The most memorable moments from the 2012 Olympics: Part 2 (40 Photos)

  • Team GB

    USA- pop 312 million- 46 Golds
    China- pop 1.3 Bn – 38 Golds
    UK- pop 62 m- 29 Golds

    These were Team GB's games.

    • Alex

      It's alright, keep telling yourself that.

      • P90

        Yeah how dare he tell the truth.
        Britain also got the same amount of world records as China and the US. (5 each)

        • Tombloke

          same number – not same amount. It's a countable noun. Yawn, I bore myself sometimes.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Hey, we don't boast. That's not the way we roll.

    • Jim

      "60% of the time we won every time"… whatever helps you sleep at night dude.

    • fil

      How many countries do you still own GB?

    • passwordistaco

      Really this per capita crap again? You Brits are dumber than you look. Here's a situation where your argument would make sense:

      Every country enters a certain number of athletes based on their population (example China 1.3 billion = 1,300 athletes, U.S. 312 mil = 312 athletes, etc.). Then at least your argument will be valid. But you're right it was GB's games, you hosted them. fucking wankers

      • passwordistaco

        You guys don't like that one? How about this one 🙂

        Total number of athletes representing GB: 557 (How many countries had more? ding ding ding not a single one! So let's go by the Olympic per capita, you guys just dropped to about 12th. lmfao)

        • Flox

          What people don't like is when you start saying stuff like "You Brits" or anything of that nature. Also, people don't like when you take a light-hearted attempt at praising a nation that's usually not as succesful and turn it into a discussion about how you still think they suck.

          • passwordistaco

            Ok, I have to know. Where was the light-hearted attempt at praising a nation?

          • Zeus

            People don't like a third place team claiming victory either.

      • morebeer

        The argument being made is that with a greater population there is a bigger potential for elite athletes within that population. In saying that India should also finish stronger in medals but access to facilities, training, funding all comes into play. Also a countries focus on athletics also has an impact on development.

        • DaveDestruction

          Of course, population becomes irrelevant when each country is limited to the number of athletes it can enter in a given event. I'm pretty certain that there were a number of events where, if countries were permitted to enter as many athletes as they wanted, the larger countries would trounce the smaller ones.

          • morebeer

            Population is not irrelevant even when considering that each country is limited in the numbers it can send.

            Consider this, two people have to pick the 3 best apples out of a bunch. One person has a basket to pick from, the other has a barrel to pick from. Who has the better chance of picking the better apples?

      • Adam

        You appear to be a highly inconsiderate individual and just generally not a very nice person. Bye.

    • ehhhhyyyyyy

      Hey I'm just glad you guys would have caught China if it weren't for badminton. I thought Great Britain loved badminton too, er maybe lawn bowling… wait that's french canada…………….aww I missed curling

    • george

      New Zealand 4 Million – 5 golds!

      • drew

        I was going to use the same metric. Add in the 3 silvers and 5 bronze, and the kiwis rocked this one per capita…if we're using that argument.

    • TheIlluxion

      USA – 534 Athletes – 46 gold 29 silver 29 bronze – 104 total
      China – 379 Athletes – 38 gold – 27 silver – 23 bronze – 88 total
      GB – 557 Athletes – 29 gold – 17 silver – 19 bronze – 65 total.

      By per athlete looks like China spanked that ass as usual.

      • kigero

        The problem with saying GB had 557 athletes. Is that, as host nation, they an automatic place in every event even ones that they wouldn't qualify for, e.g. Water polo. All it means if you don't have a full team is that you didn't qualify or didn't try for an event.

    • I'm #1

      And you wouldn't have won any of your cycling medals if you hadn't poached the coach from Australia.

    • DaveDestruction

      Yep, you kicked the world's ass in Cycling, Rowing, Sailing, Canoing, and Equestrian. 45 of your medals came in those events. GB rules the velodrome and man-made lakes!

  • bob

    first, and congratulations to the U.S. on a great games.

    • Anon

      You misspelled London or the world.

      • bob

        It's pretty obvious I meant their position in the medals table.

    • @AwkwardBeans

      Shut up, dipshit

    • Tyler

      I'm not sure what it is but people who type "first" clearly cause a lot of people serious mental trouble.

    • dagg nabbit

      "on a great games" …..grammar, your doing it wrong

      • nagg dabbit

        Spelling….YOU'RE doing it wrong

  • brad

    #24 : Beijing olympics.

    • bob

      Still Awesome! Love me some Bush!

  • roldy

    #10 for greatest moment

    • beserker

      #21 there is a reason for everything… i have found ,mine for today!

  • craig

    #9 we have to throw up dude! Put your fingers in my my mouth and put my fingers in yours!!! -21 Jump Street

    • chesterdrawers

      I knew chicks got excited about the Olympics, but squirting?

      • RocksOff

        You messed that joke up. You were supposed to say: I guess they're not into swallowing.

  • Buda B

    #17 Scalp is missing..

    • brains mcafee

      I want to eat your BRAINS!!!!!

    • Nishtai

      I think they sowed the cover and forgot to put the lid back on first…

  • Tee

    #24 oh GW, you weren't invites

    • Chim Richels

      Yes, because Obama has done so much to endear himself to the Brits.

      • Ken

        Hey, those DVD's he gave weren't thoughtful?? How embarrassing!!

      • What?

        Obama hasn't done much to endear himself to us Brits but he hasn't pissed us of anywhere near as much as Bush. Romney isn't making any friends either…

    • The Woim

      He must have been there during his class field trip. You can almost see him holding a Capri sun.

  • Matt Orosz

    USA! USA! USA!

    • JESSE

      FYI to those giving this comment a thumbs down, this is an American owned and operated website. Sorry your country was so far behind ours. Especially because we have no government sponsored athletes and all our Olympians forfeit their careers and often a family to compete in the games. USA is goddamn right.

      • Guest

        Yeah, they aren't bitching about the fat, dumb " 'Mericans " now, are they? It's Americans, dear world, and oh yeah, we landed on effing MARS while we schooling your azz at the Olympics.

  • Anon

    I miss the Olympics so much 😦 now a wait till Russia

  • F16Chiver

    #19 Weird chicks, but I'd hit.

    • TheIlluxion

      gently cradle the balls……

      • Yikes

        I don't know about you, but if the one in the front was giving me that look while she was doing that I'd be…. concerned.

  • Liong

    <img src="">My only regret is that on account of lacking of time, I can not pay enough attention to the arrangement to see Olympics. <img src=""&gt;

    • F16Chiver

      Lucky for you the Olympics have finished

  • 29er

    #10 That's one epic fart.

    • vitobonespur

      Grow the fuck up!

  • Ricardo Neves Machado

    #30 is a great picture. Potuguese Table Tennis player Marcos Freitas. It was a great game and we were close to defeat South Korea. So close…

    • Ricardo Neves Machado

      Portuguese. I misspelled my own country's name.

    • burstyourbubble

      You may have missed the reason the pic was placed here….Where the ball is, it looks like he is wearing a clown's nose. These pictures are for the most part making the athletes look funny, except for the U.S., of course.

    • burstyourbubble

      Sorry, but they are making fun of him because of where the ball is situated in the picture. It makes him look like he's wearing a clown's nose.

  • exoTico_CH

    #33 and #38

    • Justin

      Are you serious? The mascot for the XXX Olympics was a one eyed monster?

      • mike

        looks to me like a legend and a major douchebag look a lot a like….

  • Paula_

    Are you fucking kidding us Bob?
    There was just ONE memorable event….

    – Fan testimonial: "I don't understand the general dislike of Paula_ I find it humorous to see how worked up everyone gets… successful troll is successful – DH"

    • GernBlansten

      #2 #4 Finish him

    • Wayne

      You do realise that Michelle Jenneke wasn't at the Olympics, right?

      • Paula_

        You do not realise that you fell for it, right?

        – Fan testimonial: "Either way, I'm stoked I drew a Paula response! – © Infringement"

        • NoHope4Some

          Well you do realize you fell in a puddle of ugly HAHAHA

          No hugs,
          Paula = Paul

          – I wasn't smart enough to come up with this insult. My 4 year old did…

    • u.b.hotch

      paula….have you ever played that game called hide-and-go fuck yourself?

    • PaulaSmells

      Who the hell is giving Paula thumbs up?? Stop it, stop it now.

      • stan

        I give Paula thumbs up each and every fucking time she posts… Don't like it? fucking blow me..

  • Carlos

    is it just me taking notice, that athletes from other nations look stupid and/or funny in the pic collection, only the US look like real heroes… 😉

    • Cambo196

      You, sir, are a retard… you probably don't even know where London is. "Heroes", are you serious? most US athletes are all paid. Most non-US athletes train before or after work. For example, most NZ athletes have day jobs… yet NZ smoked the US when you look at the per capita table.

      • passwordistaco

        Not all U.S. Olympians are basketball players. Some might pick up endorsement deals but you can bet your ass that it's AFTER they win a gold medal!

        Who the hell pays them by the way? The majority of U.S. Olympians are amateurs and have full-time jobs. Everybody who gave this moron a thumb up is just as out of it as he is.

      • Guest

        You, sir, are an idiot. We landed on Mars, and dominated. Go to hell.

    • socket2me

      Is it just me taking notice, that you are a dumbass

      • Carlos

        Is it just me taking notice, that not only you did not got my point… all the photos of us athletes are chosen, where they look winning, smiling and so on. all non us atlethes photos are of the kind crazy faces, falling down, etc.
        just an example retard.
        #37 and #31
        it shows only you ignorance and superficial art of being.
        well congrats to all the medals you got, won by sports performance at its best. but mo farrah was ONE of the memorable moments of these games. where is his pic in this list??

        • Carlos_is_wrong

          #23 is Gabby Douglas from the U.S.A.
          Carlos loses this debate.

    • yeahright

      I agree….McKayla's pic probably the most popular one of all and it didn't even make this list?? Come on.

    • caleb

      The word hero should be used for firefighters, police, etc, even throw in health care and teachers……..not athletes.


    Anyone notice that success kid (number 12) and number 20 are the same guy…not being successful.

  • theycallmedaddy

    #37 allison felix tore it up!!!

    • zgl

      and the dude in the bottom left would like to tear it up ;p

    • RocksOff

      Funny how Lolo Jones got all the press and endorsements before the games but couldn't deliver in her one event. Felix is every bit as hot as Lolo is, oh, and she has three gold medals.

    • electric boogalo

      One of the very few women sprinters that actually looks like a woman.

      • theycallmedaddy

        yeah she's gorgeous

  • N8orius

    Anyone notice that #5 had #37 tattooed on his arm?

    • 29er


    • Andy Valentine

      You know that Sanchez's first name is Felix, right?

  • 29er

    #33 There is no stopping him when he gets like that.

  • FarmBoy

    #11 Mustafina's gaze even causes her own toes to cringe #18. Also great placement since it seems #19 is reacting to 18.

    • Lugh

      I would bang the ever-loving-shit out of Mustafina.

      • Rocks Off

        Except she's 17 sooo….

        • RocksOff

          Alicia Sacramone on the other hand…

        • Lugh

          Totally legal in Russia.

      • FarmBoy

        I'd go for #21 Aly Raisman

  • hammer

    This is the King and Queen of Sweden 😀

    • The Andychrist

      And no way will he let you forget it either.

  • krista

    why isn't rugby or pole dancing olympic sports?

    • Jordan Tunnicliff

      Put those two together and it could be.

    • george

      because new zealand would win too many golds!

    • Joan

      Rugby will be at Rio.

  • Andy Valentine

    What irritates me is that the Paralympics is now on AFTER the 'closing ceremony'. Yes, I know that technically they're hosted by different groups (the IOC and the IPC respectively), and that the Paralympics has its own torch relay, opening ceremony and so on, but really, shouldn't it be part of the 'regular' Olympics, even if taking part afterwards? What the Paralympians achieve – in a lot of cases – is significantly more impressive than the able bodied Olympians, yet there's a lot less fuss made, and a lot less coverage of it.


    • BuffaloJustSayin

      Couldn't agree with you more.

      Who's broadcasting the Paralympics anyway?

      • GernBlansten

        ESPN 8, The Ocho.

        • passwordistaco

          you owe me a new keyboard I just spit coffee all over this one

        • omgh4x

          awesome 😀

    • ush

      You sort of answered your own questions there. But also the ticketing has something to do with it. London received a hell of a lot of visitors in the last few weeks for the main Olympic games. To then tell them that there isn't a closing ceremony they can attend or watch for free in one of the olympic gatherings or even just a nice pub would cause a bit of an outrage and somewhat of a downer. As it is, we get to have two of everything this way. Since they are two separate games with two separate sets of athletes, separate ticketing and so on, so forth

  • General

    #37 dat ass!

    • @beagleracing

      She was the high point of the Olympics for me. Her background story that NBC did was amazing. And she's so damn cute!

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