro video…

  • Denialkid

    after watching this ukraine dog.. i thought my dog was disable

  • Nishtai

    with all that belly scraping on surfaces I don't know how this dog managed to not get his nuts filed into inexistence

  • @nickinwarcal

    what the actual fuck

  • Karl

    That dog is having so much damn fun.

  • Alex

    Approved by Chuck Norris

  • jerry garcia

    I bet this dog was jackie chan in a former life.

  • Barkour

    Hardcore Barkour

  • Chris Hurst


  • Mark

    Even if a dog does it in slow motion, parkour is still gay

  • Anonymous

    Cats dont give him shit, im sure!

  • TommyKnockers

    Well the top of the fridge is definitely out as far as storing dog treats.

  • Ronald Morrison

    Have you thought about Ritalin?

  • Stefano

    Congratulations, you have just found a dog that can do what ordinary cats have always done

  • Stefke

    Obviously, someone died during parkour, and reincarnated as this dog…

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